9 Best WordPress Table Plugins for Attractive Data Presentation

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Find the best WordPress table plugins that you need to use for your site. This post features free and paid table plugins for you to understand what makes each one different so you can make an informed decision on which to use.
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When writing posts or creating pages in WordPress, you may need to present your content in a more organized way, beyond the paragraphs and lists that WordPress natively allows. Sometimes you need to present your information in a more visually compelling format: tables. In this post, we’ll look into some of our favorite (and top-rated) WordPress table plugins.

You already know that pricing tables are the format of choice when businesses want customers to understand how their different pricing options compare, but tables are just as effective when used to showcase other types of information. Even when readers skim through a post, they will stop when they see a table and try to understand what it’s about.

This list showcases the best WordPress table plugins, both free and paid, and we will determine which is best for your particular purpose.

Posts Table Pro

Displaying content on your site in a searchable, sortable and filterable table is super easy with Posts Table Pro. It has been developed over time and has grown to be an established name in this field. You can create instant data tables with no data entry required.

Pricing starts at $69/year for 1 site, $119/year for up to 5 sites, and $249/year for up to 20 sites. All options come with 1 year of support and updates, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Posts Table Pro, you can list any WordPress content and also display categories and custom fields. You can use this plugin in many ways, ranging from file and download management to designing a flexible video gallery.

Main features:

  • Automatically list posts, pages, products, and custom post types
  • Full multimedia support including documents, images, embedded audio files, video players, and media playlists.
  • AJAX-enabled to enable you to load posts one page at a time, reducing server load when having long lists.
  • Integrated with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to display all the custom data for any custom post type.
  • Insert your table anywhere on your WordPress website using a simple shortcode.



wpDataTables is one of the rare plugins that can handle a large amount of data quickly, and that can create both tables and charts for your WordPress website. A beginners’ step-by-step guide is available for new users, making it easier to get started with this powerful plugin. If you have an existing spreadsheet in Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, or even MySQL, you can upload, connect, or build it into your WordPress site. The plugin will take care of sorting the data into a table.

wpDataTables also supports multiple column data such as images, date, time and others, so formatting your spreadsheet into a table is seamless.

The paid version allows you to upload large tables with millions of entries. If you’re presenting a large amount of data you can create advanced filters for each column to make it easier for visitors to search for and find the data they need. You can also enable your visitors to edit tables on the frontend and, as the admin, you can edit the spreadsheet directly from the table or the form. These features, and more, are available from $59 and you can choose between subscription and lifetime licenses.

Main features:

  • Upload and connect your Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON, XML, or MySQL.
  • Create charts using the information on your table to visualize your data.
  • Highlight cells, rows, and columns to draw attention to crucial data.
  • Create advanced filters for each column.
  • Enable visitors to edit tables.
  • Each table you create can be placed on your website by using a shortcode.
  • Responsive tables that look wonderful on mobile devices.


Toolset is one of the most versatile plugins on the market because you can display your content in any way you want – including as a table.

You don’t need any code to create beautiful tables which will help your website to stand-out. You can choose exactly where to display your tables and what content they will display. For example, you might want the results from your custom search to be displayed in a table.

Build tables with Toolset

And if you decide to change your design, you can also display them as Bootstrap grids, lists, carousels, or any other design.

Main features:

  • Ability to display search results in a table.
  • Allows visitors to click and sort the table by a specific column.
  • Display data in Bootstrap grids, lists, carousels, etc.


TablePress is one of the highest-rated WordPress table plugins in the market. You can easily create beautiful tables and embed them in posts and pages using shortcodes – no coding required. This makes it perfect for beginners and WordPress experts alike.

You can import and export data in Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON formats or set up your table in a spreadsheet format in your WordPress dashboard.

This free plugin’s simple, no-nonsense approach to creating stunning tables for your site is worth trying for yourself. The plugin also offers extensions such as Responsive Tables, Row Filtering, and Table Row Order. All extensions are available on the TablePress website.

TablePress Demo

Main features:

  • Import and export data in Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON formats.
  • You can further enhance your free table plugin by installing add-ons, some of which are paid.
  • Convert formulas and other forms of spreadsheet data into tables.
  • Options to add Javascript libraries for sorting, pagination, and more table functionality.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables

Unlike TablePress, Ninja Tables enables you to create custom tables straight from your post or page using its page builder. The free version comes with an impressive set of features. The plugin is SEO friendly and offers customization options such as bordered tables, striped rows, and hover styles.

With Ninja Tables, you have the option to include media in your tables, change the color theme, and one-click customizable table styles to create eye-catching tables.

You can expect the tables to load fast and be responsive to your visitor’s device. These are all important factors that make your site more user-friendly. Ninja Tables is free but the premium version comes in three pricing options:

  •  Single Site License  – $49.00/year
  •  Agency License (Up to 20 Websites) – $99.00/year
  •  Unlimited Sites – $199.00/year

One of them main reasons to upgrade would be the unlimited number of tables you can create with the premium version. The plugin also connects to Google Sheets and integrates well with WooCommerce.

Main features:

  • Loads of customization options.
  • Fast and responsive design.
  • VIP customer support.
  • Export and import data not only from Excel and CSV files but also from other WordPress table plugins.
  • Connects to Google Sheets and WooCommerce.

Pricing & Other Table Plugins

CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids For WordPress

css 3 responsive wordpress

If you want to create pricing tables that stand out for your business packages, you cannot go wrong with CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids.

The plugin comes with 2 table styles. It comes with a lot of additional options that let you choose from different color versions, ribbons, hover styles, and sliding features to achieve the look you want for your pricing table. The tables are created using CSS, making them lightweight and faster to load.

At $20, it is one of the most affordable premium table plugins for WordPress.

Other features:

  • Create unlimited rows and columns within a single table.
  • Responsive layout adjusts to the screen size of the user’s device.
  • Import and export data to and from the plugin.
  • Tons of customization options.

League Table

League Table

League Table allows you to create sortable tables and comes with 135 customizable options to ensure that you have full control over the design of your tables. The plugin lets you change colors, typography, the size of various elements, and lets you add images and links.

Your visitors can sort your tables by ordering a specific column in ascending or descending order. Another great feature is that all your tables will be fully responsive, meaning that your tables will look good on any device.

Data can be easily imported and exported. If you want to start your table from scratch, however, the plugin comes with an embedded spreadsheet editor.

At just $29, this plugin is perfect for presenting statistics in any field.

league table

Main features:

  • Paste the data from your favorite spreadsheet app (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Google Sheets, etc.).
  • Customize the color and fonts of your tables.
  • The plugin is multisite and multilanguage ready.
  • Supports mathematical formula.
  • Edit cell properties to add images, color, custom HTML, etc.

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is an easy-to-use WordPress pricing table plugin aimed at growing your sales numbers. The importance of design on a pricing page cannot be underestimated when considering how it impacts conversions.

This plugin is one of the most popular WordPress pricing table plugins around and enables you to add pricing tables to your site in no time at all. It is fully responsive and comes with fast email support.

The plugin comes in 3 pricing options:

  • Personal – $29 for 1 website
  • Business – $59 for up to 5 websites
  • Agency – $99 for an unlimited number of websites

Main features:

  • 10 gorgeous, fully-customizable pricing table templates
  • Add extra information in simple and clean tooltips
  • Additional add-ons are available for extra performance



ARPrice offers over 300+ pricing table templates for you to draw inspiration from or use on your site. Edit the templates using its real-time template editor to get the look you want.

Priced at $27, ARPrice allows you to create visually appealing tables.

Main features:

  • Get an overview of how many clicks your pricing table received
  • Toggle from monthly to yearly payments to offer visitors more options on how to pay for your services
  • Create animated pricing tables for a more dynamic presentation of your prices


In this post, we’ve taken a look at some of the best free and premium WordPress plugins designed to create tables. Below, we’ve selected our top 4 contenders:

  1. Posts Table Pro – Ideal for Document Libraries, Member Directories, Audio Galleries, Staff Directories, and Podcast Archives.
  2. wpDataTables – Ideal for Statistics Tables, Ranking Tables, Product Tables, and Temperature Charts.
  3. Toolset – Ideal for users who are familiar with page builders.
  4. Easy Pricing Tables – Ideal for eCommerce websites.

Whether you use them to display data, posts, directories, archives, or pricing, tables deserve to be in your writing toolbox. Do you already use tables? Have you tried any of the plugins mentioned above? Or have you discovered any good plugins that we have missed?

We would love to hear your opinions or questions in the comments below!

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Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer who helps businesses achieve their goals through the creation of smart content. When not writing about WordPress and digital marketing, he geeks over professional wrestling, binges on burgers, and consumes copious amounts of coffee.

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  1. I use table press which is great as Google search loves it and often shows the data from the tables in search results.

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  3. Thanks for the great article! I’ve been looking for a specific table plugin to create a list like this one

    One guy told me that Tablepress was the plugin for me, but I didn’t manage to reproduce it to anything near that. Hopefully, I have more luck with these plugins but does anyone know which plugin would suit me the best? I’m most interested in displaying the ratings and the icons to the left for the top 3 results.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  4. Dear Christopher,

    The article was so much pragmatic as I experienced about all the plugins you mentioned in the list. It’s really nice to see you that you are writing about the technical issues. People are getting confused as tons of tools are in the marketplace. I highly recommend everyone to give a try at least Ninja Tables for a smooth user experience. I feel in love after using such an amazing plugin.

    Have a nice day!

  5. TablePress is like “Contact Form 7” of WordPress tables. It’s easy to use and highly customizable. Ninja Tables looks promising though. I’ll give it a try.

  6. Nice write up. I often create tables on my WordPress blog for comparisons or listing features. I was using TinyMCE for the purpose earlier and recently I shifted to TablePress. It is a fantastic plugin with many customization features and attractive design.

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    1. Hey, Dear Manoj,

      Give a try for Ninja Tables, I must say you would love the plugin most. I used Tablepress as well but for now, Ninja Tables is the best one ever.

      Have a nice time.

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    Nice to see you here. Happy to know about WordPress table plugins and their features. It is also very important to create a table on a blog for different purposes. Making compiling tables for particular purposes is an attractive part of any blog page.

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    Thanks for sharing with us.

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