3 Best WordPress Document Library Plugins

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WordPress document library plugins make it easier for you to organize and manage vast amounts of digital content and media files of all types. We've curated this list of the top 3 WordPress document library plugins that help you add, manage and display your files and documents as easily as possible.
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We’ve curated the only list you need to find the best WordPress document library plugins for 2023.

While you’ve got the media library to store your document library, you won’t be able to do much with it there.

WordPress document library plugins make it easier for you to organize and manage vast amounts of digital content and media files of all types.

There are both free and paid solutions available, but if you want one that’s going to be maintained and kept secure over time, we recommend opting for a premium solution like Document Library Pro.

The 3 Best WordPress Document Library Plugins

Here’s a quick look at the 3 best document library plugins for WordPress that we recommend right now:

Document Library Pro (Recommended)Try it now
Library File ManagerTry it now
FileBirdTry it now

All three plugins can also be used as file management solutions, but we’ve written a separate post about that where we specifically recommend the best file management plugins for WordPress.

Let’s take a closer look at each WordPress document library plugin to see what they offer.

Document Library Pro - A WordPress document library plugin

There’s a reason that Document Library Pro has been our top recommended WordPress document library plugin for a while. It does everything you need and is supported by an amazing team of developers who continue to improve it over time.

With this plugin, you can add, manage and display your documents directly on your WordPress site. No need to rely on 3rd party storage solutions or just the WordPress media library. All your documents are stored in their own dedicated area.

Document Library Pro offers four different ways to add new documents. There’s the simple drag and drop file upload, the individual file upload, as well as a CSV bulk upload option.

The best WordPress document library plugin is Document Library Pro.

But you also want to display those documents, so this plugin provides you with a searchable and sortable table that you can embed on any page on your WordPress site. With multiple layouts and instant AJAX search, your site visitors will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for in no time at all.

Let’s not forget about file types too. Document Library Pro supports all file types, including embedded audio players and video content. WP Mayor readers have created everything from audio libraries to video galleries and even eBook galleries using this powerful plugin.

Out of the 3 options in this list, we recommend Document Library Pro.

We’ve grown to trust its developers over the years and have used their products successfully ourselves. But more importantly, it’s a clear winner among WordPress document library plugins when it comes to its ease-of-use and feature-set.

Library File Manager

Library File Manager - A WordPress file manager plugin

The Library File Manager plugin is free to download from WordPress.org where it has some respectable reviews, but that version only manages the documents – it doesn’t display them on your site.

It provides you with a variety of actions to manage your documents, including uploading, deleting, copying, archiving, and more. This makes it easier to take control of all your documents directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The Library File Manager dashboard.

It supports drag-and-drop file uploads, though the user interface seems a little dated in comparison to more modern solutions. That being said, it does support image and file editing, as well as preview options for common file types.

As with Document Library Pro, it supports audio and video players, as well as file search. If you want to do more, there is a premium upgrade that adds more features such as creating a front-end display for your site visitors to browse the document library.


FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager

FileBird considers itself a WordPress media library categorization tool. Although not exactly a dedicated document library plugin, it can still do the job if your needs aren’t too complicated.

As with the document library plugins we’ve seen above, FileBird also provides a drag and drop option to organize your files, sorting and filtering options, as well as a more complex media library interface to handle the needs of a document library.

The FileBird media library interface.

Essentially, it creates virtual folders to categorize your media file uploads, so you won’t be able to keep your normal media library separate from the document library you’re building. That may be fine for some but if you need something more dedicated, it may not be the solution for you.

Just as we saw with Library File Manager, FileBird also offers a premium upgrade that adds more features such as multiple view styles, additional sort options, and more.

Once again, the main limitation is displaying the document library on your website, something which Document Library Pro does quite nicely for you.


There aren’t many great solutions available to create a dedicated document library on your WordPress site, but we’ve done our research to find what we believe are the 3 best document library plugins today.

Our top 3 WordPress document library plugins are:

We’ve also written a full tutorial on how to create your WordPress document library using the Document Library Pro plugin, as well as another tutorial on using the same plugin to create a video gallery.

Which plugin have you found to be the best option for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below and help others make an informed decision for their document library projects.

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