Create Responsive Portfolios with Media Grid

Media Grid is a new plugin that allows you to create unlimited responsive and filterable portfolios with ease. The plugin uses the latest CSS3 and jQuery tecnologies to adapt each portfolio to its container. No matter if is wide or short, the grid will be always displayed correctly.

Also in responsive themes, you can choose if use the automatic resizing system or set a relative width to keep the grid items always on the same size, they will be placed in the best way possible to ensure the best layout.

Create unique grids using the sizing system: you can choose between a wide variety of sizes to apply to your items. They will be always calculated on the container width, so the aspect ratio of each grid item will be always the same!

Lastly, Media Grid integrates each item with Pinterest , the new popular social network.
Media Grid satisfy all your needs letting you create different types of portfolio. Each item can be

  • A simple static image
  • An image
  • An image gallery
  • A video (from Youtube or Vimeo)
  • One or more mp3 tracks
  • A link

I’m really impressed with this plugin, it’s highly customisable and it’s a great way to create an original and responsive portfolio.

Get Media Grid Plugin

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