Best Password Generator Plugins for WordPress

If you are in charge of creating new users for a WordPress website, you’ll find these plugins handy. They generate secure passwords for you.

WP Password Generator

When administrators create new users through the WordPress admin interface (wp-admin/user-new.php), they are forced to come up with a password for the new user. The administrator is faced with a choice: use a separate password generator app or waste precious time coming up with a clever password only one person will ever see.

WP Password Generator takes the hassle out of creating new user passwords. Simply click “Generate Password” and your user has a unique, 7-16 character password. The password generator function is also totally pluggable, so you can easily change the way passwords are generated in order to meet your standards.

Please note that this plugin does require javascript to be enabled in order to work. Without javascript, the generator will simply be unavailable.

Download WP Password Generator

Simple User Password Generator

simple user password generator

Users with the ability to manage users (administrators) have a new button on the add and edit user screens to generate a secure password.

Also adds an option to encourage the user to change their password, when logged in to the dashboard, as well as an option to send existing users the new, generated password.

No new settings pages or configuration screens, nothing added to the database. Just install and go!

Download Simple User Password Generator

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