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Beyond Multisite is a powerful plugin with 10 different modules made to give you the multisite features you were missing. It lets you hide plugins from site administrators, insert global HTML code for all or some sites, bulk delete comments, revisions, or sites, and much more! Take control of your WordPress network and go to the next level with Beyond Multisite. Read more and explore all the cool features of the plugin.
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WordPress multisite offers some great benefits in managing your WordPress sites, but it also lacks some key features. Not to worry though, Beyond Multisite is here to enhance your multisite network, save you time, and give you better control over your sites.

Beyond Multisite: Premium utilities for WordPress Multisite

Beyond Multisite is a 10 in 1 premium plugin with a lot of useful features, and a slick settings panel. Let’s see what it can do.

Control Plugin Access

WordPress lets you disable themes, so site administrators cannot activate them on their sites. However this same option is not available for plugins.

Plugin Control: Hide plugins in subsites

The Plugin Control module of Beyond Multisite fixes this. Now you can disable plugins for the whole network and then enable them on a per site basis. The module also offers bulk activation/deactivation options.

Clean Your Multisite Network

The Network Cleanup module provides a mighty set of features, that allow you to bulk delete different types of piled up junk and reduce your database size.

You can easily delete all spam or trashed comments from all sites. Or delete all pending comments that contain a link. Even if there are hundreds of thousands of them and you have thousands of sites, no problem.

Network Cleanup: Bulk delete stuff in WP multisite

Mass delete revisions from all sites with an option to keep a few of the most recent ones. Bulk delete sites based on age or whether they have no published content. Even give a chance for site administrators to cancel the deletion by scheduling it and notifying them.

Did you know that even if you permanently delete a site, WordPress leaves the database tables that were created by plugins? With Beyond Multisite, you can find and delete all these leftover database tables that belong to non-existent sites.

Duplicate Entire Sites

Make site copies inside your multisite in seconds, thanks to the Copy Maker module. Everything will be copied: content, files, users, settings, plugin related data, theme related data, etc.

Copy Maker: Clone multisite sub-sites

Thanks to smart processing, the plugin can copy sites with a lot of files, without timing-out. Another neat thing is it will automatically change all mentions of the old URL and replace them with the new site URL.

After the duplication process is completed, you can view a detailed log of the taken actions, which greatly helps with debugging.

Bulk Email Multisite Users

With the Email Users module you can send an email to all users in the network, or only target some of them by their role in a site or by ID.

Use the settings to choose the maximum email sending speed that complies with the limits of your hosting provider. Users can unsubscribe from your messages either with a link in the email or with an option in their profile page. And don’t forget to use the provided shortcodes to display the user name, username, or the main URL of the multisite in the body of the email.

Email Users: Bulk send email to multisite users

With this module for example you can send an email only to the users with a contributor role in only the sites that are marked as deleted. Or another example is to email only site administrators but exclude some specific sites or users by ID.

Which Sites Have Activated a Plugin or a Theme?

Have you ever wanted to delete a plugin or a theme, but hesitated because you are not sure if it is activated on some of the sites in the multisite? Beyond Multisite shows you these sites for each plugin or theme with just one click.

Activated in: Which sites have a plugin active

This will work, even if you have thousands of sites. The plugin is made with large networks in mind and handles big data without a problem.

Insert HTML code globally

This module allows you to add HTML code to the head or footer of all or some sites in the multisite. You can choose to display the code only on the front-end, only on the back-end, or both.

Insert HTML: Add global code to head or footer

One usage example is to add tracking code for all sites globally. Another idea is to add some CSS code that changes the style of all admin areas. There is also an option to affect only some sites or affect all except some sites (excluded by site ID).

Multisite Captcha

Beyond Multisite also includes a Captcha module that can protect all default WordPress forms: blog signup, user signup, login, lost password, reset password, and comment form.

Captcha: Protect blog signup

The settings allow you to change the size of the image, the number of characters (3, 4, or 5), and the character set (only numbers, only letters, or both). Quickly view changes with the preview features.

The captcha image is easy to read by humans, but thanks to a dual-color character design and an incomplete contour, the bots will have a very hard time understanding it.

Manage Pending Signups

With the Pending Users module you can control all blog and user signups that are not yet activated via email. Either activate them manually, resend the email, or delete them.

Pending users: Manage non-confirmed signups

There is also a handy search feature, to find a specific pending signup by the username or email.

Ban Users

If there is a user that continues to make problems for you, even after you delete him, now you can ban him too. This will block his IP address from signing up, logging in, and commenting. You can choose between keeping the ban permanent or automatically remove it after 7, 30, or 90 days.

Ban users: Ban multisite users by IP

This module also shows you the last IP address of users and provides a quick link to some IP reputation sites, that will help you identify spammers.

More Improvements

The Improvements module makes several smaller changes that help you in various ways. For example, it can add a site ID column to the network sites table and a user ID column to the network users table. It can disable the notification you receive on every password change that any user makes (because it gets annoying if you have a lot of users).

Improvements: WordPress multisite enhancements

Advantages of Beyond Multisite

  • Translatable via a POT file
  • Responsive design
  • Online documentation
  • Smart processing of large data
  • Affordable price
  • All future updates are free

Go Beyond Multisite!

Take your WordPress multisite to the next level with all these powerful features. Get a copy of Beyond Multisite from the plugin page on

Nikolay Nikolov

Nikolay is a WordPress developer and a web designer from Bulgaria. He is interested in technology, web programming, health, fitness, and personal development. He is an exclusive author on, where you can find his premium plugin for WordPress multisite, called Beyond Multisite.

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