Boost your Social Links with the Pay with a Like Plugin

Are you a blogger chasing the cash? Stop right here then, because today we have a plugin that can give you a good boost towards achieving your dream!

A website is nothing if it isn’t recognisable on the brand level, has little visitors, and generates no waves in the community.

Pay with a Like promises to help you with getting more leads and higher rankings, leading to more brand awareness and profits.

We all know how much value Google sees in social media activity and inbound links for your site. And having masses of traffic to your site usually results in you making a nice profit. Pay with a Like helps you with the first step of drawing in users to your site. Once you have them on your site, you can then use other promotional means to convert them into paying customers.

With this plugin, you need to rethink the traditional pay-per-view model. Instead of exchanging hard earned cash for the privilege of reading your content, all your users need to do is share your content on social media. This can be done via platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. You’re basically then charging a Like.

Protect your content behind a Social Share Wall, its like a paywall (where your readers pay to access content) except you get them to share your website with their friends and colleagueYou can protect individual posts and cool button is also provided to protect specific content within a post through use of shortcodes.This plugin is really easy to use, I would say it’s a big idea in a simple plugin. Just buy a membership at WPMUdev, then download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress site. Once activated, the plugin will prompt you to set it up. This mainly involves setting options related to places where the plugin is active (e.g. custom post types, pages etc.) and social buttons to use. You also get some statistics which is very interesting as it helps you know whether the plugin is being effective or not.

I must also mention that I liked the idea of the WPMU DEV Dashboard, a plugin that gives you instant access to update notifications and the WPMUdev forums from within your site’s dashboard. This plugin greatly improves your workflow with the WPMUdev products.

Instead of opening up new tabs to find plugins and themes, you can now browse and filter them within your dashboard. Excellent stuff, this is further proof that there is a big team with a clear direction at the back of WPMUdev.  When downloading and using plugins, I also look at the kind of commitment the author is giving to supporting the plugin. This is why for the crucial plugins on your site, it is probably better to look at premium plugins rather than free ones, as you can depend on somebody giving you support not when he has some free time, but as a full-time job.

Anyway, back to the Pay with a Like plugin, you can be creative with this plugin, protecting all kinds of sections on your site. Just get your users to Pay With A Like and it will promote your site whilst rewarding them for sharing the love 🙂 For example, you could also protect new posts for a week and then open them up, building up those links while the content is fresh.

Some ideas of the things you could start protecting:

  • Your band’s latest audio track.
  • Your company’s latest super saver discount code.
  • A special download or image…
  • News articles
  • Member’s Only content
  • Reviews
  • And much much more!

The downsides of this plugin?

Well, if your visitors don’t have any social accounts (which is admittedly rare nowadays), they will have no option but to go back out of your site and search somewhere else, as it won’t be possible for them to view your content. So think about what kind of visitors you have first before implementing this plugin.

Another potential problem is that access control to the full post is done through a browser cookie, Consider a user that opens your page today with one browser and gains access to your content by tweeting. Then the next day he decides to revisit your post through another browser, only to find that access is blocked again, because the second browser has no way of knowing that he tweeted the previous day. Again, this should affect only a very small portion of visitors, but it’s something to keep in mind. I myself use Firefox and Chrome simultaneously so it actually happened to me while testing this plugin.

Yet another potential negative side of the plugin is that some social networks implicitly or explicitly look down on such practices. This is probably the biggest concern for me with this plugin, although I don’t see how anyone using this plugin could be penalised by the social networks themselves. More likely, it will be users who don’t like such tactics who might look at you and your site in a negative light.


This is quite a controversial plugin, the idea is very innovative for sure, however there are still some concerns about its usage and whether it might bother some readers.

Personally, I think if it is used right there is nothing wrong with Pay with a Like. I suggest that you open a sizeable chunk of your post so visitors can read and decide whether they really like the post. Then to access the final part of your post they can pay with a like. In this way, the like is genuine as they are actually happy with the post’s content.


Get Pay with a Like

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About Jean Galea

Jean Galea is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and padel player. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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4 Responses

  1. Srinivas Venkataraman
    Srinivas Venkataraman October 26, 2012 at 10:16 | | Reply

    Very Interesting Plugin. When rightly used should make wonders.

    Looking forward to get hands on.

  2. susanshropshire
    susanshropshire November 2, 2012 at 18:15 | | Reply

    I added the plugin but the Facebook box won’t show up? The linkedin and others will just not the facebook?

  3. Tít tò
    Tít tò March 7, 2014 at 01:14 | | Reply

    Hi Jean, i added Pay with a like for my theme, It won’t show.

  4. Timothy Bowers
    Timothy Bowers April 15, 2014 at 10:46 | | Reply

    Hey there.

    If you’re having issues with using the plugin then please contact support, they will be more than happy to assist further 🙂

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