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I recently came across the excellent online learning site, and I was pleased to find a number of WordPress-related courses. Here are some of the best I've found, hopefully they will also help you learn more about WordPress.
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As we start off a new year, no doubt many of you have made a resolution to learn more about WordPress, whatever skill level you currently have.

I have also set some targets for myself, and I’m always on the lookout for new training and learning materials that can enhance my WordPress skillset.

Following top WordPress blogs will definitely help you learn many new things, but I also love finding video tutorials when I want to learn something in depth and focus more. It’s easier to immerse myself in a video tutorial, as I know beforehand what time I need to dedicate to learn something, depending on the length of the video. Moreover, we’re seeing a proliferation of short courses that are really ideal for learning something over the weekend, for example.

I recently came across the excellent online learning site, and I was pleased to find a number of WordPress-related courses. Here are some of the best I’ve found, hopefully they will also help you learn more about WordPress.

Building Custom WordPress Sites from Scratch

building custom wordpress sites from scratch

This highly informative course goes starts with the planning stages, helping you make key decisions and establish a professional wireframe in Adobe Illustrator, before moving through Photoshop for graphic design and onto WordPress itself for installation, configuration and customization with plugins and content. In 114 lessons, you will learn how to design, build and manage a professional web presence, using the latest technologies at your disposal. No other WordPress tutorial series offers such an extensive guide to website creation!

Price: $99 | View more details about this course

Enhanced WordPress Strategies for Business

enhanced wordpress strategies for business

Have you ever tried to build or enhance a website to grow your business? Have you spent lots of time learning WordPress, how to work with plugins, and how to tweak your website to boost traffic and sales, only to have it produce lackluster results? Have web designers quoted you a price tag of several thousand dollars just to build it for you?

With this course you can learn which tips, tweaks, and tools you can use, without complicated programming, to boost your WordPress website and transform it into a traffic magnet — in less time, with less money, and with a lot less effort.

  • Which plugins create the best results
  • How to tweak your plugins to maximize your site’s selling power
  • How to work with themes and templates to optimize your site’s attraction potential
  • And how to avoid common errors committed by WordPress designers.

This course will take you through top essential and nice-to-have plugins, including admin, SEO, security, layout, usability, social, and even multimedia plugins. It will also dive into how to work with themes and templates, and how to tweak them a lot more efficiently.

Also, this course will show you how to tweak the look-and-feel of your website using styles, graphics, and design “tricks.” It will reveal some shortcuts using copy-and-paste-simple snippets of code, as well as a number of quick-and-dirty online tools and resources — many of which are free.

Price: $297 | View more details about this course

Build Your Own WordPress Site

build your own wordpress website

This hands-on workshop will teach you everything you need to know on how to setup and customize WordPress, as well as demonstrate how content choices affect SEO.  No previous experience with WordPress or website development necessary!

This workshop will show you how to:

  • Install and configure WordPress from scratch
  • Register a domain name
  • Setup WordPress website hosting
  • Write your first blog post
  • Add images and videos to your blog posts
  • Adding social media to your blog
  • Install WordPress themes and plugins and themes
  • How to customize your WordPress theme
  • SEO strategy for driving traffic to your WordPress website
  • How to extend WordPress for ecommerece & online stores
  • How to use WordPress to to promote your business

Price: $49 | View more details about this course

WordPress Security for Beginners

wordpress security for beginners

In a few hours, every WordPress user is able to beef up the security of his WordPress installation using free tools. WordPress security is not just for experts.

The course “Securing a WordPress Blog or Website for Beginners” is specifically tailored for any type of WordPress user and is very easy to follow. It delivers quick and easy to implement solutions that even non-technical people can implement to secure their WordPress installation.

If you are a website owner and the website is your main source of income, it is very important to secure your WordPress. Thousands of websites, especially WordPress installations are being hacked every day and definitely yours should not be one of them. Having a website hacked will tarnish your business reputation, and might also results in a financial loss.

Price: $11 | View more details about this course

Mobile Marketing for your WordPress Site

mobile marketing for your wordpress site

If you are one of the owners or developers of one of the 60 million websites powered by WordPress and want to know how to integrate it with mobile, one of the most powerful marketing tools of our lifetime, then you are in the right place.

And not just because you’re going to find out how to effectively use a WordPress mobile plugin, responsive theme or a mobile theme to mobilize your site (which you will), but because you will also find out how to integrate text messaging into your online marketing and how to use QR codes to drive traffic to your site and build your list.

Created exclusively to go with the Mobilize Your WordPress Site Course, the SMS Opt-in Plugin works to market your SMS text messaging campaign from your WordPress site. It is designed to be fully compliant with all mobile marketing best practices and smart marketing principles of permission based mobile marketing.

Price: $99 | Click here to learn more about this course

How to Run a Website with WordPress

how to run  a website with wordpress

You want to start a small website, a blog or even an advanced one and you have no clue where to start ? To simplify things you can use WordPress, a simple content management system that automates almost everything for you.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to set-up your domain and hosting account.
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to set-up and configure WordPress installation
  • How to get, install and configure some plugins that you need for every website
  • How to choose and how to install a nice WordPress template
  • How to customize your wordpress installation

Price: $29 | View more details about this course

WordPress From Beginner to Pro

wordpress from beginner to pro

A step by step course that takes you all the way, from beginner level to being proficient in administering a WordPress website.

Price: $67 | View more details about this course

How to Build a Killer WordPress Blog

how to build a killer wordpress blog

A full course from A to Z on how to build a WordPress blog. Starts you off with buying a domain and leads you to working with WordPress and choosing which plugins to install.

Price: $19 | View more details about this course

If you prefer to learn by reading, check out our list of the top 10 WordPress blogs to follow.

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