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When starting out with WordPress, a very good idea to quickly get up to speed is to use online video based training. Here are some of the best resources for training that we've come across.
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When starting out with WordPress, a very good idea to quickly get up to speed is to use online WordPress video training. Here are some of the best resources for WordPress video tutorials that we’ve come across.

Video User Manuals

video-user-manualsVideo User Manuals is a site delivering a comprehensive video and online manual WordPress plugin that developers can give to their clients.

The quality of these videos is amazing, as you can see by a quick look around their site. The videos are fully rebrandable, making them an excellent choice for those developers out there building websites for clients. Check out the ‘How much is your time worth‘ calculator to really understand how much these videos are worth when you consider time spent on training clients (scroll down on the homepage).


So in a nutshell, what you get are:

  • Over 59 video tutorials and an over-100-page manual
  • Ausralian, US and British accents
  • Complete rebranding possiblities
  • Videos on WooCommerce, WordPress SEO by Yoast and Gravity Forms
  • Automatically updates with each new version of WordPress

This is definitely one of my favourites resources for online WordPress video training so go check it out. Their pricing plans are made up of three options – a Single site install costing $70, a Developer license costing $24 per month (first month only $1) and a Saver license costing $240 per year (with 2 months free).

Visit Video User Manuals

WordPress 101


In terms of presentation, WP 101 is by far the best site for impeccable WordPress video training. It is very professionally done, and features a video library which you get full access to once you sign up.  The video tutorials are organised in different categories based on your knowledge level.

The quality of these videos is really top notch; Shawn Hesketh, the author, has really created something of high quality here. You take a look at the free videos to see if you agree with me.

WP101 has also partnered with dozens of design agencies, schools, and WordPress consultants to make the WordPress 101 videos available to their audience via their own websites. If you need WordPress video tutorials for your clients, you can purchase the white label licence or even the fully-branded licence which allows you to brand the videos with your own logo and greeting narration.

With over 23,000 members, this is a highly recommended training resource. They have three payment options; 30 days access for  $19 per month, 12 months access for $39 per year (normally $79) and lifetime access for $79 (normally $149).

Visit WordPress 101

Treehouse WordPress Courses


Treehouse is one of the best sources for courses related to web design, coding and a lot more. Some of their web development courses are focused entirely on WordPress, and there’s a lot on offer here.

The courses cover everything from “Getting Started with WordPress” to “The WordPress Codex” and even “How to Build a WordPress Plugin“. The courses cover almost every aspect of WordPress, whether it’s how to create and setup your own site or how to contribute to the WordPress community, and it’s all taught in a simple and structured manner that everyone can follow.


There’s a lot to learn here, and the tutors are absolutely great. Zac Gordon is the main WordPress teacher on Treehouse and he certainly knows his stuff, even being a speaker at local WordPress meetups.

Treehouse offers a free trial for 14 days, after which you can choose between two payment options. The first is Basic, costing just $25 per month and the second is Pro costing $49 per month. Both offer over 1000 video tutorials, practice with live coding challenges and access to the member-only forums. Pro also offers talks from industry professionals as well as exclusive bonus content.

Visit Treehouse’s WordPress Courses

WP Academy


WP Academy doesn’t have the glossiest of interfaces, however there is no doubt that there is a lot of valuable content in there.

WP academy say that hundreds of people have taken their high-impact, super-affordable WordPress web design & web technology courses since 2009, and had their businesses and lives transformed — self-employed professionals, small-business owners, virtual assistants, social media consultants, artists, coaches, entrepreneurs.

WP Academy offer both webinars and stand alone WordPress training videos (they call it the WordPress Learning Management System).

Their WordPress Essentials are free, however they then have two other options; the WP Encyclopedia costing up to $97 and the WP Lice costing $45 per month, with each one offering a lot more than the other.

Visit WP Academy

WP Apprentice


Whether you’re writing a blog or building a website for your business, organization, or school, WP Apprentice will help you get the most out of WordPress.

You can stop wasting time searching Google for answers to your WordPress questions and ditch the complicated tech books. Instead, learn from their short and to the point video tutorials which you can watch at your own pace, as many times as you need to.

WP Apprentice enables you to master WordPress quickly and get reliable answers from an expert trainer. With over 50 videos this truly is a complete library of WordPress tutorials that over 5000 people have already benefited from.

Spend less time decoding the mysteries of WordPress and more time doing what you love for a one-time payment of $47.

Visit WP Apprentice

Have you tried out any other forms of training that you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments section!

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