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Getting Started With HTML 5 and WordPress

HTML 5 is now more like the present than the future, and WordPress theme developers should stand up and take notice. Why not try and implement HTML 5 in your next WordPress project. We bring you all the resources you will need to get started immediately with HTML and WordPress.

Easy Print Friendly Posts and Pages with PrintFriendly

An important thing to consider when blogging is that people will want to print interesting articles, maybe because they prefer reading them in printed format, or maybe they just want to keep a hard copy. Whatever the reason, we need to provide an easy way for our users to print the posts and pages on our WordPress site. Learn how…

Best IDE for WordPress Development

In this article we explore the various PHP IDE options available for editing WordPress files and building themes and plugins. We expand on our two winners: Notepad++ and Netbeans for PHP.

Best WordPress Hooks Database / Reference

Hooks are very useful in WordPress. They allow you to hook a custom function to an existing function, which allows you to modify WordPress’ functionality without editing core files.

Post Order

Best WordPress Plugin for Re ordering Posts and Pages

Changing the order of posts is something very convenient within a WordPress blog, and thankfully we’ve always had a few plugins that did the job very well, even providing us with an Ajax interface which made this task really easy and intuitive.

How to Run PHP in WordPress Posts and Pages

By default WordPress doesn’t allow you to execute PHP scripts from within the post and page editors. Exec-PHP is the solution. The Exec-PHP plugin executes PHP code in posts, pages and text widgets.

WordPress Speed Optimization Guide

The load speed of your website is essential, you need a fast site because slow sites annoy users, meaning less visitors to your site. Secondly, search engines also consider the speed of your site when generating their rankings. There are a number of factors influencing the load speed of a WordPress site, so in this post we will examine the top 5 factors that affect WP site load speed.

Remove Category Base in WordPress

Want to remove the useless /category/ from your WordPress categories permalinks? If yes, put this code in your functions.php and you’re done!

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Backing up your WordPress site or blog is essential, you never know what might happen and you don’t want to lose all the work you’ve put in building your site. Therefore you should plan for backing up your site from the outset. Luckily, there is an excellent WordPress backup plugin that will make the backup process a real piece of cake.

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