The Ultimate List of Best WordPress Podcasts

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As the WordPress community grows, so does it's demand for new and better content. One of the best ways to get this content across to a large audience in a quick and efficient way is with a podcast. WordPress podcasts are growing in popularity, as are their hosts.
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As the WordPress community grows, so does its demand for new and better content.

One of the best ways to get this content across to a large audience in a quick and efficient way is with a podcast. WordPress podcasts are growing in popularity, as are their hosts.

Most of the top podcasts are hosted by some of the best WordPress minds out there, ranging from Chris Lema to Pippin Williamson himself. This is a testament to the value of this mode of communication.

While certain podcasts have simply run out of juice over the past few years and have sometimes completely come to a halt, others have grown into fixed weekly shows. New podcasts with varying content have also been introduced, taking the place of the ones that shut down.

This variety of shows, subjects and hosts has led us to creating this list of the best WordPress podcasts out there right now. So here you go.

The WP Mayor Podcast

The WP Mayor Podcast

Hosted by: Gaby Galea

“A weekly audio series of inspiring conversations with WordPress industry-leaders.”

Check out the WP Mayor Podcast here!

Do the Woo


Hosted by: BobWP

“A WooCommerce Builder Podcast to help you build and grow your WooCommerce business. Listen in as other builders share their story and those who work with WooCommerce builders giving you tips and insights to help you run a successful WooCommerce business.”

Check out Do the Woo here!

Post Status Draft


Hosted by: Brian Krogsgard & Joe Hoyle

A podcast about everything WordPress hosted by Brian Krogsgard, the creator and editor of Post Status and Joe Hoyle, co-host of the Post Status Draft Podcast and co-founder and CTO at Human Made, who brings a great deal of expertise to this WordPress podcast.

Check out Post Status Draft here!


Matt Report


Hosted by: Matt Medeiros

“I started the Matt Report podcast in October of 2012 and it quickly grew to one of the most popular WordPress podcasts available.

How did I start? I just grabbed the mic, hit up the first WordPress professional on my list and turned the camera on. From there it was a bit of a blur. Before I knew it, I was interviewing 2 -3 amazing WordPress entrepreneurs every week. I started gaining traction in the WordPress community and began helping others that wanted to fine tune their WordPresss business.

First time WordPress startups and services came knocking as well.

Matt Report became my outlet to connect with the community and help others while spreading the good gospel of using WordPress to publish and make a living. A fun ride and fulfilling journey all at the same time.”

Check out the Matt Report here!



Hosted by: Jason Tucker

Regulars: Chris Lema, Sé Reed, Suzette Franck, David Jesch, Steve Zehngut

“WPwatercooler is just like any other watercooler in an office except we all work in different offices (some in our homes) and speaking to our dog or cat at the watercooler just isn’t productive. Each week our host Jason Tucker brings together people from the WordPress community to discuss WordPress and how it is changing our businesses and our lives.”

Hosted live on Mondays at 11am to 11:30am PST

Check out WPwatercooler here!

Your Website Engineer


Hosted by: Dustin Hartzler

“The show started back in 2010 and has been released every Wednesday since. I try to share at least one main topic per show, to help you focus / learn how to do one thing each week. I also field listeners questions in the show as well.

All of the episodes have great content; however, the newer shows will have my current solutions, so please keep that in mind while listening to past shows. If you are relatively new to WordPress, go back into the archives and listen to the first six episodes. This will give you a great background on WordPress and how to prepare for your website. Then, I’d recommend listening to the most recent episode and working through the archives in reverse chronological order.”

Check out Your Website Engineer here!

Apply Filters


Hosted by: Brad Touesnard & Pippin Williamson


“Apply Filters is a podcast dedicated to WordPress development and brought to you by Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson.

We love talking about code and and not worrying about annoying the non-developer listeners in the audience.

Our discussions will include everything from development in WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We will be sharing much of our own experiences in the development world, as well as bringing on guest developers to share their stories.”

Check out here!



Hosted by: Dre Armada & Brad Williams


“A couple of prior military geeks, a few adult beverages, and all things WordPress discussed. Although not limited to WordPress alone, the DradCast is a weekly video podcast that primarily concentrates on the latest news around WordPress, upcoming WordPress events, and the wonderful community surrounding the premiere open source content management system on the internet.

Each week the DradCast is hosted by a new guest host and will cover topics ranging your favorite GPL discussion, to the latest amazing plugin. The show will of course include discussion and that world famous craziness brought to you by the two knuckleheads who the show is named after.”

Check out the DradCast here!

WordPress Plugins A-Z


Hosted by: John Overall & Marcus Couch

“Why do we exist? Well no one knows that for sure, but the reason this great site is here is due to the efforts of John Overall. He had a minor vision of a great podcast that morphed into a great website.

The grand purpose of this site is pretty simple, I thought it would be a great place for people to find out more about plugins. After having a very successful time with the podcast I felt it was time to add to it by creating a website that would allow the sharing of information and be a great place to find those plugins that are talked about on the show.”

Check out WordPress Plugins A-Z here!

The WordPress Chick


Hosted by: Kim Doyal

“Here’s the funny thing about “The WordPress Chick” – I LITERALLY did NOT know what I was doing (with WordPress) when I bought that domain name!

I had another ‘chick’ site that someone else had created for me, was working my way through figuring out how to use it and the name just came to me. Needless to say the other ‘chick’ site kind of fell to the wayside.

Fast forward 4 years later and I’ve carved out a little niche (my not-so-secret Love of StudioPress & Genesis) in this HUGE space that is WordPress!”

Check out The WordPress Chick here!

WordPress Weekly – WP Tavern


Hosted by: Jeff Chandler & Marcus Couch

WordPress Weekly is a live, weekly podcast that talks about all things WordPress every Wednesday evening at 9:30 PM EST. The show specializes in covering the news throughout the WordPress community as well as special interviews with all of the smart people that make up the WordPress community.

Check out WordPress Weekly here!

Kitchen Sink WP


Hosted by: Adam Silver

“So, my name is Adams Silver, and I created this site to share what I have learned in the past three years in regards to WordPress because the WP community rocks and is amazing and I want to give back.  I’ll also share what I know about Headway, since it’s my Framework of choice.”

Check out Kitchen Sink WP here!

WP Elevation Podcast


Hosted by: Troy Dean  

“Interviews with the most interesting innovators, implementors and instigators in the WordPress space. Be inspired to improve your business today.”

Check out the WP Elevation Podcast here!

The WP Crowd


Hosted by: Various Contributors

“The WP Crowd leverages top experts in a variety of specialties to create unique content for the WordPress Community.”

Check out The WP Crowd here!



Hosted by: Jonathan Denwood & John Locke

“WP-Tonic’s podcast is all about the world of WordPress as well as use talking about online marketing and new media thrown into the mix. We normally choose a mixture of WordPress topics during the month that are about  30 minutes to 1 hour in length.”

Check out WP-Tonic here!

The WP Innovator Podcast


Hosted by: Lee Jackson

“The WordPress Podcast for Design and Web agencies. Our weekly show will interview agency owners, WordPress developers and Entrepreneurs from around the world who have innovated with WordPress in their business. Learn how to generate more income for your agency using WordPress. “

Check out The WP Innovator Podcast here!

Hosted by: Doug Yuen & David Hehenberger

“, the professional WordPress podcast. Our goal with this podcast is to provide valuable information to WordPress professionals – designers, consultants, developers as well as end users that run their businesses on WordPress.”

Update: Sadly has been discontinued.

Check out here!


WP Mayor Podcast?

Well, we’re working on it.

That’s right, we’re currently discussing and planning a new podcast to be hosted by WP Mayor. We won’t be revealing too much as yet, but stay in touch, it won’t be too long.

In conclusion

This list sums up some of the best WordPress podcasts around. The hosts are great and so is most of the content. Some are more serious than others, but overall it’s a good collection of valuable resources for anyone looking to learn from the professionals.

I’m sure some of you have some thoughts on these podcasts. Which ones have you listened to? Which do you consider the most helpful and why?

Leave your message in the comments below and let’s help guide the WordPress community to the best WordPress podcasts and resources out there!

Mark Zahra

Mark is the CEO behind the WP Mayor project. He has been using WordPress since 2012, joining the WP Mayor team in 2014. Since then, he has helped to review, test, and write about hundreds of WordPress products and services; educating the community of millions of WordPress users around the globe.

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22 Responses

  1. Hi Mark:

    Great list of stellar WordPress podcasts. Here are some that your readers might find edifying as well:

    The WP Crowd

    WP Roundtable


    WP Innovator

  2. Great list, and a big fan of all of these. Will have to share my newer podcast on WooCommerce, Do the Woo 🙂

  3. Always enjoyed Your Website Engineer – Dustin is a freelancer that nows works for Automattic. Thanks for the list, I love listening to these Podcasts!

  4. So many podcasts, not enough time. Thanks for curating this list; great resource! Bookmarked for future reference, road trips, and airplanes! 😉

  5. Check out BlogAid and WPRoundTable too. I listed these and several other WordPress podcasts that weren’t included in this post in my list of the best WordPress podcasts.

    1. Thanks Chad, will have to find time to check them out too! Great collection too btw 🙂

  6. Thank you SO much for including me! What an honor & what great company to be in. Great way to start my week! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the shout out and honored to be in some great company! 53 weeks in and I still love sharing!

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