How to Convert Post Types in WordPress

Ever wondered if it’s possible to convert from one custom post type to another? Yes it is! This can be very useful for example when switching themes. One theme can have a particular custom post type implemented while the new one won’t have it, or will have it under a different name. Here’s how you can make the transition easier.

Post Type Switcher

Post Type Switcher

Any combination is possible, even custom post types:

  • Page to Post
  • Post to Page
  • Page to Attachment
  • Post to Custom

Note: Invisible post types (revisions, menus, etc…) are purposely excluded. Filter ‘pts_post_type_filter’ to adjust the boundaries.

Post Type Converter

Adds meta boxes to all post types and allows you to convert the post type of the current post you are editing to a different post type. This very useful when doing an import from another site into one post type that then needs to be filtered into different post types or even to fill dummy posts throughout multiple post types.

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