The Fast and Efficient Way to Create Tables and Charts in WP

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Managing massive amounts of numbers, and related data can be about as much fun as pushing your car 8 blocks to a gas station. You’re never sure if you can get there, and when you do, you’ve got to figure out a way to make up for all the time you’ve lost.
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Managing massive amounts of numbers, and related data can be about as much fun as pushing your car 8 blocks to a gas station. You’re never sure if you can get there, and when you do, you’ve got to figure out a way to make up for all the time you’ve lost.

As far as numbers are concerned, wpDataTables relieves you of your data management, organization, and presentation problems. And also of the headaches that go with them. This WordPress plugin can handle any amount of data for your website (or other uses). It offers you perfectly organized interactive and responsive charts and tables in return.

And, you don’t have to know anything about code – or about data management for that matter.

  1. A quick look at the top new features of wpDataTables 2.0


With their product in use by more than 12,000 individuals and companies, you’d think that the wpDataTables team would be content to sit back and rest on their laurels. Instead, they decided to listen to what their customers wanted them to do.

As a result, they fixed some small bugs, added over 20 new features, improved the performance of several existing ones, and made the plugin easier than ever to use.

The result –

You’ll save tons of time

When a tool is intuitive to work with, it tends to start saving its users time from the get go. With wpDataTables, you don’t have to climb a learning curve. One process leads naturally to the next. 81% of those surveyed said this plugin is exceptionally easy to use.

The team also totally redesigned the plugin’s back-end. As a result, complex tables, even ones having millions or rows, can be created in minutes.

You don’t have to wait to see results

Make a change to a chart or a table, and you’ll be able to preview the result of the change immediately. There no more of this change, wait, review, and redo foolishness to put up with.

Things that needed to get done yesterday, get done yesterday.

Not a tech genius? No problem

You don’t have to know code, since any coding you need has already been done.

You also don’t have to know anything more about data management, other than what you are asking the plugin to accomplish for you. About the only thing you need to know is how to copy and paste.

If you really enjoy worrying, wpDataTables may not be the right solution for you

Some of us can’t help but worry about things, but with wpDataTables, there’s nothing to worry about. Worrying about some function backfiring on you wastes energy, and doesn’t contribute one bit toward your productivity. This is a tool you can rely on.

  1. All of wpDataTables 1.0’s popular “evergreen” features are still with us

Added improvements and new features have made this plugin better than ever, but the things users liked best about 1.0 have either been left alone, or improved upon if appropriate.

Features like –

The plugin’s ability to adapt to ANY data

You can feel secure in the knowledge that the plugin will work with the data format of your choice. This would include JSON, XML, CVS tiles, Excel files, serialized PHP arrays, and data from Google spreadsheets.

You can also generate tables directly from MySQL if you need to be working with real-time data.

Creating tables and charts for any computer, any device, any WordPress theme

Charts and tables created with wpDataTables are responsive in any WordPress theme. No exceptions. The plugin makes building super-cool visualization charts a piece of cake as well.

Organizing tons of data

You’re not apt to overload this plugin with data. Its high computing power and conditional formatting feature ensures that sums and totals of a table can always be calculated in the blink of an eye.

The highly popular highlighting of numbers feature has also been preserved. You can create charts that are not only cool-looking, but are easier for the end user to understand and analyze.

Working with MySQL

The Table Constructor feature allows you to auto-generate SQL queries to already existing tables, create MySQL tables directly from the dashboard, or import existing spreadsheet files.

The tables you create, can always be edited from within WordPress.

Instant Data Processing

The term “instant” may be stretching it in those cases where you are attempting to list and arrange truly massive amounts of data; but the processing will nevertheless be done in seconds. That’s much better than minutes or hours.

The plugin’s data manager uses My SQL engine for the data processing, with assistance from a background Ajax request data retrieval function.

The net result is that the heavy lifting that you would have otherwise had to content with is all done by the plugin.

Conclusion – Multiple Uses, Time Saved, Headaches Gone

When you’re struggling with data management tasks that are stretching your technical skills to the limit, wpDataTables can be a real life-saver.

You’re smart, and you don’t give up easily, but you needn’t feel guilty being able to sit back and smell the roses when you have a plugin that can handle data management and organization problems in areas such as these –

  • Operational statistics
  • Financial statistics
  • Complex analytical solutions and presentations, and
  • Comparative analyses

What used to take hours, now takes a few seconds. Plus, the job gets done right. You, or your boss, or a client, couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Kate Dagli

Kate is a passionate web designer who loved WordPress from the minute she laid her eyes on its code. Writing about WordPress themes and plugins is her dream come true.

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