Best WordPress Plugins to Gather User Feedback

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Getting feedback from your users is vital to maintain a good rapport with your users and to figure out if your content contains any value and meets their standards. WordPress has specific plugins aimed at getting this feedback in the easiest and quickest ways possible without interrupting your visitors' experience too much. These plugins will be able to give you a more focused and specific idea of what your users think.
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Getting feedback from your users is vital to maintain a good rapport with them and to figure out if your content contains any value and meets their standards.

WordPress has specific plugins aimed at getting this feedback in the easiest and quickest ways possible without interrupting your visitors’ experience too much. These plugins will be able to give you a more focused and specific idea of what your users think.

This feedback can come in many forms ranging from a simple star rating on a post to a suggestion box for future work. Either way, feedback won’t always be positive and some negative comments or ratings might be hard to take in. Nevertheless, it’s all valuable information that you need to assess. Certain plugins even have the option for your users to vote on other fellow users’ feedback, which will give you a better idea of which comments should be seen as the most valuable.

Whichever one you choose you can rest assured that it will help you keep your blog or website moving in the right direction; the one that leads directly to your users.

Today I’ve brought together some of the best free and premium plugins you can use to get some awesome user feedback. The first batch includes various types of feedback methods while the second includes plugins that provide only rating systems.

Let’s get cracking.

Feedback Plugins

Feedback Cat


Feedback Cat is a 100% free and open-source WordPress plugin to survey your users and customers. Unlike some other similar tools, Feedback Cat has no branding embedded into the form and it just works after installation.

All you have to do is create the survey (takes less than 2 minutes), publish it, then start gathering user feedback right in your inbox.

It requires absolutely no coding skills and is very easy to use, even for beginners. As long as you know how to publish a WordPress post, you’ll be able to set up a feedback survey.

At the moment Feedback Cat is absolutely Free to download and use right from their website.

Get Feedback Cat

Jotform Feedback Button


JotForm lets you display a beautiful feedback button on the side of your blog that when clicked will open a feedback form pop-up that’s completely customizable.

Feedback buttons are great to get feedback from your website visitors. Since it is easy to send a message to you without leaving the page they will improve the quality and the quantity of the feedback you receive from your visitors.

If you are not aware of the problems on your website you can’t fix them. A feedback button is a great way to help you improve your website.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Get JotForm Feedback Button

WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro


FSQM Pro is a WordPress plugin which is aimed at helping you collect feedback, surveys or host quizzes in your WordPress Blog.

With this plugin you can create unlimited forms with custom themes and collect user submissions. All user submissions are stored inside the database which you can analyze, edit and/or print.

The user can also track/see their submission (obviously if you wish to) through a page. Registered users will even have an option to track all their submissions through a central page.

Available for purchase from CodeCanyon for $28 for a Regular License or $140 for an Extended License.

Get WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz Manager Pro

WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification


With the WebEngage plugin you can not only get feedback from your customers, but also collect customer insights and drive conversion and push sales on your site using it’s in-site notifications.

It makes it easy for your users to report issues or suggest ideas and easier for you by offering a nice management console to reply back, keep a track record and anlayze all your data.

You can run product feedback surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation surveys and more, then analyze all the data using its powerful reporting and analytics modules.

To get a better feel for the plugin you can check out their explainer video or test out their demo on your site.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository or as a Premium version.

Get WebEngage Feedback, Survey and Notification

Feedback and Modal Contact Form


Modal Feedback and Modal Contact Form by Social Intents helps you engage your visitors early and often with an easy to set up popover contact form.

Quickly learn about problems, gather new ideas, and get an overall view of customer satisfaction. This Feedback widget gives you private, unbiased, and instant user feedback. Instead of a separate page or sidebar, Feedback brings extra attention by popping up an in-page feedback form.

You can customize targeting rules, add your own CSS and your logo, and best of all – it won’t slow your site down.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository. To configure the Modal Feedback plugin you need a Social Intents account. You can sign up for a free 14-day premium trial at

Get Feedback and Modal Contact Form

Qeryz MicroSurvey Tool


Qeryz is a pop-up, as-you-go microsurvey that you can put in any and every webpage you have on your WordPress site.

You won’t need to ever ask your customers to click on a link to go to your survey. You can gather customer insights without any of  that hassle but instead create surveys in multiple choice, checkbox, scale or a simple text area.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Get Qeryz Microsurvey Tool

Usernoise Pro Modal Feedback & Contact Form


Usernoise Pro is a minimalistic WordPress plugin for gathering and discussing users’ feedback and thus engaging them into communication.

One of its main features is a model feedback window with item discussions that has a sexy and responsive design with a number of typographic presets.

All feedback can be categorized with 4 built-in categories that are editable. It’s also multisite compatible and you can reply to feedback right from your email client when receiving the notification email.

Available for purchase from CodeCanyon for $11 for a Regular License or $55 for an Extended License.

Get Usernoise Pro



Q&A is an extensive, powerful plugin that covers all the question and answer bases right out of the box. It’s fully operational in moments but highly customizable.

It has got full front-end capability as well as WYSIWYG editing of both questions and answers. Theme integration is made easy with the use of widgets and everything is fully customizable using the included template files.

You can include snazzy voting for both questions and answers, and you even get an integrated reputation points system and dedicated user profile pages.

Available for purchase from wpmudev for $20 (including 12 months of support and upgrades).

Get Q&A

Rating Feedback Plugins

Rating-Widget: Star Rating System


Rating-Widget is a user-friendly anonymous rating system for your posts, pages, comments, BuddyPress and bbPress forum topics.

It allows you to create and manage a rating system from right within your WordPress dashboard, and you’re even able to embed thumb and star ratings into your posts, pages or comments.

All the star ratings are fully customizable, work across all browsers, support multi-language and are CSS3 compliant. Whether you choose thumb or star ratings you have an unlimited number available to you.

There is even a “Top Rated” widget that allows you to place the widget in your sidebar to show the top rated posts, pages and comments from your blog.

You can check out their cool introductory video here and get even more features by upgrading to one of their PRO versions.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository or as a Premium version.

Get Rating-Widget: Star Rating System

Multi Rating


Multi Rating is a rating system plugin for WordPress that allows visitors to rate a post based on multiple criteria and questions.

It offers 5 star ratings, percentage and score results as well as multuple rating criteria and questions using star ratings, select drop-down lists or radio buttons.

You can use shortcodes to display the rating form, rating results and top rating results and you can even view them in your WordPress admin area. There is even a widget to display your top rating results and much more.

You can check out their demo here.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository or as a Premium version.

Get Multi Rating



WP-PostRatings is a very simple plugin that just adds an AJAX rating system for your blog’s posts or pages.

With over one million downloads, updates to the latest version of WordPress and a good support system, the simplicity and functionality of this plugin seems to be enough for most WordPress users.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Get WP-PostRatings

Universal Star Rating

With the Universal Star Rating plugin you can easily add ratings/reviews for desired data, products and services with the aid of a classic star rating system.

You can make use of two shortcodes to embed a single inline star rating or a tabularly list of star ratings.

Available for Free from the WordPress plugin repository.

Get Universal Star Rating


If you’re running a blog and you’re not getting enough feedback through comments or social sharing, then you definitely need one of these plugins.

Gauging user feedback is vital to keeping your blog alive and creating content that they actually want to follow.

After all, you’re writing for your users, not for yourself. If you can’t please them, they’ll leave, and your blog will render itself useless.

Have any of our readers (yes, you) used any of these plugins or any other similar ones? What was the outcome?

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Mark Zahra

Mark is the CEO behind the WP Mayor project. He has been using WordPress since 2012, joining the WP Mayor team in 2014. Since then, he has helped to review, test, and write about hundreds of WordPress products and services; educating the community of millions of WordPress users around the globe.

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14 Responses

  1. We agree that feedback is important but you need to be careful not to annoy the visitor and interrupt them with an intrusive pop-up or notification.

    A better alternative is to ask for feedback when your users encounter issues on your website.

    Here is an open-source alternative to capture feedback in WordPress:

  2. Great overview. I would also like to mention the Mopinion feedback plugin. Mopinion is leading user feedback software. The plugin offers a lot of customisation when it comes to survey questions, look and feel and feedback management. Have a look here:

  3. You list and suggest old plug ins, not are supported anymore so it seems only want content to fill your websites.

    1. Hi Johan, not the case… this post was originally written in February of 2015 and updated earlier this year. We will update it again soon to remove any plugins that no longer deserve to be listed and to add any new ones that have come up. The comments above should have made the original publish date a bit clearer. Stay tuned for the update.

  4. Thank you for sharing this useful post, I have also discovered a great feedback tool, works perfect!

  5. Thanks for sharing, very helpful! There are many user feedback widget available on the market, if you are interested in the widget which does not slow down your website speed then I suggest you BugRem, you should definitely check it out!

  6. Hi Mark,

    The list is huge and interesting. To evince, there are many online survey tools such as Brew Survey that can be included in this list. It helps in collecting customer feedback and creating a survey in the best way possible.


  7. Hello Mark!
    Feedback always helps to enhance the quality whether it is positive or negative.I wasn’t aware of it but your writing help me a lot to find out the best one. Thanks again.

  8. Without showing user feed back on products , One may not get the fame as he or she expects because he or she will get concept on the demand of his or her products by getting feedback . For this , there are many plugins but few of them are effective plugins . You shared here some of the best plugins . Thanks for sharing the best plugins on getting user feedback

  9. Great list Mark. I was looking for something like UserVoice where users can vote on ideas.

    Do you know of anything like that?

    1. Thanks Scott! Not at the moment, but perhaps you can ask in some of the WordPress groups on Facebook, I’m sure someone will be able to help you out.

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