The Best WordPress Agencies and Design Studios

Written by The Editorial Team
Written by The Editorial Team
The Best WordPress Agencies and Studios

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Today, we’re shaking things up at WP Mayor by spotlighting the crème de la crème of WordPress agencies, companies, and studios across the globe.

These elite teams have consistently delivered high-quality WordPress websites over the years, earning them a stellar reputation within the vibrant WordPress community. If you’re contemplating starting a new venture centered around WordPress services, these trailblazers could serve as your muse.

Alternatively, if you’re more inclined towards joining a well-established team, these companies could be your next career destination.

What Do WordPress Agencies & Studios Offer?

These companies offer a variety of services for different types of clients. While some focus on a particular persona, such as start-ups or enterprise clients only, others offer a range of options.

Let’s take a quick look at what kind of services you can expect from these agencies and studios before we move on to the list and compare what each one offers.

Design & Development

From designing your brand’s new look to developing a complete WordPress site, these agencies offer various options that will take your project to the next level, whether it’s just a business portfolio, an eCommerce store, or even a brand-new product.

Website development is the standard offering from most companies, but some go beyond that, offering custom software development as well. From WordPress plugins to unique apps and SaaS solutions, they can help you build your entire business.

Hosting and Maintenance

Finding the right WordPress hosting for your website is always tricky, but when you work with one of these agencies or studios, you’ve got nothing to worry about. They handle all the hosting requirements for you and even take care of website migrations, custom integrations, and so much more.

Aside from that, they also provide full maintenance for your website, servers, and so on. This kind of service ensures that you can keep your focus solely on your business.

Consultancy and Marketing

It’s not all about a website though. Sometimes you may also be looking for a team that can help guide you on business strategy and marketing opportunities.

The consulting services offered by some of the agencies listed below cater to exactly that kind of client, helping you take your business to the level that you know it can get to.

Our Selection of the Best WordPress Agencies in 2023

The basis of this selection is purely my observation of the WordPress industry.

There are of course many more great WordPress freelancers, companies, and agencies, however, these are the best ones that I have come across and had personal contact with.

They have been producing excellent work that has served as an incentive to improve my own skills, and I hope you will also find them inspiring enough to work with them on your next project.

AgencyServices Offered
WPRidersWordPress development for small to mid-sized businesses and startups.
SaucalSpecializes in SaaS development, large WordPress multisite, and technical architecture.
BionicWPCombining all your favorite tools into one – hosting, updates, security, backups, and speed optimization.
DevriXSpecializes in SaaS development, large WordPress multisite, and technical architecture.
The Free Website GuysFull-service WordPress shop. Leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting-edge web and mobile experiences.
Crowd FavoriteDelivers custom WordPress development for large enterprises that are embracing open source.
WisdmLabsWisdmLabs is a WordPress-focused 100-member team specializing in e-Commerce and e-Learning.
Modern TribeSpecializes in the design and development of industrial-strength WordPress implementations.
WebDev StudiosFull-service WordPress shop. Leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting edge web and mobile experiences.
WholeGrain DigitalFull-service WordPress shop. Leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting-edge web and mobile experiences.
Human MadeSpecializes in high-end WordPress development & consultancy for Enterprise & Big Media.
Spyr MediaCreative agency focused on brand development, software design, publishing, and deadlifts.
10upSimplifies content management with their premier web design & development consulting services.
List of the crème de la crème of WordPress agencies, companies, and studios across the globe,

Now let’s look at each agency and studio individually.

WPRiders – For Quality at an Affordable Price


WPRiders provides WordPress development for small to mid-sized businesses and startups. Their monthly development plans give you access to a multidisciplinary team of resources, outsourced CTO, custom feature development, and ongoing website support.

The team is all about building and growing WordPress websites, digital products, online platforms, and custom plugins to help you keep up with the latest trends in web technology.

WPRiders packages start at $850/month. Each package gives you access to an integrated team of developers, advisers, SEO experts, QA specialists, designers, and project managers.

The team handles all the work for you and effectively communicates the progress of the project to you on a regular basis.

We’ve had a number of readers recently choosing to work with WPRiders, and the response has been fantastic, so they’re definitely worth reaching out to.

Saucal – For Serious eCommerce Stores


Saucal is based in Toronto, Canada. They’re WooCommerce specialists and are also WP Engine partners.

Saucal is all about building your business online; harnessing the power of the Internet to realize your true business potential in ways you’ve never thought possible.

They design revenue-maximizing WordPress sites that actually drive the growth of your web-based sales; improve user experience; and, tackle highly personalized and complex tasks related to your business.

They develop customized apps and plugins that succeed in capturing leads and increasing sales power. While others may build you a beautiful-looking website, Saucal builds websites that attract new business in the virtual world. Of course, they look beautiful, too.

We know the guys from Saucal personally and highly recommend them.

What we love about them is that they really focus on your business results, and they make sure that your new website is a genuine investment that generates amazing returns rather than just being some other business expense.

BionicWP – Come for the SPEED Stay for the SUPPORT

BionicWP Homepage
BionicWP – Come for Speed Stay for Support

BionicWP is a trusted WordPress hosting platform, offering a suite of tools for website management, including updates, security, backups, and speed optimization. Its robust security features, such as daily malware scanning and a WAF firewall, ensure your site’s safety.

The platform stands out for its performance, promising high GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights scores, achieved through advanced technologies like Google C2 High Compute Instances and a high-performance CDN.

BionicWP offers truly managed WordPress hosting, handling all site edits and updates, saving users time and money. It also provides automatic backup to staging and rollback, and a free staging environment for easy site management.

With a commitment to exceptional customer support, BionicWP promises quick response and resolution times for all tickets. In summary, BionicWP is a comprehensive, secure, and high-performing WordPress hosting solution, making website management simpler for agencies and businesses.

DevriX – The Retainer Experts


DevriX is a European-based technical WordPress development agency providing custom solutions and ongoing development for successful businesses. DevriX specializes in SaaS development, large WordPress multisites, and technical architecture in order to provide scalability, extensibility, and steady growth for established organizations.

When working with clients DevriX typically utilizes a retainer model, coining the term “WordPress retainer” in 2015. What’s unique about DevriX is that, while they develop WordPress, they also handle every aspect of a company’s web platform — from DevOps and creative to ads and marketing.

They provide WordPress Development Retainers at 50-200+ hours /month for $180/hour. In addition, Devrix provides custom WordPress development for $220/hour with adjustable rates for projects exceeding $25,000.

The Free Website Guys – It’s Really Free

The Free Website Guys

The Free Website Guys has a very interesting model (and one we haven’t seen before): they don’t actually charge to build you a WordPress website.

Instead, they help business owners to build a fully functional and professional website but don’t bill for their work. The reason that they do this is simple: it’s been a great way for them to create connections with business owners, a certain percentage of whom come back at a later date and hire them for large paid projects. This means that they’re huge on customer service and they have thousands of 5-star reviews floating around to prove it. Don’t let that make you think that the “free” aspect of their work means that the quality of work is lower. By checking out some of the examples on their website, you’ll find a fair share of impressive WordPress websites on there.

Such an innovative “free” model caused them to take off in a big way, and within about 6 months of launch, they had become the top-rated website development agency on Clutch (out of 40,000+ agencies), G2, and a couple of other such rating sites. 

Crowd Favorite – For Enterprise Solutions

Crowd Favorite

Crowd Favorite delivers custom WordPress development for large enterprises that are embracing open source. They not only develop custom themes and plugins for their clients but also connect them to a variety of existing corporate systems.

In addition to web Development, CrowdFavorite provides complete Digital Strategy services like UI/UX Design Audits, Privacy by Design, and Development Project Scoping.

Crowd Favorite also offers WordPress eCommerce Integrations. That includes multiple eCommerce solutions, such as Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify. They help clients develop a full eCommerce strategy built around WordPress.

WisdmLabs – Focused on LearnDash and WooCommerce

WisdmLabs, a leading WordPress development company, specializes in e-learning and e-commerce. They have over 10 years of experience in the field, and they have a thorough understanding of the LearnDash and WooCommerce platforms.

They are a well-trusted group of developers who are platinum-level WooCommerce Experts, WordPress Core Contributors and come highly recommended by LearnDash.

More than 800 projects, ranging from website setup to custom plugin development and API integration to website migration, have been successfully completed by them. Across all projects, they have maintained an excellent 94% client satisfaction rating.

Modern Tribe – For Industrial-Strength WordPress Sites

Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe specializes in the design and development of industrial-strength WordPress implementations. They push the boundaries of what WordPress can do.

Full galleries, social media, extensive API integrations, event management, front-end authentication, single sign-on, custom layouts and designs that transcend the traditional blog, community sites with forum integration, live streaming media – you name it, they can code it.

WebDevStudios – For a Full-Service WordPress Shop


WebDevStudios is a full-service WordPress shop. WordPress is the perfect foundation for the web and having the right blueprint is imperative to success. WebDevStudios leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting-edge web and mobile experiences.

The team at WebDev Studios knows WordPress inside and out. CEO and Co-Founder Brad Williams has written the highly successful Professional WordPress Book Series, and more than half of the team has contributed to WordPress itself.

WholeGrain Digital – For Design-Led Projects

WholeGrain Digital

WordPress development is at the core of the business at Wholegrain Digital.  The majority of the work that they do involves developing custom themes and plugins for clients, configuring premium themes, or fixing and enhancing existing WordPress websites.

Human Made – For Enterprise & Big Media

Human Made

Human Made specializes in high-end WordPress development & consultancy for Enterprise & Big Media. Typically involving a high degree of custom development with a focus on performance & security at scale.

Each project provides a different challenge. A VIP partner since 2012, they have a proven track record in dealing with big clients.

Spyr Media – The More Creative Ones

Spyr Media

SPYR is a creative agency focused on brand development, software design, publishing, and deadlifts. Since 2011 they have been building SPYR brands and have collaborated with hundreds of top-shelf companies and entrepreneurs to reinvigorate their brands and connection strategies.

10up – Focusing on Content Creators


At 10up they make content management simple with their premier web design & development consulting services, by contributing to open platforms like WordPress, and by providing tools and products that make web publishing a cinch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the best WordPress development company for me?

There are a few factors you should consider when making your choice. Firstly, make sure the company you choose has the relevant expertise needed for your project. Once you’ve done that, look at some of their previous work in their portfolio and get to know a bit more about their team and their company (through their website). Finally, reach out and have a meeting with them to ask about their approach, timelines, costs, and what they will require from you.

Is it still worth building a website with WordPress today?

Absolutely. There are other platforms available today that might meet your needs for something simple, but when you compare solutions like Wix vs WordPress, you’ll notice that the latter is a more mature platform with far more customization options that any great agency will be able to work wonders with.

Does it matter what country my WordPress agency is in?

In most cases, no. The agencies we’ve listed above work with clients all around the world. With the technology available today, you have the flexibility to find the best developers and designers for the job, no matter where they are. We’ve personally hired agencies in Europe, the US, and Asia over the years, and each one has been a great experience.

If you have any other questions of your own, please reach out in the comments below and we’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Our Preferred WordPress Agencies Are WPRiders and Saucal

That’s it for our list of the best WordPress agencies to hire for your next project.

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of other agencies around the world, and working with one that’s local to you may even be your preferred choice, but this list includes our personal selection.

Aside from having worked with some of these agencies for our own projects – WPRiders being the one who developed a full eCommerce website for us – we’ve also had personal connections with the rest.

If you have a smaller budget and are looking for something to get you started, WPRiders is your best choice. If you have a larger budget and are working on an eCommerce store, we highly recommend Saucal.

These recommendations are based on our personal experience, so you can rest assured that if we trust these teams to create our WordPress sites, you can do so too.

Have we missed any other top companies and WordPress agencies that you would highly recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Fantastic roundup of the top WordPress agencies and design studios! A go-to list for anyone seeking professional WordPress expertise.

  2. Perception System is a leading WordPress web development company based in California. Our expert services include theme, plugin development as well as WordPress maintenance.

  3. This is an inspiring list! Great to see some UK-based agencies on here too.

    I’m hoping that I can get Highrise Digital on to this kind of list in the next couple of years. 🙂

  4. Hey Jean, thanks for this list. Do you have an update for 2018?:-) No pressure, no rush, just curious. Cheers!

    1. Most if not all these agencies are still performing very well so I don’t think it would be much different in 2018. I recently used WP Riders for one of my projects and can recommend them. If you need to contract them for some work let me know and I’ll probably be able to get you a discount 😉

  5. is a bespoke website development agency using WordPress as a prefered CMS.
    We also have developed a number of WordPress plugins and custom themes. So for really advanced website development Webdesign7 is the agency of choice. Located in South London.

  6. How about including a few Australian agencies on the list? Here is one agency that I think deserves a spot on this list- Websites ‘N’ More.

  7. I checked many of pages from list – pretty impressive. I believe every wordpress agency would like to be on such lists. We look forward to the future to be helpful to everyone (by plugins or themes) but at this moment we focus on being a perfect partner for our clients, So these types of letters are for us.

  8. Great List! There are a lot of awesome companies in this list and provide the best WordPress development services.

  9. A Great list of WordPress development companies. A few months ago, I was looking for a WordPress development company to build my business website. I found a list of companies by searching on the web, but I was so confused. At that time, My friend recommended me one company “Thinsquare” that provides website development services. I contact with the company to build my site and Really, the company provides quality services. I am very happy with their services.

    1. Hi, Emma. I am also looking for a company to build my Ecommerce business website. Can you share the link of website?

  10. Hi folks, great list, and I would like to add WP-Heroes from Slovakia to the list, which is WordPress department of Digital Agency called ZoneMedia and one of the most famous WordPress developers in this little country cooperating with big brands and agencies from all over the world. Feel free to contact us anytime.

  11. I had recently hired Wisitech for my Woocommerce website development. The best part is they have given me the fully optimized website which was indexed by Google within 4 days after making it live. Amazing team of developers with good knowledge of optimization as well.

  12. is also one of the best WordPress development companies that we have worked with and they are pretty good so far. We are satisfied with them, though we highly appreciate this post as it shows many other vendors that we can consult. Thanks Jean Galea.

  13. I would like to add Really Effective to the list.

    We are an agile WordPress agency focused on increasing our clients’ bottom line, not just doing pretty graphics.

    Contact us and let’s start improving your results right away!

  14. I have a new business. So far I have worked with 10up and Wisitech. Both are amazing companies. Best support, best developers.,

  15. Thanks for the compilation Jean, I can certainly recognise most of them from their contribution in the WordPress community/industry.

    Like you said there are of course a lot more great WordPress professionals out there that don’t get mentioned or recognised because they simply don’t come out as much. Do you have any thoughts on how those can stand out in this crowd?

  16. Hey Jean,

    Thanks for featuring DevriX! We are truly honored, and are genuinely thrilled helping successful businesses running WordPress platforms.

  17. Hi Jean

    How lovely to find ourselves (Wholegrain Digital) on your list of selected companies! Thankyou!

    Vineeta @eatwholegrain

  18. Pretty impressive list of companies but I want suggest WPGeeks Ltd. a WordPress Development company which is delivering great results for their clients.

  19. Hey Jean, thanks for this list. Do you have an update for 2015?:-) No pressure, no rush, just curious. Cheers!

  20. Hi Jean, I believe Exygy belongs in that list. We do a lot of advanced WordPress work for our awesome clients, and are very involved in the WP community. We co-host the San Francisco WordPress meetup with Automattic, we build plugins, we blog about WordPress, and we contribute to the WP core.

  21. Great list. There are so many web development agencies out there, it’s hard to get a good read on who will be the best fit for your needs. Our company, AlphaPoint, has been working with a great team at HSM for a number of years. We highly recommend these guys, very creative and responsive group!

    – Tom

  22. There are a lot of really awesome companies in this list. I studied quite a few of them when I was setting up a roadmap for where we’d like to be within the next two years.

    We’re just getting rolling, so hopefully when you do a 2013/2014 redux you’ll be including FAT Media in the list! 😉

  23. Thanks for listing 10up. In a nit rather opposite to 8BIT’s, we are one word and all lower case: 10up, not 10 UP. Thanks again!

  24. Fixing that John, and congratulations for the great work on WP Daily. Your podcast is making my treadmill run much more interesting! 😀

  25. Great list. The only one I have had interaction with is 8bit and they are a great group of guys. Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Hi Tony, as I described in the post it’s my own personal selection based on my involvement and observation of all things WordPress during the last couple of years. The portfolio and contributions of these companies should be enough evidence that they are up there at the top and worth following.

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