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Best Subpages Listing Plugin for WordPress

A handy option to have in WordPress pages is the ability to easily display subpages. The best plugin for this is Subpages Extended. With this plugin you can automatically display subpages list on empty pages, though it’s main power is the [subpages] shortcode.

Add Default Content to New Posts

With WordPress hooks you can easily add default content to new posts, if you are repeatedly entering some content into all your posts this is a great productivity aid.
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menu builder

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress 3 Menus

Learn how to create menus with the new WordPress 3 Menu management system. We also discuss how to create a sitemap and using shortcodes for your menus.

Best Slideshow (Content Slider) Plugins for WordPress

Call them content sliders, slideshows, rotating images, or anything you want, these effects are here to stay. They’re great at showcasing your portfolio or to highlight some of the best content on your WordPress blog or website.

Here’s a list of the best free and premium content slider and slideshow plugins available for your WordPress sites.

How to Load JavaScripts into WordPress Themes

JQuery and other JavaScript frameworks are very commonly used in WordPress themes and plugins, but not all developers load them correctly. Learn how to properly load them using the wp_enqueue_script function in WordPress.

Using WordPress as a Development Platform

Japheth Thomson presented on WordPress as a development platform at WordCamp Melbourne. You can check him out on his website and on Twitter at @japh.

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