Best WordPress Popup Plugins and Smart-Usage Practices

When it comes to pop-ups, we just can’t keep this funny quote from Hunter Boyle for ourselves: “Popups are like Justin Bieber. You either love ‘em, or hate ‘em, but lately you see ‘em everywhere – because they still pull in big crowds.”
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When it comes to pop-ups, we just can’t keep this funny quote from Hunter Boyle for ourselves: “Popups are like Justin Bieber. You either love ‘em, or hate ‘em, but lately you see ‘em everywhere – because they still pull in big crowds.”

When used properly, pop-ups really work and can do magic with your conversion rate. Nowadays, the most important thing more than ever before is to set up popup window wisely to get the most of it.

Experienced marketer & WordPress blogger, Viktor Vincej from, shared with us digest of the best 8 free and premium WordPress popup optin plugins and smart strategy how to use them.


What are the best WordPress popup plugins?

For awesome popups are necessary reliable tools. We went through our list of used plugins are here is the selection of the best we tried, both free and premium:

1. OptinMonster

As the name says it’s a monster tool which allows you to fully customize and take control over popups. Creators of OptinMonster, team behind WPBeginner, have prepared various features to get the most of your traffic. Timing feature, A/B testing, mobile popus, sidebar forms and much more can OptinMonster cover perfectly.

2. SumoMe ListBuilder

SumoME ListBuilder is a part of the same plugin SumoMe which offers entire package of tools for marketers. It comes in free or premium version. With SumoMe you can create effective popus in just few minutes and grow your list of subscribers.  Premium version enables you to fully customize popups and also choose from various templates.

3. MailChimp

Easy and free solution (up to 2.000 subscribers and 12.000 emails a month) for those who are about to start build a list of emails. In few second you connect your account with MailChimp, create and customize forms and begin to approach your future subscribers. Check out this video for a short introduction.

4. Ninja Popups

Growing business needs an expert tool. Ninja Popups is long time one of the best selling solution. For $25 you’ll get a powerful plugin to create the standard popups, sign up forms, video and social media popups. Besides that plugin comes with useful features to manage time and appearance.

5. WordPress Popup

Create 100% responsive popups or various kinds of optin popups with WordPress PopUp for FREE! Besides the content of popup you can choose featured image and customize call-to-action button. There is also an option to choose in which kind of action popup displays.

6. Social Traffic Pop

From creators of Ninja Popups is plugin which helps you to reach an audience on social networks. Social Traffic Pop combines Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn which means over 1.8 billion social media accounts. Configure design of popup, CTA buttons, set up timer and approach millions of social media users.

7. PopUp Domination

A compromise in a price range (starting from 9$/month) available with all the functionalities you need to create optin popups (including A/B testing). PopUp Domination also offers pre-defined designs that can be customized and according to the reviews it’s easy to use.

smart usage of wordpress popups plugins

The smart strategy against annoyance: how to use popups wisely.

As a business owner you know how essential is to constantly grow your e-mail subscribers list. Whether you want to promote your product/service, communicate and distribute informations your subscribers are the best target group. They already have shown affection by sharing their e-mail with you therefore it’s easier to address quality information and convince them to finally take an action.

Popup windows are a matter of discussions between marketers and it seems that people have become resistant. However, with smarter strategy popup optins can be very effective.

  • Time matters – most of the marketers agree that minimum delay is at least 10 seconds. Imagine yourself acting on a website. How much time you spend there before you take any action?
  • What you give is what you get back – give your subscribers some value (e-book, voucher or similar reward) instead of asking something from them.
  • CTA button has to show an action – working closely with the value you’re giving to your subscribers, CTA button has to show up clearly what will happen after on clicking it. If you’re giving a discount voucher, you may encourage people to take an action with button “Yes, I want a discount”.
  • Tell them what they gain and don’t be too serious – they will more likely subscribe if you catch their attention by entertaining them and telling what benefit they get from you.
  • Maybe not email!? – make sure you’re using the right popup! Maybe your target group doesn’t like to give an email address and prefers to give you like (follow) on FB, instagram etc. You can easily grow your audience on social media channels with popups if your target group is between 18 – 28.
  • A/B testing – it’s essential to try out different headlines, CTAs, colors, popup effects (styles), position, timing and play around with your popup strategy strategy in order to select the most converting version.

Carefully written popups can bring thousands of subscribers. They just have to please your visitors instead of creating annoyance if they’re set up wrong way.

Viktor Vincej
Viktor Vincej
Viktor is an experienced online marketer and a digital nomad interested in web design, marketing, business growth, brain hacks and traveling.

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