5 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins Compared

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A knowledge base will help you reduce customer support and improve customer satisfaction. It's important to offer great support through email or live chat, but if you can help a customer before they even contact you, they're happier and your business is healthier. Check out the top 5 WordPress plugins to create and manage a knowledge base that provides an instant answer to your customer's question.
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Knowledge base plugins are a vital piece of the puzzle if you have a lot of resources to organize neatly for your customers.

Whether you’re creating a product documentation site, writing tutorials and how-to articles, or even compiling a list of FAQs, a knowledge base plugin will make it easy for you to manage and for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

I’ve used Help Scout for many years for our products, but I’ve recently been checking out some WordPress knowledge base plugins for a more cost-effective approach. I’ve done the research and found the best free and paid options available in 2022.

The Best Knowledge Base Plugins

A knowledge base will help you reduce customer support and improve customer satisfaction. It’s important to offer great support through email or live chat, but if you can help a customer before they even contact you, they’re happier and your business is healthier.

Now you can do all this using WordPress posts and categories, but keeping that organized, making it searchable for your customers, and maintaining it alongside your other blog posts and pages will quickly become a headache.

Knowledge base plugins eliminate that problem for you.

Heroic Knowledge Base$1294.9/5Link
Knowledge Base by EchoFree5/5Link

This list has been kept to only the most maintained and user-friendly options available. Since you don’t want to be switching out knowledge base solutions every year or two, I’ve chosen to recommend Heroic Knowledge Base.

The HeroThemes team built the plugin to deal with their problems when scaling support and now have 26,000+ happy customers who thank them for it.

Heroic Knowledge Base is the best WordPress knowledge base plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base may be the highest-priced option on this list, but there are reasons for that. As I mentioned earlier, Heroic KB was built out of a need that its team had, so they’ve done their best to address all the frustrations you may face.

With this plugin, you can easily create and manage a knowledge base on your WordPress website. Its AJAX-powered instant search helps your customers get answers to their queries in seconds.

Heroic Knowledge Base seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme. You can add and edit articles, attach files, password protect and hide articles, and add custom article categories and tags. Customers can even vote on articles to show whether they found the article helpful. Finally, its inbuilt analytics give you an insight into how your articles are performing and which need improvement.


BetterDocs Documentation and Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress

BetterDocs is an advanced documentation and knowledge base plugin for WordPress. You can effortlessly create and manage an appealing knowledge base landing page using any of the pre-designed templates.

The plugin integrates with Elementor and other popular page builders. It allows you to customize the knowledge base in any way you want. You can also automatically add a scrollable Table of Contents to help your visitors with better navigation.

BetterDocs lets you add an Instant Answers chatbot where users can search their queries and get answers quickly. To help you better evaluate the performance of your knowledge base and documentation, the plugin also comes with a powerful in-built analytics tool.


BasePress WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

BasePress is yet another WordPress plugin designed to reduce support tickets and improve your users’ experience. This plugin is ideal for creating a knowledge base, troubleshooting guide, product manual, FAQ, or wiki, among others.

It comes with an advanced live search to make it easier for your visitors to find instant answers to their questions. You can also restrict content visibility based on user roles.

Customers can vote on the articles and leave feedback. Its insightful statistics help you understand your users’ behavior, what they are searching for, the most visited knowledge base, and help you see which KB needs improvement. What’s more, BasePress is translation-ready.


weDocs Documentation and Knowledge base plugin for WordPress

weDocs simplifies documentation creation for WordPress. It’s a free plugin that lets you create or add new documentation and organize them with ordering and tags.

If you have a WordPress product or plugin, this plugin is extremely handy in creating and managing long and detailed documentation.

Unlike the Heroic Knowledge Base plugin, weDocs has very limited features. If you go for this plugin, keep in mind that you cannot customize the knowledgebase or documentation page design, add a search functionality, or access analytics.

Knowledge Base by Echo

Echo Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin

Echo Knowledge Base is an easy-to-use WordPress knowledge base plugin. This feature-rich plugin comes with 25+ ready-to-use professional designs to help you quickly create an attractive knowledge base without any coding skills.

It lets you categorize articles using five levels of documentation hierarchy. You can also choose from multiple layout options to show categories and split articles into groups.

The plugin works well with most of the popular page builders. For premium features, Echo Knowledge Base comes with an advanced search add-on, access manager add-on, widget add-on, article rating, and feedback add-on.

The Mayor’s Recommendation

All of the knowledge base plugins we picked are popular, well-reviewed, and do their job flawlessly. However, in our comparison, Heroic KB is our overall pick. The reason is pretty clear. It has the perfect blend of powerful features and appealing design with full customization options.

Let’s recap the top 5 WordPress knowledge base and documentation plugins for 2022:

Have you used any of these WordPress knowledge base plugins before, and how was your experience? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Prithu Thakuri

Prithu is a WordPress enthusiast. She enjoys working with WordPress and writing about it on WP Mayor and other blogs.

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4 Responses

  1. I’ve tested all of the plugins listed here except Heroic and none of them work as expected on a clean WordPress installation. It has been extremely frustrating to find bugs like incorrect permalinks and categories, sections, whatever the particular plugin calls them not being applied when creating articles in every product I’ve tried. I’m a WP professional and if these are the best options available I guess it is up to me and Pods to create our own KB.

    1. Hey Pat, I’d recommend checking out Heroic before you do that. There’s a reason we’re recommending it over the others here. Speaking of which, have the developers of the other solutions provided any insight as to why those issues are happening?

      1. Unfortunately, Heroic KB hasn’t a free edition to us at least test basic funcionality of it. This facts seems like a lack of commercial strategy.

        1. That’s true, but they do offer a completely open 30-day money-back guarantee. So essentially, that’s a 30-day trial during which you can get all your money back, no questions asked, if it doesn’t work out for you.

          They’ll also be far more likely to help you out in a timely fashion in support if you have any questions than if there was a free version available.

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