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  1. lero
    lero February 3, 2014 at 05:26 | | Reply

    Hey Man! I’m looking for the Avia feedback box. It seems it’s not available anymore! Shame as it’s perfect… Any alternatives at all? I can only find them for joomla.

  2. Alex
    Alex March 9, 2017 at 18:58 | | Reply

    Hi i have read your article i just want to suggest another plugin for collecting user feedback called feedbackly(http://www.feedbackly.com/ecommerce) i think you should try review it.

    If you wish to collect feedback throughout the whole customer journey online try out Feedbackly(http://www.feedbackly.com/ecommerce) feedback widget.

    Use cases
    Engage visitors and collect leads & e-mails with front-page widget
    Decrease basket churn with widget/plugin
    Collect feedback after purchase with popup/embedded survey
    Include feedback collection to your e-mails

    Unique features
    Feedbackly(http://www.feedbackly.com/ecommerce) sponsored iPhone-competition
    Create and trigger automated instant upsell offers based on the feedback given

    View use-case examples in the demo-store!(https://www.demo-feedbackly.com/)


    Free version for up to 50 monthly feedbacks and reasonable pricing after that as well.


  3. Shruthi
    Shruthi October 25, 2017 at 07:30 | | Reply


    Along with Suggestion and feedback, i feel personalisation is also a good one to have as a part of website.

    There is an amazing plugin for the user personalization called Contenttrail for free!

    This plugin lets you target audiences in multiple languages, it works across Videos, texts, Images, and it can be used for different categories like News, Sports, Movies, Travel, Finance, etc.., It’s very easy to install and it improves user retention and engagement at a very high level! Overall, it’s just great!

    Try this out!


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