Comparing WordPress Backup Tools – Here’s What We Found!

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On WooCommerce websites important transactions are happening all the time, but finding a good WooCommerce backup solution is not easy. Here are a few recommendations to help you make that decision.
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Be it through identity thefts, stealing of customer information, or cyber-attacks, data breaches are a reality in today’s connected world. A whopping 90% of infected sites were running WordPress in 2018 according to WPWebHost.

As a WordPress website owner, you may ask, “How is all this relevant for website backups?” Depending on the type of online attack, a data breach can seriously compromise your website as well as impact your business operations due to loss of critical business data such as customer invoices, purchase orders, confidential data, and much more! Additionally, it can destroy customers’ trust in your business, particularly if customer data has been breached.

Having a sound WordPress backup process in place is the only guard against such an eventuality. If anything untoward happens to your website, you can restore it along with your business data from the securely stored backup.

How do I take a Complete Backup of my WordPress Website?

Now that we know the importance of taking a backup, the next question is how to perform this task? Whether you are a technical or non-technical person, creating and maintaining backups can be a tedious process. If you do happen to have the technical knowledge, you can choose to manually backup your WordPress website (as detailed here).

Luckily, there are automated backup tools available in the market today that can make this process quite easy. Before choosing the right backup tool, you must first know the pros and cons of each of these tools. Through this comparison article, we have done just that! Here are our findings on the pros and cons of the following five leading WordPress backup tools:

Let’s look at each of them in detail.


BlogVault is a website backup tool that provides a complete backup and storage solution for WordPress websites. Easy to install and configure, this tool completes your backup in quick time and stores your valuable data in an offsite storage location, thus making it more secure.

Some of its best features include:

  • Incremental Sync Technology that is used for taking backups of your website data by dividing the overall data into smaller manageable chunks of data and then syncing them on the backup server. Incremental Sync follows the process of complete website backup initially and then taking backups of only incremental changes in the website during subsequent processes.
  • One-click Automatic Restore feature that performs the complete restoration of your backup faster than other backup plugins. With its Test Restore functionality, you can safely test your backup in a staging environment before uploading them to the live website.
  • Staging and Merging features available with all of BlogVault’s paid plans. The website staging feature allows you to update and test your website plugins and themes safely without any impact on your live website. The merging feature allows you to apply these changes from the staging environment to the live website.
  • Migration feature comes in handy if you are looking to migrate your website to another web host. Supporting over 10,000 web host providers, BlogVault can seamlessly perform the migration of all your website files, including WordPress files, database files, and even non-WordPress data.
  • Website management acts as an independent dashboard from which you can update your installed website plugins/ themes, manage user privileges, and generate customised reports. Featuring 2-Factor Authentication protection, you can now monitor and take backups of multiple websites from a centralised location.
  • Support for WooCommerce Backups helps you perform real-time backups of WooCommerce-powered websites used by E-commerce companies. WooCommerce backups typically include data related to customer orders, product catalogues, shipping information, and more.

BlogVault offers both free and paid plans to customers. For paid plans, you can choose from the following three plans that are priced according to the number of websites to be backed up.

Number of Websites Basic plan Plus plan Advanced plan
1 $7.4 per month $12.4 per month $20.75 per month
Up to 5 $16.58 per month $29.9 per month $45.75 per month
Up to 20 $49 per month $79 per month $149 per month

If you are looking to back up more than 20 websites, contact the BlogVault team directly for special pricing.

Pros and Cons of BlogVault Backup Tool:

Pros Cons
Advanced backup and restore functionality

Website management using dashboard

Free staging and merging

Support for WooCommerce website backups

Website security only included in Plus and Advanced plans


From the house of iThemes, BackupBuddy is a popular WordPress backup solution that offers backups, restoration, and migration of WordPress websites.

Easy to install using the Quick Setup Wizard, BackupBuddy offers many useful features that have made it popular among WordPress users. These include:

  • Automated Backups that helps perform real-time backups of website data, including website files, core WordPress files, settings, and all website content. You can also schedule backups according to your security needs. Using third-party cloud storage, BackupBuddy stores your backup data, and can also be easily downloaded when required.
  • Restore and Migrate feature that enables easy restore and migration of backup data using the ImportBuddy tool. You can use this tool to perform an easy 1-click restore from your backup. With its migration feature, you can even choose to migrate your backups to a new web host or domain.
  • BackupBuddy Stash Live feature that makes use of offsite backup servers to perform the backup operation, thus reducing the overall load on your website server. This feature monitors your website for any changes in installed plugins/ themes, web pages, and other posts and stores those changes in real-time. Other features include periodic snapshots of your website and over 1GB of free storage space. BackupBuddy Stash Live feature makes it suited for websites with large volumes of data and those running on shared web hosts.
  • Website Staging feature that enables WordPress developers to test their updates in a staging environment. The website staging environment provided by BackupBuddy allows you to test any updates to installed plugins/themes without impacting your live website. You can replicate the changes on the live website only after you are satisfied with your tests in the staging environment.

The BackupBuddy security solution is available in the following three yearly subscription plans that are designed according to the number of websites.

Blogger plan Freelancer plan Gold plan
Features Backup of 1 website

Free plugin updates for 1 year

Ticket-based free support for 1 year

1GB of free storage space on BackupBuddy Stash

1-year Stash Live Access

Support for 10 iThemes Sync websites

Backup of 10 websites

Free plugin updates for 1 year

Ticket-based free support for 1 year

1GB of free storage space on BackupBuddy Stash

1-year Stash Live Access

Support for 10 iThemes Sync websites

Unlimited websites

Free plugin updates for 1 year

Ticket-based free support for 1 year

5GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage space

1-year Stash Live Access

Support for 10 iThemes Sync websites

Pricing $49 $79 $129

Pros and Cons of the Backupbuddy Backup Tool:

Pros Cons
Complete file and database backup

Selective backups of WordPress files and database tables

Easy restoration of backup data using ImportBuddy tool

Real-time backup of WordPress data

No free version available

The backup operation is performed on the client’s web server thus increasing server load


Used by over 2 million WordPress users across the globe, UpdraftPlus is among the most popular backup plugins in the market today. With both free and paid plans, UpdraftPlus provides exceptional backup and restores services for your WordPress website in the event of any hacks.

In addition to incremental backups that can be scheduled according to your convenience, UpdraftPlus offers a variety of useful features including:

  • Backup-related functionalities such as manual and automated backups (that can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis), over 1GB of free storage for your backup data, secure data encryption, and remote storage facility on Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • UpdraftPlus Migrator add-on feature (available with its paid plans) that can execute the migration of your website to a new domain or URL address. Easy to implement, this feature is available for the migration of unlimited websites during the yearly subscription plan.
  • UpdraftPlus Central add-on feature (available with its paid plans) that allows you to manage the backup of multiple websites from a single centralised location. Other facilities include one-click updates for all installed plugins and themes and easy access to your backup data in the UpdraftPlus Vault account.
  • UpdraftPlus Clone add-on feature (available with its paid plans) that creates a clone (or replica) of your live website. This feature is particularly useful for your WordPress developers who can first test any changes on the clone website before applying the changes to your live website.

The UpdraftPlus security solution offers both free and premium plans (which are priced according to the number of user licenses required).

Personal Business Agency Enterprise
Number of licenses 2 10 35 Unlimited
Features All features + 1 UpdraftClone token All features + 2 UpdraftClone tokens All features + 5 UpdraftClone token All features + 10 UpdraftClone token
Pricing $70 $95 $145 $195

Pros and Cons of the UpdraftPlus Backup Tool:

Pros Cons
Comprehensive Backup facility

For the restoration of backup data executed by other backup tools like BackupWordPress and BackWPUp

Support for remote storage of backup data

Suitable for multisite WordPress installations

Suited for large website backups of more than 100GB

No built-in website security feature for protection from malware

No support for real-time backup such as WooCommerce websites


Codeguard is one of the website backup plugins that can be used on multiple CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. In addition to website backups and restores, Codeguard provides automatic updates of WordPress plugins and a malware scanner that can detect and remove any malware infections from your website.

Here are some of the features that Codeguard offers:

  • Differential Backup Technology that tracks every file change and stores only the changes (instead of a complete website backup) thus saving some storage space. With automatic website backups stored in an off-site cloud server, Codeguard’s backup repository stores data-related information like date and time stamp of backup and file changes. Additionally, data backups are available for 90 days for any retrieval.
  • Codeguard Restore feature to restore your backup data from the repository using the following options:
    • Restore all files: to restore all the backup data to your website.
    • Selective restore: that lets you restore selected files to the website.
    • Manual restore: that lets you download the backup data (.zip format) and restore it manually to your website.
  • Codeguard Malware Detection feature that monitors every file change on your website and can detect unauthorised changes in your website files. Additionally, the “Malware Gone” feature in Codeguard comprises of a malware scanner that can detect and fix any malware threats in your website.
  • Codeguard Website Management feature that lets you update and manage all your installed plugins and themes from the centralised dashboard. You can also use this dashboard to perform daily backups and configure automatic restores.

The Codeguard security solution offers three premium packages that are priced according to the number of websites to be backed up.

Professional Team Small Business
Number of websites Up to 12 Up to 25 Up to 100
Storage space available 50GB 125GB 500GB
Pricing $39 per month $79 per month $139 per month

Pros and Cons of the Codeguard Backup Tool:

Pros Cons
Automated Backup facility

Offsite Cloud storage for backup data

Tracks every file change and reports unauthorised changes

Built-in malware scanner and removal tool

No website migration feature

No website staging environment for testing updates


Developed by Automattic, the team behind, VaultPress is a WordPress backup plugin that provides a comprehensive service which includes backups, migration, restoration, and security. This popular backup solution also offers a range of benefits including real-time backups, spam protection, and offsite storage of backup data on Automattic servers.

Here is what VaultPress offers that makes it among the most popular backup tools:

  • Complete Real-time Backups that performs a backup of all your website resources, including plugin and theme files, database files, and files located in the wp-content and upload folders. With the backups stored in the offsite VaultPress servers, you can easily view and access your backup files. VaultPress also supports real-time backups of modified website files so that you don’t lose any data.
  • VaultPress Restore enables you to easily restore all your backed-up data, including plugins, themes, database, and other website content files. With an easy 1-click restore, you can monitor the status of the website restoration. You can also choose to restore and migrate your backup data to an entirely new website domain or URL.
  • VaultPress Security safeguards your WordPress website from malware and other online threats. Using daily malware scanning, VaultPress alerts you of any malicious code or threats to your website files. By partnering with Akismet, this VaultPress tool has also enabled protection against spam messages.
  • VaultPress Dashboard feature that provides a centralised location for you to monitor your backup activities, download backup files, and monitor any vulnerabilities in your website.

The VaultPress security plugin is available with the following three yearly subscription plans.

Personal plan Premium plan Professional plan
Features Ideal for small business enterprises, start-ups, and individual websites. For more comprehensive backup and security needs For complete peace of mind in website backups
Pricing $39 $99 $299

Pros and Cons of the VaultPress Backup Tool:

Pros Cons
Customer support team for any help or assistance

Backup files with detailed info for easy selection during the restore process

Support for multisite WordPress installations

In-built Malware scanner and removal tool

No incremental backups so the entire process may take more time.

No website staging support

Does not restore the .htaccess file as it may fail the restore process.

In Conclusion

Automated WordPress backup plugins like BlogVault, VaultPress, and Codeguard can simplify the overall website backup process. So, which of these five backup plugins are the best? As each of them has its pros and cons, you must choose the backup plugin that is most suited for your website needs.

On all the 5 WordPress backup plugins, we recommend BlogVault for being a one-stop tool that offers value for your money since it provides backup and security as well. It’s the tool we use for WP Mayor’s backups right now. If you still want to try a free plugin, we suggest UpdraftPlus, particularly if you are running a small website.

We hope with all this information, you will make an informed choice and select the backup tool that’s just right for your business website.

Disclosure: WP Mayor is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our website we may earn an affiliate commission at no added cost to you. This does not influence our recommendations – we always recommend the best products and services based on our own experiences.

Akshat Choudhary

Akshat Choudhary has always prided himself on his ability to teach himself things. Since starting BlogVault, Akshat has transformed his side-project into a profitable venture that is scaling new heights in the Indian startup space. Being a member of the WordPress community for almost a decade, Akshat is keen on understanding the areas where users struggle. Akshat’s core belief behind building any product is making sure the end-user doesn’t need assistance and to assist them in the best possible manner if they do.

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  1. To Backup WordPress files, I used “all in one migration”, after their new version 6.9 they limited the upload size. So I search for an alternative for all in one migration tool, here I have found Backup Buddy, which is working fine and fulfilled my requirements, Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    I have been using BackupBuddy for years. In BackupBuddy, You can schedule your backups and also you can store them directly on the cloud. Also, I feel the Pro version is always the safe and secure one The article covers the pros and cons of each tool more precisely. Thanks for sharing great stuff

    With regards,
    Sathish Arumugam

  3. I think the first paragraph needs to be rephrased. It’s not 90% of WordPress sites that were infected in 2018. But 90% of infected websites were running WordPress.

    1. Hi Gunnar, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Are you on their Express or Ultimate plan? What about their service have you really liked so far?

    1. When it comes to backups it’s always worth investing a little bit more, you never know what might happen. Starting at less than $100 a year is nothing when you think about how much you can lose if you don’t have reliable backups, so Pro versions are worth the investment,I definitely agree with you there Md Din Islam.

  4. Certainly the fight against online hacking does not start with an improvement on back-ups. It starts with a code audit, performed by a vetted white hacker

    1. That’s certainly one of the things you can do to prevent getting hacked in the first place. We also recommend using a reliable security service such as the ones we mentioned here:

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