Disable Plugin Stylesheets

How to disable a Plugin’s Styles

Learn how to disable a WordPress plugin’s stylesheet and use your own stylesheet instead. Reasons why you would want to do this are various, for example load speed optimisation and customising a plugin’s appearance (more than its own options allow you to). We also learn how to selectively load stylesheets.

How to Disable commenting on posts by default

All the options currently available for turning off commenting on WordPress pages, posts or custom post types. Check out the various alternatives and choose the one you like best.

WP Tags and Categories

How to use WordPress Tags and Categories

Learn about the nature of WordPress Tags and Categories, and how you can make these taxonomy tools work in your favour by making users and search engines find your content in an easy way.

Detect WordPress template file being used

This is a handy function which I tend to use from time to time when debugging my blogs, it outputs the name of the template file being used to display the current page.

Introduction to WPMayor.com

Welcome to WPMayor.com, a WordPress-based site which aims to bring you the most important news from the world of WordPress, as well as other juicy tips such as useful hacks and plugin reviews.

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