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  1. JH
    JH June 27, 2017 at 23:08 | | Reply

    Formidable forms?

    1. Lindsay Liedke
      Lindsay Liedke June 28, 2017 at 01:35 | | Reply

      Hi JH,

      Thank you for stopping by WP Mayor! I assume by your comment that you mean to suggest Formidable Forms as an option when it comes to adding in conditional logic to your website forms?

      I took at quick look at what the Formidable Forms Pro plugin offers (since only the Pro version offers conditional logic) and I must say I am impressed. Their pricing is comparable to the options I presented and their feature list is quite impressive. From what I can tell they offer field and forms rules, as well as autoresponder rules which is great.

      Thank you for sharing this recommendation with our readers. We always strive to give people plenty of options when it comes to which plugin to choose from. I appreciate you mentioning Formidable Forms!

      ~ Lindsay 🙂

  2. Karl
    Karl June 30, 2017 at 08:37 | | Reply

    Your Form Rules section should be rewritten to clarify things. Every form plugin can show a Thank You message, and all the ones in this post support redirects, including Caldera Forms. AND it does have conditional logic for redirects.

    Caldera is the best free form plugin available. But then, I guess you can surmise I’m a fan.

    1. Lindsay Liedke
      Lindsay Liedke June 30, 2017 at 23:34 | | Reply

      Hi Karl,

      Thank you so much for pointing this out to me. Obviously I missed this functionality somewhere in my review of the plugin. I appreciate you letting out readers know that they too can redirect users to a Thank You message or URL using Caldera Forms!

      ~ Lindsay 🙂

  3. Eric
    Eric June 30, 2017 at 09:29 | | Reply

    Formidable forms, the best there is, and not in this list?

    1. Lindsay Liedke
      Lindsay Liedke June 30, 2017 at 23:38 | | Reply

      Hi Eric,

      I have addressed this in the comment below with Mel Fisher 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your preference. Unfortunately, not everyone would agree that Formidable Forms is the very best option. That’s why we do reviews so we can try and see what choices are out there and what will work best for each individual website.

      That said, we always appreciate people sharing other options that are not mentioned directly in a post so that readers can expand their option list. So thank you for your recommendation!

      ~ Lindsay

  4. Mel Fisher
    Mel Fisher June 30, 2017 at 13:24 | | Reply

    Nice review but Formidable Forms is not on the list? I wish people would stop reviewing only the plugins that advertise the most.

    1. Lindsay Liedke
      Lindsay Liedke June 30, 2017 at 23:32 | | Reply

      Hi Mel Fisher,

      Thank you for stopping by and checking out my review. I understand that Formidable Forms is a great option. There is no denying that. In fact, we have discussed Formidable Forms in the past (see here -https://wpmayor.com/form-builder-plugins-comparison/).

      That said, there are so many different options out there at any given moment, regardless of which style or functionality you seek, that it would be impossible to always review every excellent choice. That’s why we love comments from people such as yourself! It’s through our comments that we can get a discussion going about other great options not mentioned directly in a post, so that our readers can see what else it out there.

      Thank you again for your comment. And again, it’s not that we don’t like Formidable Forms around here, it’s just that was not the particular route I went with the article.

      ~ Lindsay 🙂

  5. Peg Perry
    Peg Perry July 1, 2017 at 05:25 | | Reply

    Fast Secure Contact Forms is my weapon of choice. It’s well-documented and easy to use. It also has a nice integration with a scheduler.

    Also it’s free version is one of the few that allow users to add attachments.

    In particular I use it on multilingual sites and create two versions of my forms. I’m able to manuallu re-code the language for buttons and message. My prefernce over an automated translation.

  6. Almin Valyani
    Almin Valyani September 12, 2017 at 05:38 | | Reply


    Please let me know how can I edit the recipient email address in WPForms Plugin.

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