Best SEO Tools for WordPress Site Owners

SEO is an important topic for every WordPress website owner, and there are countless tools and resources that you can use to improve your site's rankings and exposure. Here are some of the best I've come across.
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Here are some great tools that can help you optimise your SEO efforts and analyse your competition.

Let us know what other SEO Tools you use, and don’t forget that with regards to plugins, there are some great SEO ones that help you cover the basics. I’m talking about plugins like WordPress SEO and All in One SEO Pack.

The tools below can help you take SEO to another level however, and are ideal for those who want to spend some time optimising their site seriously for improved rankings.



SEMrush tracks an immense amount of organic data in Google and Bing SERPs. You can therefore see where your competitors are ranking in the top 20 Google and Bing results for the top 95+ million organic keywords. SEMrush collects data on both a domain level as well as landing page rankings for all of the keywords that they track, and they can provide you with an in-depth look into how a website REALLY stacks up in search.

You can easily review your competitors’ ad data via SEMrush by using the SEMrush detailed and pin-point accurate ad data. They track ads through Google and Bing with a wide variety of metrics and datasets including CPC, competition score, positions, traffic, ad text, and much more. All ad data comes from the advertising that each domain is currently running so that you can always be certain that the basis of your campaign planning is from the most current, real-world data and values

Visit SEMrush

SEO Powersuite

seo powersuite

SEO PowerSuite is made up of four software tools in one pack that, when put together, guarantee you leadership in search engines and new streams of visitors. You can check out all SEO tools one by one, and decide to invest in just one or two out of four for the good start. Or get the full SEO PowerSuite and take advantage of the complete website promotion software set.

seo powersuite tools

Download SEO Powersuite



Weekly Crawls & Rank Tracking

Go to the beach without worrying about your SEO. The SEOMoz web app crawls your site each week, notifying you about issues that might impact your performance. SEOMoz even monitor rankings for all the keywords you care about on the search engines your audience uses. Less busy work, more time spent optimizing (and tanning).

Open Site Explorer

Access unparalleled link data with Open Site Explorer (OSE). Identify powerful links, analyze link anchor text, and compare domains side by side. Powered by a proprietary web index of over 9.2 trillion links, OSE is invaluable to understanding your SEO’s effectiveness—and essential to conquering the SERPs.

PRO Training Webinars

Become an SEO black belt with the SEOMoz PRO training webinars, held twice each month. Topics range from SEO basics to advanced techniques. Watch the presentation, chat with other PRO members, and participate in a Q&A session with the presenters.

Sign up at SEOMoz



SEOBook started its life as a downloadable ebook but the site now has grown tremendously and is probably the best place to learn SEO. Membership will give you access to over 100 training modules covering topics such as keyword research, link building and much more.

This is the place to start from if you want to learn about SEO, at any level.

Join SEOBook

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Jean Galea
Jean Galea
Jean Galea is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and padel player. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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  1. I haven’t tried these tools before.
    I used “No hand SEO” before and my money site got deindexed.
    (Don’t know why)
    Although they help, I prefer creating quality backlink manually.

    Article writing service is also a must use service for website content and backlink.
    Like this one
    I think Fiverr is the best place to find article writing services based on the quality and price.

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