The Best Themes to Sell Your Digital Product Online

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Themes to sell a particular digital product are becoming easier to find with the latest trends in web design. This is because all the functions needed in such a theme, for example to sell a particular WordPress plugin, can be integrated easily into a modern, sleek design that shows off your product in the ideal way.
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If you read my last blogpost here on WP Mayor, namely The Best Business WP Themes in 2014, I mentioned that I’d be creating a new list of themes, this time focusing on themes to sell your digital product online. The first 5 themes listed below are some of the same themes mentioned in the previous post, and the fact that they can be listed for multiple purposes is a testament to their flexibility.

Themes to sell a particular digital product are becoming easier to find with the latest trends in web design. This is because all the functions needed in such a theme, for example to sell a particular WordPress plugin, can be integrated easily into a modern, sleek design that shows off your product in the ideal way.

Here I’ve listed some of the best ones I’ve found, and which I’ll be suggesting to my colleagues at WP RSS Aggregator. So stay tuned to our site to see which one of these themes will make the cut.



Quasar is a clean, fast and beautiful design for any product you might want to sell. It’s easy to use, incorporating the Rock Page Builder, and even offers the Rock Form Builder. It has multiple features and customisation options, ranging from sleek pricing tables to custom 404 pages.

Price: $58

Get Quasar



Divi is a multi-purpose theme that leaves no stone unturned. Its page builder makes building your website fun, while keeping it looking professional. The amount of features and modules available is endless, and no matter which ones you incorporate, you know that your site is going to look and function superbly.

Price: $69 (Elegant Themes’ 87 themes for one price)

Get Divi



Altus offers you the choice of creating any type of site you can imagine and building one to sell your digital product is as easy as can be. You can modify almost everything on this responsive theme and their constant updates keep adding more and more functionality to your ideal site. You can even set up a Coming Soon page with a countdown while you work on it.

Price: $58

Get Altus



A multi-purpose theme incorporating the drag-n-drop Themify Builder, Corporate is a cool and different way of showcasing your product. Its bright colours, sleek design, and long list of features and shortcodes make it great to grab your visitors’ attention and focus it on whatever you’re selling.

Price: $79 (Get all Themify themes for one price)

Get Corporate



Themeforest‘s number one selling theme of all time, Avada is customisable beyond your imagination. And when it comes to creating a site to sell your product, you yet again have the ability to build a great-looking site that puts your product at the centre of attention, bringing the focus onto its features and whatever else you require.

Price: $58

Get Avada



A flat design theme for those wanting a more creative way of promoting their work. Flatbox is quick and easy to set up, with a vast range of custom options. An easy choice for anyone who likes flat design.

Price: $48

Get Flatbox

Remobile Pro


A theme focused on giving your visitor the best experience possible, Remobile Pro focuses on the use of typeface and design to make the biggest impact on your visitors. This responsive theme does what is required to promote your product, and gets it done in a sleek, professional manner, without the need for any extra frills.

Price: $99.95 (Theme + Genesis Framework)

Get Remobile Pro



A bold and beautiful theme that combines flexibility, responsiveness and simplicity to produce a balanced, yet striking website for your product. Its use of colour and availability of theme options, shortcodes and page templates make it easy to build a great site that looks good on every device.

Price: $69 (Elegant Themes’ 87 themes for one price)

Get Nimble



With its fully responsive, clean design, Immensely is an excellent theme that offers a lot of flexibility. This, along with the tons of options you have available to modify your site to your requirements, such as layout, styling and colours, make it ideal to showcase your new product in an attractive manner.

Price: $55

Get Immensely



MoonCoco offers you the chance to create any site you wish for whatever product you may have, taking advantage of all the current web development tools, including a live previewer. It is easy to use, flexible and allows you to customise anything you need, giving you full control on the way you publicise your product.

Price: $39

Get MoonCoco



Chosen by thousands of people as their theme of choice for many reasons, Karma is another clean and modern theme with plenty of possible customisations and features. You can easily design it to fit the needs of your product, even offering free plugins to get you on your way.

Price: $58

Get Karma



Another multi-purpose theme that is ideal to set up a site that promotes your new product. It is SEO, WPML and retina ready, offers unlimited skins, a powerful admin area, and much more. Whatever your product is you can certainly display all its great features easily and beautifully using the Dynamix theme.

Price: $58

Get Dynamix

Centric Pro


Designed to flow in such a way that your visitors instantly scroll further down your page, Centric Pro is an ideal solution to those visitors with short attention spans. It’s a mobile responsive design that includes seven built-in colour styles, custom backgrounds, and multiple other theme options for you to tailor the theme to your own needs.

Price: $99.95 (Theme + Genesis Framework)

Get Centric Pro



The X theme is one of the most versatile themes out there, and it goes without saying that it would fit in well in this list too. Preferably using their Integrity stack, being the one focused on business designs, you could create any sort of website you’d like. The large variety of features you are able to customize gives you the freedom you need to design the best website to show off your new product.

Price: $63

Get X

Startup Framework


The Startup Framework by Designmodo is a theme unlike any other. It utilises a drag and drop style builder for every part of your site. Just select the blocks you want from the over 100 on offer and move them around on your canvas until you like what you see. No coding and no skills required, yet the result will look as professional as can be.

Price: $149 (One Site License)

Get Startup Framework


In conclusion, it’s clear to see that as far as specifically built themes go, there aren’t many to sell your digital product online. However, with that being said, the large variety of multi-purpose themes out there today are more than up to the job. The list above is clear evidence of this.

The flexibility they offer and the functions constantly being added on to them make them all viable solutions. Your choice should come down to how well the theme fits your product and the image you want to promote for it. Whatever the case, I’m sure one of these themes will do the job and exceed your, and your visitors’ expectations.

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