Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing your conversion rates. 88% of buyers usually make decisions, which are influenced by marketers. And if you collaborate with well-established affiliate marketers, your products will be viewed by a larger audience and your sales will increase. 
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Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing your conversion rates. 88% of buyers usually make decisions, which are influenced by marketers. And if you collaborate with well-established affiliate marketers, your products will be viewed by a larger audience and your sales will increase. 

While affiliate marketing increases your sales and conversions, managing affiliate marketers manually can be challenging. Nevertheless, with a WooCommerce affiliate plugin, you will easily handle affiliate links, payments, and other marketing activities. 

It is also worthwhile to note that such plugins generate affiliate marketing insights, giving you enough data to evaluate your marketing strategy. 

Below, we’ve listed the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins for your WordPress site. Let’s get right into it.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins

Here’s a quick overview of the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins:

Plugin nameTypePricingRating
Affiliate for WooCommercePremium$129/yr4.5/5
Solid Affiliate Freemium$149/yr4/5
Coupon AffiliatesFreemium$119/yr5/5
SliceWP AffiliatePremium$169/yr4/5
YITH WooCommerce AffiliateFreemium $135/yr4/5

1. Affiliate for WooCommerce

Affiliate for Woocommerce

Affiliate for WooCommerce was developed by StoreApps — an organization specializing in WooCommerce plugins and add-ons. It offers you various options for determining the commissions that will be earned by affiliate marketers. For example, it is easy to issue commissions, depending on the product category and affiliate tags. 

This WooCommerce affiliate plugin also makes it easier for you to create a multi-tier affiliate program. In a multi-tier affiliate program, an affiliate marketer will get a commission when they refer someone to your program. 

And if the referred party generates sales, the first affiliate marketer will earn some money from sales made by the referred party. For instance, let’s assume that you are running an affiliate multi-tier program that offers 30%, 25%, and 20% commission rates. 

And one of your affiliate marketers, Brian, goes through your program and brings in Ted as a customer. When Ted markets your program to Dave, Brain will earn a commission once Dave becomes your customer.      

Affiliate for WooCommerce offers you functionalities for creating promotional campaigns, which can support multiple types of media formats.   

Furthermore, this plugin gives you total control over affiliate registration, making it easier for you to approve or disapprove registrations, depending on your preferences. If you don’t have the time to approve every affiliate account, you can choose the automatic approval option to automate the approval procedure.  

Instead of managing functionalities from different pages, Affiliate for WooCommerce integrates multiple functionalities into a single dashboard. From the dashboard, you can easily get insight into the revenue generated by an affiliate marketer. 

On top of that, the dashboard also displays the commission percentage and the number of customers acquired. With such data, you can easily analyze the performance of affiliate marketers to check whether they are hitting the required KPIs. 

Not to mention, this plugin also has a leaderboard that ranks marketers, based on the number of sales that they make, so it’s much easier to track the performance. 

You can encourage marketers to generate more sales by offering them a commission once they surpass a certain threshold.  


Affiliate for WooCommere will cost you $129 per year.


  • Multi-tier affiliate marketing functionalities
  • Different types of commission rates 
  • Manual approvals and automatic approvals 
  • Promotional campaigns that can market your eCommerce store


  • New affiliates might have a hard time while navigating through functionalities

2. Solid Affiliate 

Solid Affiliate

Developed to integrate smoothly with WooCommerce and WordPress, Solid Affiliate comes with a wizard that guides you while you are setting up your affiliate program. It is also designed to manage different types of affiliate commissions. For instance, it has an option for paying affiliate marketers a percentage of the final price or a fixed rate, depending on your preferences. 

And since Solid Affiliate integrates seamlessly with payment platforms such as Paypal, you will easily manage transactions from your WordPress site. Not to mention, it automates transactions, saving you from the trouble of issuing payments manually. 

Once you’ve issued payments, Solid Affiliate will save payment records for future reference. Such records can be exported from WordPress to your personal computer.     

Since some affiliate marketers might get a commission from sales that were refunded, Solid Affiliate was designed with a refund protection functionality, saving you from losses.   

And to give you total control of your affiliate program, this plugin lets you approve user registrations. It also notifies you whenever someone applies as an affiliate marketer. Thanks to the email notification functionality, affiliate marketers are always updated when they get a commission from a successful sale. 

The plugin makes it easier for you to track multiple activities in real time — if anything happens, you will be notified immediately.  

Solid Affiliate also makes it easier for you to set the expiration of referral cookies.


Solid Affiliate is available in two premium plans — StoreOwner and Agency. The storeOwner plan is billed at $149 per year, and the license is limited to one eCommerce store. 

The Agency plan costs $799 per year. With the Agency plan, you can install the plugin on 10 sites.  


  • Automated transactions 
  • A wizard that guides you during the initial setup
  • User registration approvals 
  • Refund protection


  • It doesn’t offer you functionalities for creating coupons

3. Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce

As the highest-rated plugin in this list according to its users, Coupon Affiliates is a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that helps track, analyze, and manage affiliate programs.

The plugin provides detailed analytics and generates reports for both store owners and affiliates, with automated reports sent to affiliates via email. This makes the admin’s life easier while giving affiliates everything they need to promote your products and generate commissions.

Affiliate management is designed to be hands-free, allowing new affiliates to register themselves and even offering multi-level affiliates. This lets existing affiliates bring on new affiliate partners, earning them an additional commission on top of their existing percentage.

Coupon Affiliates also allows for the customization of commission payouts, with options like fixed amounts instead of percentages, giving you added flexibility.

Integrations with other eCommerce plugins apart from WooCommerce, such as Paid Memberships Pro, LearnDash, and LifterLMS are also available.

Setting up the plugin involves creating an affiliate dashboard page, registration page, and template coupon code, all of which are part of the plugin’s smooth onboarding process.

Check out our full review of Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce for more details.


Coupon Affiliates for WooCommerce offers a 7-day free trial in conjunction with its pricing plans.

They offer monthly, annual, or lifetime pricing, giving you the option of choosing your preferred payment method – subscription or not. You can also choose between a 1-site and a 10-site license.

The plans start from as little as $9.99 per month billed manually or $12.99 per month billed monthly. When you consider the potential return on investment from a solution like this, it’s a no-brainer.


  • It provides affiliates with a complete dashboard to track everything
  • Affiliate payout requests are easily trackable.
  • It provides reports and analytics for both store owners and affiliates.
  • It includes fraud and theft protection.
  • There are no additional fees that you may find on other platforms.


  • Some elements of the user interface could be more modern.

4. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP offers you various customizing options, which help you create a unique affiliate program that suits your needs. It features multiple template files for customizing registration forms, emails, dashboards, and login forms. If you want to get more technical while modifying your affiliate program, you can use hooks. 

This plugin gives you access to different commission structures. For instance, you can issue lifetime, one-time, and constant commissions to affiliate marketers. Since AffiliateWP generates QR codes, custom links, and banners, it offers you different options for implementing your affiliate marketing strategy. 

Thanks to the affiliate link-tracking functionality, marketers will refer customers to your eCommerce store without using a long affiliate link. In some instances, potential leads might not click a website link once they notice that it’s an affiliate link. Instead of using long affiliate links to track leads, AffiliateWP can be linked with a marketer’s website to streamline the tracking process. 

Moreover, this plugin has a cross-domain tracker for keeping track of potential leads and customers, who are referred to your eCommerce store from multiple domains. AffiliateWP also comes with a fraud detection tool, saving you from marketers who might try to run some funny marketing schemes. Think of it as the gatekeeper of your marketing program.

AffiliateWP integrates with various payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe, offering you multiple payment options. Plus, the payment process is fully automated, and all you have to do is to link your accounts with the plugin. A single click automates the payment procedure.    

To help you grow your affiliate marketing program, AffiliateWP comes with various tools, which are quite effective in analyzing the performance of affiliates and creating email campaigns. When it comes to performance analysis, this plugin ranks affiliates in chronological order based on their conversion rates.  


The price of the premium plans varies, depending on the number of sites that you are planning to install the plugin on. AffiliateWP has three premium plans; Personal, Plus, and Professional. The Personal plan is billed at $149.50 per year. 

The Plus plan costs $199.50. It has the same functionalities as the Personal plan. However, you can install the plugin on three sites when you subscribe to the Plus plan.

The Professional plan is billed at $299.50 per year. Unlike the other plans, the top-tier plan gives you access to addons, which can extend the functionality of the plugin.    


  • A fraud detection functionality
  • Fully automated payments
  • Multiple commission structures
  • A cross-domain tracker that updates you regularly


  • Setting up this plugin on your site may be tedious
  • It can be a bit more expensive than other affiliate plugins

5. SliceWP Affiliate

Featuring a user-friendly interface, SliceWp makes it easier for you to handle affiliates and affiliate marketing activities. Speaking of which, it is designed to manage an unlimited number of affiliate marketers, so you don’t have to worry about the maximum limit. 

Since this plugin comes with a customizable registration form, you can modify the form, based on your preferences. For example, a registration form may feature different types of fields for capturing the phone numbers and addresses of affiliates.   

SliceWP Affiliate lets you approve or disapprove registrations manually so that you can assess affiliate marketers. 

And if you don’t like approving registrations manually, SliceWP has an automatic approval functionality that will save you from all the tedious work. To boost your sales, SliceWP comes with social share buttons, which can be strategically positioned on the social media pages of affiliate marketers. 

You’ll also have the power to determine the type of commission rate that will be earned by every affiliate. Examples of such commissions include lifetime, product, and recurring commission rates.         

However, before an affiliate earns a commission, you have to set the cookie duration. SliceWP packs various functions for modifying the cookie duration. If an affiliate marketer refers a potential lead to your eCommerce store, the plugin will track the referral. 

It’s also worthwhile to note that SliceWP Affiliate generates reports, which give you some insight into the performance of affiliates.


SliceWP offers you two premium plans; Pro and Pro Plus. At $169 per year, you’ll be able to install the plugin on one site due to the Pro plan. The Pro Plus plan costs $259 per year, and it offers you a license that allows you to install the plugin on 10 websites.      


  • Customizable forms
  • Automated payments 
  • Advanced tracking 
  • Automatic approvals


  • It is costly

6. Tapfiliate

While Tapfiliate integrates smoothly with WooComerce, it also integrates seamlessly with other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Hikashop. It might be a suitable platform for you if you are managing different types of eCommerce stores.

Tapfiliate exposes your affiliate program to a network of affiliate marketers via the Admitad Partner Network. This makes it easier for you to find experienced affiliate marketers since the network platform has over 100K publishers who can market your products to different audiences. 

Thanks to the Zapier integration, you can easily automate various tasks and activities. For example, building an automation flow with triggered emails becomes much easier. To help you handle different types of commissions, Tapfiliate comes with multiple commission structures such as product, monthly, one-time, and recurring commissions.

If you want to motivate marketers to refer more people to your eCommerce store, you need to offer them performance bonuses. Tapfiliate has functionality for issuing bonuses to affiliates once they surpass a certain performance KPI.       


While Tapfiliate has four premium plans, the trial period is available in three plans only. The Starter Plan subscription is $59 per month. The Essential plan is billed at $149 per month. And to get insight into the Custom plan, you have to get in touch with Tapfiliate’s team.


  • It is quite easy to automate tasks
  • Tapfiliate links you with potential marketers through the Admitad Partner Network
  • Different affiliate structures
  • Advanced functionalities for issuing bonuses  


  • Modifying links can be challenging for some users 
  • The dashboard doesn’t feature a wide variety of detailed insights

7. EasyAffiliate

EasyAffiliate can be launched easily on your WordPress site within a short period of time. It comes with an intuitive dashboard that gives you access to different affiliate insights such as the number of clicks generated by a certain link and the revenue earned by affiliate marketers. 

On top of that, customizing the dashboard is quite easy. This plugin also packs a user-friendly affiliate dashboard, with detailed performance stats and reports.

Due to the commission tracking functionalities, you’ll have more data for analyzing the weekly and monthly performance of affiliates. Speaking of commissions, EasyAffiliate allows you to modify the commission rate of every affiliate in your program. One of the functionalities that can modify commission rates is the affiliate commission override option. 

Since EasyAffiliate integrates with multiple email marketing services such as Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp, setting up email campaigns straight from your WordPress site is quite easy. 

When it comes to the payment system, this plugin issues both offline and online payments to affiliates. It also integrates with Paypal, making it easier for you to manage multiple transactions at the same time.  


For $99.50 per year, you’ll get access to every feature that is offered by the Basic plan. However, the license is suitable for a single website only. The Plus plan is billed at $149.50 per year, and the license can be used on three sites. The Pro plan costs $199.50 per month. 


  • Customizable affiliate commissions
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automated payments


  • Modifying forms is a little bit challenging

8. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

Designed to help you manage affiliates, the YITH WooCommerce plugin ranks affiliates in a tabular format, making it easier for you to analyze various stats. The advanced table displays the gross revenue, conversions, and commissions earned by multiple affiliates. This plugin offers you two payment options — automatic and manual. 

If you choose the manual payment option, your affiliates will always send payment requests. With that said, the manual payment option is suitable for small stores that are scaling up. However, if you are managing a large eCommerce store, the automatic payment option might be suitable for you because it automates the payment process. 

Affiliates can be paid through the bank or through online payment platforms such as Stripe and Paypal. YITH supports payment gateway integrations, and it’s quite easy to link the plugin with your Paypal or Stripe account. 

To boost sales in your eCommerce store, this plugin was developed to issue coupon codes with varying discount rates. Your affiliates can use such codes to attract more customers.


YITH WooCommerce Affiliate is a Freemium plugin.

While the free version is available on, the premium version costs €129.99 per year.


  • Manual and automatic payment options
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations 
  • Coupon codes for offering discounts


  • Lacks multi-tier affiliate marketing functionalities

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is quite effective in setting up different types of eCommerce stores. It also comes with multiple features for managing eCommerce stores.

How can you build an affiliate program on WooCommerce?

With a WooCommerce affiliate plugin, setting up an affiliate program on WooCommerce becomes much easier! 

A Woocommerce affiliate plugin streamlines the whole process by offering you what you need to create affiliate links, QR codes, and coupons. 

Is there a free WooCommerce affiliate plugin? 

Some WooCommerce affiliate plugins can be installed on your WordPress site for free.

For example, the YITH WooCommerce Affiliate is offered in two different versions — the free and the premium version. The free has limited features, but it is also effective in managing affiliate programs. 

Final Verdict

To boost sales in an eCommerce store, you need a solid affiliate marketing program. Since most plugins are developed to automate tasks and save time, you can use WooCommerce affiliate plugins to manage your affiliate marketing program. 

Not to mention, WooCommerce affiliate plugins can generate detailed reports, giving you insight into the number of sales generated, the revenue earned, and the commissions earned. With such info, you can improve your marketing strategy to beat your competitors.  

If you are looking for an effective WooCommerce affiliate plugin, Affiliate for WooCommerce can be a suitable plugin for you. It lets you create a multi-tier affiliate program with different types of commissions. It also automates payments via multiple payment gateways.  

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