How to Choose a Theme for Your Job Board

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If your site hosts a job board, you know that building a strong user experience can be tough. A job board theme can make the process much easier, while also improving the usability of your site for posters and job seekers alike. In this article, you'll learn how to choose a job board theme for your site. We'll also introduce JobHive, one of the best premium themes on the market for this purpose!
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For many people, the internet is the first stop in their job searches. If your WordPress site is the face of your online business, it’s likely that prospective employees will start there to find available positions. However, creating a simple and cohesive experience for job-seekers can be surprisingly difficult.

A dedicated job board theme is an excellent solution. These themes are designed to make building and using your board as simple and pleasant as possible, and they can drastically improve the experience for both you and your users.

In this article, we’ll cover why you should be using a dedicated job board theme and what features to look for. Then we’ll introduce JobHive, one of the best premium job board themes available. Let’s get started!

Why You Need a Job Board WordPress Theme

The ProBlogger job board.

WordPress is a powerful platform that offers a lot of functionality out of the box. However, job boards (like the popular ProBlogger board above) require unique features that aren’t typically found in a basic WordPress installation. These include advanced membership functionality, the ability to accept payments, and location-based search.

While you could add most of these functions with plugins, having all of them packed into one dedicated theme can greatly streamline the process of setting up your job board. There’s no need to find separate solutions for each piece of functionality, and then maintain and configure them all. With the right theme, everything is neatly packaged for ease of use.

Additionally, a job board needs to be simple for its users to navigate. Dedicated themes are designed with this type of layout in mind, so it’s much simpler to put your board together, without the sometimes-finicky layout tools of other themes. Users should appreciate the clean, easy-to-browse design.

What Features to Look for in a Job Board Theme

When searching for a job board theme, there are a few essential features you’ll want to have. These include payment and membership capabilities, a robust search feature, location filtering, and simple customization.

Let’s explore each key element in more detail:

  • Memberships and payments. If you’re just posting job listings for your own company, this may be less important. However, if you’re running a site where you want to feature listings from various sources, being able to charge for them can be an excellent source of revenue, as well as a way to filter out trolls and low-effort posters. Not many people are going to pay to post a fake job listing.
  • Powerful search functionality. If your job board hosts a large number of listings, the ability to filter and search for specific employers or types of jobs is crucial. This enables users to find relevant openings without needing to sift through every listing on the site.
  • Location filtering. Unless your listings are all remote, the ability to narrow them down to the searcher’s location is important. Again, this prevents your users from having to comb through every job post to find those in their region.
  • Customization options. You’ll want to be able to easily tailor whatever theme you choose to match your company’s branding. That means being able to adjust the colors, as well as the general look and feel of individual elements.

Choosing a theme that meets these criteria ensures that your job board will be as useful and robust as possible.

Introducing JobHive: A Premium Theme for Job Boards

The JobHive job board theme for WordPress.

There are a number of job board themes on the market that can help you create a better user experience. However, JobHive stands out from the crowd thanks to its balance of powerful features, clean design, and reasonable price ($59 for a lifetime license).

JobHive offers a lightweight, modern look for your job board site. The layout is easy to understand and navigate for job hunters, with a prominent search bar and category buttons to narrow down the list.

JobHive also automatically detects the user’s location and presents relevant results. This is extremely handy for users who need to view local listings.

What’s more, the ability to customize job categories provides a curated list of openings with additional filter options and details:

Job categories in the JobHive theme.

If you like, other companies can list jobs on your site easily. When creating a listing, the user must simply select a category and then fill out the form with all the details of the position:

Job details when creating a listing in JobHive.

Once the relevant information has been filled in, just click on Submit Listing and you’re done!

Monetization is also simple with JobHive. You can charge a fee for companies to list a job or place it in the featured section:

Membership tiers on the JobHive job board theme.

You can also require users to pay for a membership before they can view listings. These features aren’t just a way for your site to earn income; they ensure that users and posters alike have a vested interest in the board.

Finally, JobHive is highly customizable and integrates with the WordPress Customizer. You can quickly change colors, fonts, and your site logo to match your company’s branding, all without needing to work with custom code:

Customizing the JobHive job board theme in the WordPress Customizer.

JobHive is also compatible with the WordPress Block Editor, so you can create any layout you like in a snap.


Job hunting is one of the many activities that’s moved online in recent years. As such, your website needs to provide a place where visitors can view and apply for openings. However, creating this experience can often mean installing, configuring, and maintaining multiple plugins.

If you’re looking to enhance your hiring process and help potential employees apply quickly, a job board theme like JobHive can be a lifesaver. JobHive combines an attractive interface with all the features you need to create a pleasant and professional experience, for posters and job seekers alike.

Do you have any questions about job board themes for WordPress? Let us know in the comments section below!

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