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Challenge Accepted: Transform Your Agency Hosting Site Speed with BionicWP’s Ultimate Test

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Looking to improve WordPress speed and performance? We take an in-depth look at the BionicWP site speed challenge and share the live results from our own website migration.
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BionicWP Hosting

As an agency owner, you have unique needs when it comes to WordPress hosting. Slow loading speeds don’t just negatively impact you, but every single one of your clients.

BionicWP is a unique host in that it places a huge focus on optimizing for speed and performance. They don’t just talk about speed, they have a track record of results, and take care of all the optimization work for you.

Currently, BionicWP is running a site speed challenge, where they’re guaranteeing faster site speeds or your money back. We’ll put this challenge to the test and show you the performance improvements in real-time.

Here’s a sneak peek of the kind of performance boost you’re about to see:

BionicWP Speed Challenge
My website’s performance before and after switching to BionicWP. See more results below.

Why Agencies Need Fast WordPress Hosting

A lot of your success as an agency owner is in your ability to deliver results. These results might be a high-converting website, improved rankings, more leads, fast speeds, and more.

The simple fact is a lot of this starts at the hosting level. Even if your client has a great website that aligns with the needs of their market, none of this matters if it doesn’t load.

The same thing goes for website traffic. Slow-loading websites leads to a poor user experience, which is why your bounce rate nearly triples if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This is why sites that rank at the top of Google all have blazing-fast site speeds.

When you’re hosting sites on behalf of your clients, you become the hosting company. So things like poor performance, technical issues, and security breaches all become your problems.

On the other hand, when you host your client sites with a fast and high-performing host, then your agency becomes more efficient. Plus, you can take credit for all the benefits a fast host brings to the table.

How BionicWP Is Optimized For Speed and Performance

BionicWP was founded on the principle of being extremely fast and easy to use. Here are some of the features that help it achieve these blazing-fast speeds.

First, its servers are powered by the WP Cloud network. This is the only cloud server network that’s been built from the ground up to cater to WordPress. It was founded by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.

Next, there’s a built-in CDN and edge cache features, which improve your website speed even further.

Finally, there’s ongoing speed monitoring. If your Google PageSpeed score drops below 85 on desktop (80 on mobile), then their team will be alerted and get to work fixing the issue for you.

The best thing is you don’t have to do any speed and optimization work yourself. Using BionicWP hosting is like hiring a team of speed optimization experts to work on your site. How much time could you save by essentially outsourcing all of your optimization work?

If you want to learn more about BionicWP, then check out our in-depth BionicWP hosting review.

Introducing The BionicWP Site Speed Challenge

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes them so fast, let’s talk about the BionicWP Site Speed Challenge.

As an agency owner, you know how important site speed is for your clients. That’s why switching to a new host can be a bit intimidating.

The goal of this challenge is to show you in real-time how much your performance will improve if you make the switch to BionicWP.

Here’s how the challenge works:

  1. You submit your site to BionicWP.
  2. They analyze your site to get current speed and performance metrics.
  3. You evaluate these metrics to see where your site currently stands.
  4. They’ll create a clone of your existing website and stage it on their server.
  5. Their team will optimize your site to boost speed and performance.
  6. You’ll see the side-by-side results

Now, here’s the promise. If they can’t make your site faster, they’ll give you $100.

Essentially, you’re getting a money-back guarantee. They migrate your site and if your results are better, then you’ve taken the first steps in migrating your site to a new host.

If your isn’t faster, then you get $100. If you’ve been looking to switch hosts, then this is a win-win scenario.

Case Studies and Real-Life Agency Owner Results

You’ll find dozens of glowing testimonials from agency and website owners who switched over to BionicWP. They all saw massive improvements in their YSlow and Google PageSpeed scores just from migrating over their sites.

In one example, an agency owner was struggling with getting D’s and F’s on their PageSpeed score reports. They migrated a few sites to BionicWP and those quickly turned into A’s. As a result, they now host over 200 sites with BionicWP.

In another example, an agency owner found they were spending too much time on WordPress speed optimization. It would take them a month to make all the right adjustments. When they switched to BionicWP all of the website optimization was done for them, and it only took 1 or 2 days.

There are also pages of results that BionicWP has been able to get for past and current customers. In just one of these reports, they took a site from an incredibly slow loading speed of 15.6s down to 2.2s. Plus the PageSpeed Score went from a C to a nearly perfect A score.

Here’s the GTMetrix report before optimization:

BionicWP optimization report before

Here’s what the speeds looked like after BionicWP optimization:

BionicWP optimization report after

As you can see, BionicWP puts a huge focus on loading speeds and making sure that sites get the fastest loading speeds possible.

However, when going through every single video testimonial, every single customer mentioned the quality of their customer support. I’d have to agree with their sentiments. Every customer support request I’ve put in has been answered within a half hour, even on weekends. Plus, the live chat team is always quick and thorough with their responses too.

Even though site speed might be a big concern as an agency owner, it’s very helpful knowing you have a support team that truly has your back.

Putting the BionicWP Site Speed Challenge to the Test

Now, with all of that, you might be wondering how does the site speed challenge work?

If you’re still on the fence, don’t worry, I took the test, so you can see my results. The process is very simple.

First, head over to the BionicWP Site Speed Challenge and enter your email address and website. After that, their team will send you an email with your current PageSpeed scores.

I never really tested or optimized this site before. But, it uses the speed optimized WordPress theme and is currently hosted with an entry-level shared WordPress host.

Here are the results before optimization with BionicWP:

BionicWP desktop site speed before

Here are the mobile results:

BionicWP mobile site speed before

As you can see, both desktop and mobile had pretty poor PageSpeed scores.

After you receive your results, you’ll be asked to create an account with BionicWP and login to your hosting dashboard.

Then, you’ll need to request a migration so BionicWP can create a cloned version of your site. Simply click the Request Migration button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Request BionicWP migration

Next, you need to enter your website URL and login information. You can submit your passwords securely by using the Quick Forget tool.

Enter website login information

You’ll also need to select the Speed and Secure hosting plan, so their team can migrate and test your site. This is so if they achieve faster site speeds, then they can migrate your site right away. If they can’t, then you’ll be getting a $100 PayPal deposit.

After that, their team will login to your website and create a cloned version of your site. Then, they’ll get to work optimizing your website for speed.

You’ll get email updates throughout the process, so you’ll always be in the loop regarding your migration. Once they’re finished you’ll receive an email with the results.

Following are my speed test results. As you can see, they’re a huge improvement from the previous speed scores.

BionicWP desktop site speed after

Here are the much-improved mobile PageSpeed scores:

BionicWP mobile site speed after

Closing Thoughts: Is the BionicWP Site Speed Challenge Right For You?

If you’ve been on the fence about migrating your client sites to BionicWP, or have been searching for a faster WordPress host, then now might be the right time to make the switch.

The BionicWP site speed challenge is an easy way to guarantee faster loading speeds for the websites you manage. Worst case scenario, you end up getting an extra $100 in the bank.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the speed and performance improvements BionicWP was able to get for my site. Every single speed and performance metric was improved and all I had to do was submit my site login information.

If you’ve been thinking about switching hosts, then this challenge is a great way to do this risk free.


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