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How to Display the Last Updated Date on Your Blog Posts

Displaying a date on your blog posts is recommended, both for search engines and also for your audience.

Most blogs display the post publish date, which you would think makes sense. But I think there’s a better way of doing it, and that is by displaying the last updated date.

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How to Activate/Deactivate Plugins with the Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Add-on

This week I’ve been playing around with the Software Licensing add-on for Easy Digital Downloads, and I must say it really rocks. It can be used for implementing a licensing system for your commercial themes and plugins. Here’s the deactivation/activation code for reference, you can use this to enable users to activate or deactivate a plugin/theme license from their dashboard.

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How to Create a Backdoor to a WordPress Website

Ever wondered how a WordPress backdoor can be created? This is an educational post that shows you how to do it. What you decide to do with this code is entirely up to you, I of course encourage you to play nice and not use it for malicious purposes.

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How to Properly Comment Your Themes and Plugins

One of the marks of a truly great WordPress developer, is his ability to include excellent commenting in his code. Go ahead, take a look at some of the plugins/themes by the best developers, and see how easy it is to read through their code. They adhere to the WordPress Coding Standards when writing HTML and PHP. There is also the CSS Coding Standards page on the Core Contributor Handbook, which is definitely another page to check out.

Today we will therefore look at the subject of commenting. I’m going to show you a few examples from top plugins and themes. We’ll be focusing on the use of commenting in the documentation of files and functions/classes, but we’ll also mention the normal comments you can sprinkle throughout your code.

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How To Optimize WordPress Queries

Although WordPress is a system that performs well in general, it’s worth delving a bit deeper into performance considerations when building plugins and themes for general distribution. You never know who will be using your plugin or theme, it might be a site with thousands of posts. At that level, the difference between an efficient plugin/theme and one that is not will be very evident.

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