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Set Post Revisions to Avoid DB Bloat

Post Revisions can significantly bloat the size of your database. Here’s how to change the default unlimited number of revisions to 5, by using this hack which needs to be placed into your theme’s functions.php file.

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Add an Excerpt Box for Pages

This hack will add the same “excerpt” box which you are familiar with on the “Add/Edit Post” admin area and duplicate that functionality on the “Add/Edit Page” section.

Now you have the usual excerpt box in the page editor, and you may use the_excerpt() when listing more than one page

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Enable Hidden Admin Feature displaying ALL Site Settings

This hack will add an additional option to your settings menu with a link to “all settings” which will show you a complete list of all the settings you have within your database related to your WordPress site. It will only make this link visible to an admin user and hide it for all other users.

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Add Default Content to New Posts

With WordPress hooks you can easily add default content to new posts, if you are repeatedly entering some content into all your posts this is a great productivity aid.
Learn how…

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Disable Plugin Stylesheets

How to disable a Plugin’s Styles

Learn how to disable a WordPress plugin’s stylesheet and use your own stylesheet instead. Reasons why you would want to do this are various, for example load speed optimisation and customising a plugin’s appearance (more than its own options allow you to). We also learn how to selectively load stylesheets.

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