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Written by Jean Galea
Written by Jean Galea

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WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce system on the web at the moment, and there is understandably a huge market for extensions to the core WooCommerce plugin. In this post, I’ll show you some of my favorite third-party extension plugin stores.

While there are many sellers of WooCommerce extensions, it is very important to get your WooCommerce plugins from reputable companies that develop with good coding practices and provide quality support and updates. You don’t want your online store (that’s hopefully making you good money) to rely on copycat plugins or shoddily built ones. When you have any doubts or need quick help, you want companies that will feel responsible for your site’s wellbeing and offer help when needed.

On to the developers. First of all, I need to mention that the WooCommerce website itself has a plugin store, so you can choose among hundreds of extensions from there. Here’s a look at some of the best places to find quality WooCommerce extensions.


As I mentioned, WooCommerce themselves develop a large number of extensions, ranging from free to $249 in price for single-site licenses. They range from payment gateways to minor enhancements. The majority of use-cases you can think of are covered by the Woo team themselves, even though you may find that certain third-party alternatives do a better job.

Some of the most popular and powerful extensions on sale from WooCommerce include SubscriptionsBookings and Memberships, among others. They even offer discounted bundles which are worth checking out.

Visit the Official Extensions


Not using WooCommerce yet? This is the time to get started.

Get the Plugin



Barn2 is a small and experienced team that focuses on quality WooCommerce plugins. They offer a few free extensions such as adding a custom add to cart button, as well as a few premium extensions that are definitely worth looking into.

The most popular and impressive extension is called WooCommerce Product Table. It allows you to list products in a searchable and filterable table. This is ideal for those looking to add product catalogs, quick order forms, restaurant ordering and much more. There are also extensions to password-protect categories of products, or even to password-protect the entire WooCommerce store, leaving the rest of the website’s pages available to all site visitors.

Visit Barn2


Yith focuses on WooCommerce extensions and themes that help you increase conversions. Given that their focus is solely on WooCommerce, they are constantly updating their extensions and adding new ones as the demand arises. There are currently over 150 plugins to help you grow your business.

You may also opt for their monthly or yearly subscriptions which give you access to all plugins and themes on offer from Yith, even new ones that will be added later. The subscriptions save you 97% off the full price of each product. Both options allow you to activate the plugins and themes on up to 30 sites, which is great for agencies and freelance site-builders.

Visit Yith


WooCommerce StoreApps

StoreApps is an official WooCommerce extension developer delivering value since 2011. Their portfolio consists of 20+ extensions that cater to your marketing, coupons, emails, store management, offers, and checkout optimization needs. 

Some of their best-selling and highly-rated extensions include Smart Coupons, Affiliate for WooCommerce, Smart Manager.

You can find all their extensions on the website and also on the WooCommerce marketplace.

All extensions are well-documented and supported, and they offer a free demo to check out all their extensions in action.

Visit StoreApps

What extensions are most important to you?

WooCommerce users, there is such a large variety of extensions out there. Which ones have proved the most useful to you? How have they helped you grow your store?

Fill in the poll above to share your story and let us know about any other stores worth checking out in the comments below.

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