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Coming Soon CC Review: Create Professional Coming Soon Pages for WordPress

Coming Soon CC is a plugin for adding a coming soon page to your WordPress website. The plugin includes six high quality, professional page templates. Your coming soon page can feature a full screen image, a slideshow of images, or even a video background. Find out what this plugin can do, and if its the right choice for your website, in our Coming Soon CC review.

Just because your website isn’t ready for public consumption, it doesn’t mean you can’t start building your audience and promoting your brand.

Whether you are starting a new blog, launching a new service, or introducing a new product, creating an attractive and professional looking coming soon page can help you generate interest in your project before it officially launches.

When it comes to building a coming soon page, you could just upload a basic HTML page with a brief announcement. However, if you really want to capitalize on any pre-launch interest and publicity, then creating a fully-featured coming soon page that not only looks great, but can also help build your mailing list is the better option.

If the idea of creating a professional coming soon or under construction page for your project sounds appealing, then read on for our review of the Coming Soon CC page builder plugin for WordPress.

Coming Soon Calm

Features and Usage

Coming Soon CC is a plugin that has been created to help you easily design a coming soon page with a professional appearance. Whether you are creating a coming soon page for your website while it’s under construction, or your want to publish a launch page on your website for your latest project, Coming Soon CC aims to be the best option on the market.

As this product is a plugin, it will work alongside any WordPress theme of your choice. This means you don’t have to switch themes or make any changes to the design of your website in order to publish a full screen coming soon page.

Coming Soon Chic

Coming Soon CC includes six pre-built professional templates. These templates can then be applied to your coming soon or launch page to give it an attractive appearance. The templates can each by customized, both in terms of the text and content they display, as well as whether they feature a single background image, a slider, or a video background.

However, before we get to those templates and how they can be used, let’s take a look at the settings of the plugin to give you better idea of how it works and how you could make use of it.

Coming Soon CC Settings

As you can see from the settings, the plugin makes use of the native WordPress user interface to help it seamlessly integrate with the rest of the admin area of your website.

After activating the coming soon page, it is only displayed to visitors who aren’t logged into your website. This allows those with access to the admin area of your website to continue with their work – whether that is creating content, or managing the plugins and themes on your blog. However, regular visitors will be shown the coming soon page when they try to access your website.

Through the settings though, you do get to decide which user role will either see your coming soon page, or the regular pages of your website. If you want to ensure those with the author or contributor role will see the coming soon page, then it’s just a case of checking the appropriate boxes.

Coming Soon Access Control

Furthermore, the access controls on the settings page allow you to determine when the coming soon page will be shown. You can either enable the landing page for your entire website, or on a page by page basis.

This is a really powerful feature as it means you can either use this plugin to display the coming soon page for your whole website as you work on it. Or alternatively, you can simply display the launch page in the place of one or more of the exiting pages of your website.

This allows you create a coming soon page for a particular service or product that can be used to generate interest and collect email addresses, while the rest of your site remains accessible.

By selecting individual posts and pages from the access controls section, you can choose which pages do not display the coming soon page.

Coming Soon CC Exclude All Pages

With the above settings, all of my website should be accessible, apart from the New Plugin Coming Soon page. I can now link to this page from the menus on my website, or from an external source, and the coming soon page will be displayed. This will allow me to build an email list of users who are interested in knowing more about the project.

It’s worth pointing out that should you add another post or page to your site, after configuring your coming soon page to only be displayed for a specific page, those new posts and pages will also display the coming soon page by default.

Coming Soon CC Access By Page New

This means that after publishing each new post or page, you will need to go back to the settings page and highlight them in order to not display the coming soon page in their place.

Other settings for the plugin allow you to enter the addresses of your profiles on the supported social media networks. At the time of writing this includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and Instagram. If you don’t enter a URL for a particular service, then that icon is not displayed.

Coming Soon CC Social Services

Further controls on the settings page allows you to add Google Analytics tracking code, enter Google AdWords conversion code, and enable the newsletter opt-in form. If you do enable the email collection form, you can choose where to save those emails: send them to your inbox, MailChimp, WordPress database, GetResponse, or Campaign Monitor.

Once you’ve configured the plugin and decided how it will work on your WordPress website, it’s time to start work on your coming soon page.

Coming Soon Fitness

The pro version of the Coming Soon CC plugin comes with six templates to choose from. This includes:

The templates all include the same standard range of elements such as company name, header, message, email form, and social media icons. However, their designs are very attractive and look very professional. The templates are all fully responsive, so no matter what device your visitors are accessing your website on, the page will display beautifully.

Coming Soon CC Mobile Responsive

Once you’ve chosen a template, you can then go on to customize it to make it your own. From the content tab on the settings page, you can personalize the template by uploading your logo, adding the header text, and message text, adding a footer note, and customizing the text on the email form.

Coming Soon CC Add Content

You can either enter HTML, or use the WordPress editor to enter your content for the various sections of your coming soon page. This means you can easily insert links and images, as well as apply formatting to your content.

If you just want to quickly add a coming soon page to your website, then the above options should be enough for you. However, if you want to customize the launch page further, you can do so from the design tab.

Coming Soon CC Design

The design options allow you to set a background type from the following options: no image, full image, pattern, background slider, and video background.

If you choose the video background option, you can enter a video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, or upload your own video files directly to your website. You can also enter a fall back image for mobile users, which is displayed instead of the video background. Other options on the design page include changing the text colours and fonts.

Coming Soon CC Live Preview

At any point, you can switch to the live preview tab to see how the coming soon page will look to your visitors. Once you are happy with the design and appearance of your coming soon page, you can switch back to the one of the other tabs and save your page and its settings. Now when a non-logged in visitor tries to access your website – or a specific page – they will see the coming soon page you just created.


The premium version of the Coming Soon CC plugin is available on two pricing plans:

  • Single license: $29
  • Developer license: $49

Both options include one year of updates and priority email support, as well as the six professional templates. The only difference between the two is that the developer option can be used on an unlimited number of websites, as opposed to just one.

Support and Documentation

License holders get access to one year of updates and priority email support. This is pretty common for WordPress plugins and access to the support can be renewed after the year is up.

There is also a free version of this plugin, with limited features, which can be downloaded from the WordPress.org plugin directory. Users can also post issues in the plugin’s support discussion area at the directory.

I did have cause to post a question on the support form, which was responded to by the support staff very quickly.

Final Conclusion and Recommendations

The highlight of this plugin is the excellent designs of the coming soon page templates and the ease with which they can be personalized.

The user interface is very straightforward and the process for creating and activing the coming soon page is very easy to get to grips with. If you want to put up a stylish coming soon page that can collect emails from interested visitors, and give them the ability to find you on the most popular social networks, then Coming Soon CC is a great choice.

If are looking for a way to add a single coming soon page to one area of your website, while keeping the rest of the pages of your website accessible to your visitors, then Coming Soon CC is still a good choice. However, the process is a little less straightforward once you start adding additional posts and pages to your blog.

When it comes to collecting email addresses from your visitors, it would be nice if the plugin integrated with AWeber, as this is a popular email marketing service.  However, being able to have the emails forwarded to your inbox allows you to then input them into any unsupported marketing services.

If you don’t need, or don’t want to pay for the advanced features of a landing page service like LeadPages, and you’d much rather have a quick and easy way to display an attractive, but lesser-featured coming soon page on your website, then Coming Soon CC Pro is a good option that looks great and is very affordable.

Find out more about Coming Soon CC

Joe Fylan
Joe Fylan
Joe is a big fan of WordPress and uses it on a daily basis making and updating websites for clients and publishing content. He enjoys writing about all things WordPress as well as his other hobbies which include travel, fitness and photography. To discuss any content writing needs please get in touch via his site.

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