How to Create High Converting Call-to-Action Buttons

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Just look all around you! As you can see, our world is full of the bright possibilities and various chances that let one do their best. That is why the newest possibilities allow you to share your thoughts and ideas, show your creativity to the whole world or introduce your products or services in the most attractive and even advantageous way.
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Just look all around you! As you can see, our world is full of the bright possibilities and various chances that let one do their best. That is why the newest possibilities allow you to share your thoughts and ideas, show your creativity to the whole world or introduce your products or services in the most attractive and even advantageous way.

Needless to say, today people do not need to leave their homes in order to buy something or just find different professional services. I mean now you can open your browser and find all of these and much more in the internet. Without a doubt, doing this action, you will find a great amount of various attractive, beautiful and ideally running online projects that propose you to use their services. Seeing that, you need to think twice about the appearance of your future website, if you would like it to be popular.

Let’s imagine that you have already created you long-awaited site and now you just waiting for its success. In this case, you can’t understand why people are not interested at your site when it is so gorgeous, well-featured and attractive. Well, the answer is easy, as that is why I am here today! All in all, today I will tell you about high converting call-to-action buttons and the way you can create them!

First of all, let’s give a definition to CTA button. So, call-to-action button is a button that you may use in your website’s design in order to guide the visitors of your pages towards their goal conversion. In a word, such buttons are just a part of your landing page that a guest has to click on for taking the action that you want them to take.

I am sure that you already know what I am talking about, as you can see these magical buttons anywhere you go on the web space. To continue, call-to-action buttons may have different sizes or various styles. Thus, its appearance usually depends on your main goal conversion and the design of your project as well.

To illustrate, here are the most popular examples of call-to-action buttons: download buttons, free train sigh-up buttons and add to cart buttons. To make a long story short, in this post I am going to share with you some tips about these helpful buttons. Seeing that, are you ready to get more clicks on your website? Let’s start!

To start with, the text of a successful CTA button usually consists of several words written in one line. Yep, sometimes you can also see two-lined text but never a longer one. Although it seems to be pretty short, the value of CTA button’s words should never be underestimated. All in all, they bring you some money and further the prosperity of your online project.

What else you should know about these elements? Well, first of all, your future CTA button should be the striking ones! What is more, they should consist of some action-oriented text. That is why I suggest you to get out of your head such boring and predictable words as “enter” or “submit” and on the more action packed one. Believe me, it is always better to use such words as ‘try’, ‘reserve’ or ‘get’.

Furthermore, don’t forget that your action words should be used with a specific text, related to your offer. In the end, your CTA button will say something like “Reserve Your Seat” or “Try Out Free Trial”. To sum everything up, keep in mind that the real formula of a high converting call-to-action button is: “action verb” + “offer-related text”.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that help you to create a good CTA button. Thus, using some signs is the next point you should think about! Yep, these days using such elements make a wise way to create a neat and understandable call-to-action buttons that totally suits your site’s design. For example, you can use hearts, arrows, cart signs, smiles, tables and other cute images.

Without a doubt, the latter appeals to your potential clients/customers emotions and are more likely to elicit a response. What is more, you can also turn your call-to-action button text into a sing or just use a sign to substitute a part of your CTA button’s text.

Ok now you know about the signs that you may use and the text of your CTA buttons. Still, how do you think, what is the next thing you should always remember about, if you would like to make a high converting CTA button for your website? Yes, I mean the color scheme of your buttons! Unquestionably, it is not a secret that a correctly chosen color palette of your website means a lot.

What is more, this rule also works with all the elements of your online project, so the color of your CTA buttons really matters, as they are on your pages. For these simple reasons, just make be sure that the color or the colors (is you prefer you use several tones) that you would like to use for your CTA buttons are good enough for the appearance of your site and pleasant enough for its visitors. Needless today, these days we have so many bright, calm and simply attractive colors to use, so sometimes it is simply hard to make a choice. So, what should you do to make a right choice?

As you may know, the recent statistics tell us that today the most proffered and helpful colors of CTA buttons are the green and the orange ones. On the other hand, I also propose you to think about contrast! All in all, it is a fact that the contrasting colors work best to make the marvelous buttons that will catch an eye of any person that is visiting your online pages.

Thus, everything depends on the design of your site, as I don’t think that you want to create a green CTA button for the website that already has a green background. To finish with, don’t be upset if you already thought about the look of your future site and still have no idea which color to choose for you’re the design of your call-to-action-button. In this case, I propose you to make a simple test and see, which color looks better on your website.

In addition, don’t forget that there is a magical word to be used for CTA buttons and is “Free…”. Needless to say, in case you offer some services or products for free, people will definitely be interested in them, even if they have never thought about such items before. Therefore, if there is something free on your site…just highlight this fact. As a result, the visitors of your online project will have some free things, so it will certainly bring you conversions.

All the examples are taken from ThemeREX, Envato Power Elite Autor. For more themes feel free to browse their portfolio.


Henry Rise

Henry Rise is a CEO of ThemeRex, ThemeForest Power Elite Author. He loves to help people build their business online. Every business begins with the right choice of a micro-niche WP Theme.

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