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Researched and tested by Matthew Knight
Researched and tested by Matthew Knight
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

We live in an ever-changing built environment. And of course, construction industries are at the very heart of this. In the USA, the construction industry is worth $71.9 Billion. In the United Kingdom, there are over two million employees in construction and its related industries. Many of these self-employed, with their own company. Obviously, all of these businesses require an attractive and functional online presence. This is where Bolts comes in.

Bolts is the first Multi-Niche Premium WordPress Theme for construction related industries. Whether it is solely for construction, transport, factories or any other business in the industry, Bolts has it covered.

The phrase ‘Multi-Niche’ may conjure the image of some huge, bloated theme with slow loading times and thousands of overwhelming options. Not so with Bolts. Created within a strict ‘decisions-not-options’ philosophy, this is a simple, lean and mean construction theme.

The ‘Multi-Niche’ concept provides the best of both worlds. You don’t need to cover all possible use cases for the website, so it can be leaner both in code amount and options, yet at the same time it provides more value and is broader than solo niche themes.

Take a look at how Bolts can be applied beyond just Construction to create Factory, Industry and Transport websites:



Page Builder for incredibly easy but powerful grid-based customization. Whether it is the home, about us or contact page, the final customer can simply edit and bring an extra dimension to their page in no-time:

page builder2

One Click Demo Import; we know the pain of finding a demo page you adore and then having to spend days or weeks recreating it. Not with Bolts, One Click Demo Import allows you to recreate the demo in just a couple of seconds without having to manually insert the content:


WP Customizer, so that you can alter the appearance of the theme and get an instant idea of how the site will look and feel. This feature is really useful for people that are not developers or particularly web-savvy. With WP Customizer you can easily change the color scheme to adapt Bolts to any corporate visual identity. In this customizer you can also change the logo, favicon, widgets, fonts, header, top bar, background, footer and more by just clicking – drag & drop style:

wp_customizer2 (1)


For Bolts, although they’re still available, we have shifted our focus from sliders. They are too often ignored. Most people don’t even click on a slide, and when they do it is mostly just the first one. They can slow things down too much, and they aren’t reliable enough on mobile devices.

Take a look at these hero columns (we’re very proud of them). Three services, pieces of news or any kind of content can be represented evenly and simultaneously, this is a great bonus for UX and of course for SEO:


Let’s talk about widgets for a moment. Specifically these ones highlighted in red:


Construction businesses want to sell, that’s a given. In Bolts, all of the information and details to help facilitate more sales are there on arrival, at first sight. From the phone number, email address, opening times, link to Google Maps, CTA for request a quote, social icons and so on, they’re all there.

These widgets are especially great on mobile devices. Visitors on the move, quickly looking for a business in the city, the first thing they want from a site is the phone number and/or address of the business. With Bolts, mobile visitors instantly get the information they need and the business gets the sales they want:


To go into micro-details briefly, take a quick look at this button:


It has a 3D effect that really invites visitors to click it. It also has a black drop shadow, again to make it more of an appealing button to push. This is just one element for an optimum CTR that we created… We put this level of attention to detail into every single aspect of the theme.

We’ve been told by our clients, and can see for ourselves that a lot of WordPress themes these days are over-animated and scroll hijacked. This obviously slaughters the overall user experience. We were very conscious to put just the right amount of subtle animated elements into the Bolts theme:


Supported and Compatible Plugins:

Some of Supported Free Plugins

  • WooCommerce – so you can build a shop in the same style of your site and start selling immediately.
  • Contact Form 7 – so you can easily create customizable, secure and reliable contact forms on your site.
  • Custom Sidebars – so you can set unlimited custom widget configurations for individual posts, pages, categories and more in your sites sidebars.
  • Yoast SEO – so you can easily optimise your site content, images, titles, meta descriptions and more.
  • WP Super Cache – so that your website performs as quickly and responsively as it possibly can.

Compatible Premium Plugins

  • Visual Composer
  • WPML
  • Slider Revolution
  • Layer Slider
  • WP Rocket

We don’t bundle plugins. We did for a while, but abandoned the idea completely for a couple of reasons. Firstly, as we did not write the code, we cannot provide efficient support for them. This is especially true of plugins that are not updated or well-written in the first place. Secondly, security is a major concern in this regard. Some premium plugins have proven to be incredibly vulnerable and thousands of sites have been hacked as a result.

About Us

We are ProteusThemes, and we have gained a lot of experience in building Construction Themes over the past few years. Bolts is our third now, after BuildPress and StructurePress.

From all of the feedback and conversations we had about those first two, we know what construction companies need on their websites. Don’t forget that Bolts is applicable to transport companies too, we learned about the requirements for this niche from the CargoPress theme we made.

We have sold well over 20,000 themes to our satisfied customers on ThemeForest since we launched. We hope that you enjoy Bolts as much as our other themes have been loved.

This review was filed in our archives.
Tested and reviewed by Matthew Knight
Matt is a WordPress enthusiast and Digital Marketer. He recently joined ProteusThemes to help spread the word about their wonderful work.

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