Uncode Theme: How to Use Stunning Visual Experiences to Showcase Your Creative Work

There are WordPress themes that enable you to build attractive pages and websites. There are others that take you a step further. They do so by enabling you to create stunning visual experiences. Uncode is such a WordPress Theme.

We live in a visual world, and our brains, which can soak up information like a sponge, act accordingly. Our brains can process text as quickly as we can read it but can process images 60,000 times faster.

Designing portfolios and websites that attract attention is a key web designing skill. This requires an ability to create truly stunning visual experiences. That in turn, requires an ability to fully utilize the potential power of visuals.

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Give a Fresh Look to Your Site with These 20+ Alternatives

Hello, friends! Today, we have a very fresh package with resources for all your design and web development projects. The list is quite varied, including code snippets, icons, design files, WordPress resources and more! Go ahead and take a look, you’re bound to find something valuable here. Enjoy!

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WordPress Heartbeat vs AJAX Polling

WordPress 3.6 introduced the “Heartbeat API”. This API is used internally by WordPress to keep track of logged in users and their active sessions. If you’ve ever been asked to log into WordPress while navigating the admin panel, then you’ve already experienced the API at work.

The API uses Javascript polling, to constantly send data from our dashboard to WordPress’ PHP backend. Developers are also allowed to hook in, adding and modifying the data sent through various filters.

But when should you use the Heartbeat API in contrast to regular AJAX polling? To make an informed decision, we’ll need to look at both approaches, understand how they work and how to use them, and the advantages and disadvantages for both.

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How to Disable Photon in JetPack

Just a quick tip to share how you can disable Photon, one of the features in Jetpack. A reason to do this might be to have more control over the cropped and resized images it generates.

You just need to go to the JetPack page, then click on ‘Learn more’ in the Photon box, and then ‘Deactivate’.

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How to Prevent a WordPress Plugin from Updating

I’ve had a couple of cases where I downloaded a plugin, then needed to make some modifications and disable updating to make sure those changes are not overwritten when the next version came out. Ever wondered how plugin updates can be disabled? Here’s how to do it.

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WordPress Development for Teams

Developing WordPress websites on your own is relatively easy; the room for error is you. Even if you’re not using version control and do everything online with a (s)ftp connection, if there’s an error you just re-trace your steps and find where you took a wrong turn. But development in teams gets a lot more difficult. Everybody has a different coding-style and everybody will be working on different parts of a project. The big thing is to keep code maintainable and to streamline workflow.

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