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Bundler Review: Creating Product Bundles and Dynamic Pricing for Your Online Store

This review was performed as part of a paid product analysis using our in-depth Analysis Methodology, which includes manually testing the product. Here’s why you can trust our methods and verdict.

Bundler gives you the functionality you need to create product bundles in WooCommerce. In addition, you have ways to create dynamic pricing, bulk discounts, and much more. User reviews are mostly good, and the cost is competitive. The bonus is that the customer support is an oft-mentioned plus point about Bundler. The Mayor approves!

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Setting up products in WooCommerce is pretty straightforward, but you can’t do everything with the default setup. For instance, you can set up hundreds of simple and variable products. However, grouping them into bundles and offering bulk discounts can be tricky. That is, unless you extend WooCommerce’s functionality with extension plugins. Our Bundler review looks at a way to create those product bundles in a flash.

In our review, we’re going to explore how Bundler for WooCommerce can help you group products. Throughout, we’ll look at what Bundler includes, its pricing, and much more.

Bundler Review: Introducing the WooCommerce Plugin

Bundler for WooCommerce is a plugin that helps you to create product bundles for your WooCommerce store’s customers. However, it can also help you add dynamic pricing, volume discounts, product swatches, and lots of other functionality for those products.

The Bundler homepage.

The plugin focuses on helping you improve your Conversion Rate (CR) and Average Order Value (AOV). It does this through giving you the tools to build product bundles and optimizing your User Experience (UX) in a few ways other than simple product bundles:

  • Quantity and volume breaks and discounts, such as money off once you buy a set number of the same product).
  • Dynamic pricing (think of the Uber trick of upping the ride price due to greater demand).
  • Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers. Note that this could also be for a discounted price, rather than free.
  • Upsells through showcasing similar or relevant products.

When it comes to setting discounts, Bundler lets you set rules to help find the right price. For instance, you can set a fixed regular price, a sale price, and custom discount rules that apply to each bundle offer. Additionally, you can use rules to highlight discounts or savings a customer can make from choosing a product bundle.

Bundler also provide focused ways to highlight these discounts, bundles, and upsells. One way is through its product ‘swatches’.

The front end of a WooCommerce store showing Bundler swatches highlighting a discount on products.

These attractive and standout design elements can catch a customer’s eye, so it’s important that the plugin offers a few variations. In fact, there are plenty of positives Bundler can give to your store. Let’s look at this next.

Bundler Review: The Benefits of Using the Plugin

One of the big focuses of Bundler is on key e-commerce metrics: your CR and AOV. Doing this will give you plenty of benefits in a number of areas, for both the business and technical aspects of your WooCommerce store:

  • You can boost sales through high-converting offers. Bundler’s features, including discount offers and dynamic pricing, can increase product sales in your store. Dynamic pricing, for instance, helps you make product bundles competitive, with offers too good for customers to turn down.
  • Your profit margins stand to improve. You can increase profit margins across your WooCommerce store using Bundler’s multiple features. With better profit margins, you can expand product offerings, enter new markets, and reinvest in other aspects of your business.
  • Your marketing may cost less to implement. Bundler makes it cheaper to promote new and existing products in your store. It gives you opportunities to promote complementary products using bundles and upsells. 

Speaking of cost, let’s cover this next. Spoiler alert: there’s a free version of Bundler that we’ll also look at in a little more detail in comparison to the premium edition.

How Much Bundler Costs

The Bundler plugin pricing page.

When it comes to premium editions, Bundler offers two plans to choose from:

  • The Pro plan is $99 per year for a single-site license.
  • The Elite plan is $149 per year, and you get five licenses to play with.

Both of these give you the full feature set of Bundler, such as the ability to create as many bundles as you need, work with single and variable products, implement pre-selected offers, and much more.

However, there’s also a Lite version – read: free – that may also suit you. In the next section, we’ll look at this more.

Bundler Review: the Lite Version Could Suit Your Store Too

You might look at the full functionality of Bundler and think it offers too much for your needs. Bundler is a freemium solution, so the Lite version cuts down the functionality but comes with no cost.

The Bundler header image from WordPress.org.

The slimline version still includes the core functionality you’ll need:

  • You’re able to create product bundles and quantity discount options.
  • The discount rules are available to you.
  • You can still use dynamic pricing in the free version.
  • The design swatches are in the box.

There are a few other features in the Lite version, but regardless, if you don’t need everything Bundler includes, this may be an option. Of course, you’ll need to figure out whether you need to implement preselected offers, checkout page redirection, page builder integration, and more.

The Bundler pricing page includes a detailed comparison of functionality between the Lite and Pro versions. In short, premium plans include everything, so take a look there first before you consider the free version.

A Real-World Look at What Users Feel About Bundler

When it comes to using Bundler, we’re not the only ones who like it. Its user base also speaks highly of the plugin. For instance, the Lite version has an admirable 4.3 out of five-star rating on WordPress.org. Many users look to the helpful customer support on offer from the development team:

…really impressed by the friendliness and openness to help me…


Other users think Bundler is unique within the marketplace:

…I couldn’t find any other plugin that offers the same level of functionality…for creating product bundles…


Finally, one testimonial from the Bundler website talks about a common thread: that of the plugin’s usability:

…the offers are very easy to set up [and] the design looks great out of the box…


It’s fantastic to see that other users value Bundler a lot, as this gives it a solid reputation. We agree on the whole that Bundler provides plenty of worth to WooCommerce stores, and the support is the icing on the cake.

Final Thoughts: Whether Bundler Is Right for You

We think Bundler is a great way to create bulk discount pricing packages or product bundles. It offers a lot of solutions to boost your Conversion Rate and AOV, all within the familiar WordPress interface. When it comes to pricing your products for bulk, we can recommend it! What’s more, the pricing is competitive, and doesn’t hide functionality behind different premium tiers.

Do you have any questions or views on our Bundler review? Ask away in the comments section below!

Bundler for WooCommerce's logo
WP Mayor Verified 2024
Starting at USD $
 per year

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