Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins

5 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins in 2022 (Compared)

A knowledge base will help you reduce customer support and improve customer satisfaction. It’s important to offer great support through email or live chat, but if you can help a customer before they even contact you, they’re happier and your business is healthier. Check out the top 5 WordPress plugins to create and manage a knowledge base that provides an instant answer to your customer’s question.

Best WordPress Appointment and Reservation Plugins

Best WordPress Appointment and Reservation Plugins

Many businesses need to accept bookings and appointments through their website. Since millions of such websites are based on WordPress, it follows naturally that there is a need for good appointment plugins for WordPress.

We, therefore, tested the options on the market and present you with the best WordPress appointment and booking plugins we’ve found.

Elementor Pro vs Crocoblock: Which One Should You Use? (2022)

Elementor Pro and Crocoblock both extend the core Elementor plugin with new features and capabilities. In this post, you’ll learn how these two add-ons compare so that you can choose the right tool(s) for your Elementor websites.

How You Can Improve the Domain Authority of Your WordPress Site

How You Can Improve the Domain Authority of Your WordPress Site

Domain Authority (DA) measures the relevance or the authority that a website has in its particular niche or industry. In this article, I’ll walk you through six steps that will help you improve domain authority, which is critical to ranking high on search engines.

Set up a WordPress Job Listing Page

How to Set Up a WordPress Job Listing Page for Easy Recruitment

If you need to hire people for your business, creating a job listing page is a great way to find potential applicants. In this tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step how to not only create a stylish WordPress job listing page but also accept applications and manage candidates right from your WordPress dashboard.

Advanced Ads Plugin

Easier Ad Management with the Advanced Ads Plugin

Advanced Ads is an ad management plugin that lets you integrate and optimize ads on your WordPress website. It enables you to auto-insert ads in all desired positions, and target ads to content and visitors for better conversions and user experience.

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