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Crocoblock Review: An Innovative Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

This review was performed as part of a paid product analysis using our in-depth Analysis Methodology, which includes manually testing the product. Here’s why you can trust our methods and verdict.

Crocoblock stands out as an expansive and versatile toolkit for WordPress users, particularly for web development agencies dealing with complex projects. Its flagship product, JetEngine, along with over 20 other premium and free plugins, expands WordPress’ capabilities, enabling the creation of dynamic, interactive web pages with ease. The integration with popular page builders like Elementor and the native WordPress block editor, its comprehensive template libraries, and the flexible pricing models make Crocoblock a robust solution. While it may present a steeper initial learning curve, the highly-rated support system they have in place will ensure you’re not left alone to figure things out.

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Have you ever come across a jaw-dropping website that made you go, “Wow, I wish I could create something like that!”

Let me introduce you to Crocoblock. This tool makes it possible to bring those stunning websites to life without drowning in lines of code.

What Is Crocoblock?

The roots of Crocoblock go back to 2014 when a small team of developers started to specialize in creating WordPress themes.

Initially focused on design, the company quickly realized the growing demand for enhanced functionality within the WordPress ecosystem. This realization marked the start of Crocoblock’s journey to redefine the capabilities of WordPress, making it a powerhouse for web developers.

Crocoblock's website.

Crocoblock has stood out over time as a WordPress agency that goes beyond the ordinary, offering tools that enhance the functionality of popular page builders like Elementor, Block Editor, and Bricks Builder.

At the core of Crocoblock’s offerings are its products:


With a target audience of WordPress developers and agencies, Crocoblock offers a set of plugins that comprehensively cover all aspects of website development.

Each plugin has its specialization, but the central tool that “really ties the room together” is JetEngine.

JetEngine offers advanced options for managing and displaying dynamic content, enabling users to construct complex and interactive web pages.

It assists in building a dynamic website structure by creating custom post types, meta fields, and taxonomies. Introducing the innovative notion of Custom Content Types (CCT), JetEngine enables the creation of separate data tables for each content type, making the WordPress engine work considerably faster when users search for that particular type of content.

This feature is especially helpful when you have a large number of items on your website.

Beyond structural enhancements, JetEngine excels in presenting content through various layouts, including grids, sliders, calendars, and more. Dynamic data can be displayed via dynamic links, images, metadata, and more.

JetEngine alone includes the functionalities that usually require multiple plugins. Here’s a quick look at some of the additional features it offers out of the box:

  • Displaying various content, including metadata, on the front end based on user behavior.
  • Creating custom query lists that work with any data, including CPT, CCT, SQL tables, REST API, terms, users, and WooCommerce products.
  • Creating glossaries that store sets of metadata for universal use across the website.
  • Employing AI prompting for creating SQL tables.
  • Presenting analytical data from various types of sources via tables and charts with filters.
  • A robust profile builder with all the necessary functionality for creating membership platforms and front-end post submissions.

As you can see, JetEngine is designed to operate in the site’s background, connecting it to front-end layouts and, figuratively speaking, filling the relatively simple WordPress with all the nuts and bolts needed to transform it into a complex platform for whatever goals you have in mind.

To enhance and diversify your project, Crocoblock even offers additional plugins that contribute to site functionalities and design.


Crocoblock initially developed plugins exclusively for the Elementor editor. When combined, they offer over 150 widgets which redefine the capabilities of this widely favored page builder.

We even compared Elementor Pro vs Crocoblock here on WP Mayor, going into detail on what each one offers and what it’s best suited for.

Subsequently, many of these plugins underwent upgrades to integrate with the Block Builder, the native WordPress editor. As of 2023, integration with Bricks Builder, a third popular editor, is underway.

  • JetElements offers a vast library of pre-designed Elementor widgets. Some of them improve the classic Elementor functionalities, while others allow new visual effects and help improve website user experience.
  • JetSmartFilters enables the creation of dynamic filters for products, posts, or any custom post type. Visitors can easily navigate website content and find relevant information based on specific criteria or a tag.
  • JetFormBuilder plugin simplifies the process of creating and managing forms. With its help, users can build forms with conditional logic, dynamic values, calculated content, and other advanced features.
  • JetStyleManager adds customization features for all blocks created with the JetPlugins. Remember that native WordPress Block Builder has very limited design customization capabilities.
  • JetTricks adds sophisticated effects to websites like Parallax and Particles to create interactive and user-engaging designs. 
JetTricks from Crocoblock
  • JetMenu provides features to create any type of menus for modern websites: hamburger, horizontal and vertical menus, and mega menus with sublevels. Navigation bars created with the JetMenu can display any content, including media and dynamic data.
  • JetGridBuilder creates a flexible background grid for easy displaying posts on the front end in any imaginable layout.
  • JetThemeCore is an efficient theme/template builder. Its robust conditional logic features can help users build responsive layouts easily, improving the WordPress editor’s functionality.
  • JetPopup can create pop-ups with dynamic links, and it has many triggering event options, so the pop-ups can appear exactly where and when you need them.
  • JetReviews provides essential tools for building a reviewing functionality, allowing visitors to comment, rate, and share their experiences on the site. With this plugin, you can create a custom review layout and assign it to any post type. 
  • JetBooking creates booking and availability functionality for businesses offering daily-based services. When paired with JetEngine, it allows the automation of management and displaying dynamic content in calendars.
  • JetAppointment has similar features to JetBookings but is tuned for services operating on an hourly basis. The plugin includes integrations with popular gateway methods, Google Calendars for team workflow optimization, and JetEngine for transforming your toolset from static to dynamic. 
  • JetWooBuilder is a niche plugin aimed at eCommerce sites. It includes more than 60 Elementor widgets you’d need for creating single-page layouts, cart functionalities, check-out forms, and pretty much everything else related to the customer journey funnel on the website. 
  • JetSearch allows searching through the entire site or limits it to specific sources: post types, pages, taxonomy terms, and tags. You can freely build search queries by including/excluding specific items from the search. With the AJAX functionality, search results are refined each time you type a new character in the search bar without renewing the page.
  • JetProductGallery can make your virtual stores beautiful by employing professionally designed display options and custom styling features.
  • JetCompare&Wishlist provides six widgets for adding compare and wishlist functionalities to the e-stores.
  • JetBlocks focuses on customizing the header and footer blocks. This plugin makes the essential parts of web pages highly functional by inserting a navigation menu, a cart button, a breadcrumbs section, a search bar, and more. 
  • JetBlog is a multifunctional tool for creating blog websites with Elementor. It provides widgets for customizing blog layouts, creating blog previews, pagination, navigation, etc. 
  • JetTabs can assist you in creating a smart page layout with accordions, tabs, and toggle blocks for Elementor. With these tools, you can conceal part of the content behind the button or a toggle until the viewer, interested in specific information, decides to reveal it. This approach allows incorporating a lot of data into your page while keeping the interface clean and light.

That’s an impressive list of tools. If you’re not ready to go for an entire package, visit Crocoblock’s official website to read in detail what each plugin does so you can achieve your specific goals. 


To become familiar with the JetPlugins’ capabilities, I recommend checking out their template libraries. 

Each of the 14 Crocoblock dynamic templates can be installed on top of the WordPress theme. They include sets of fully functional pages catering to various industries such as eCommerce, hospitality, job platforms, car dealerships, etc.

Every template highlights the effectiveness of different Crocoblock plugins. Notably, all templates include the JetEngine plugin, as they are specifically designed for websites that emphasize dynamic content and automation.

Explore examples within these templates to find intricate filtering functionalities, multi-step booking forms, catalogs dynamically connected to single post pages, and pre-configured profile builders.

A dynamic template screenshot from the Crocoblock JetEngine demo site.

On the other hand, Crocoblock’s design templates are optimized for websites that prioritize content layout and require simpler functionality. Within the collection of 45 design templates, you can discover ready-made solutions for websites in beauty, travel, blogging, healthcare, and other industries.

Utilizing these professionally crafted designs for all essential pages can significantly speed up the site development process, leaving you with the task of simply adding your original text and media content.

Finally, Crocoblock offers over 200 pop-up templates. These templates include essential elements such as cookie policies, content lockers, and contact forms that users can easily customize to match their website designs.

Among them are 80 interactive pop-ups featuring unique graphics, scratching and moving animations, and compelling call-to-action buttons.

Considering the capabilities to fine-tune triggering events and incorporate dynamic links, these pop-ups can prove highly effective for the customer journey funnel, whether you’re targeting prospective buyers or aiming to acquire new site members.

Plans and Pricing

First of all, there are many Crocoblock tools you can use for free: 

  • JetGridBuilder, JetFormBuilder, and JetStyleManager;
  • 40+ Crocoblock dev tools that are not part of the JetPlugins and work with free or paid plugins or separately;
  • a lightweight Kava theme that integrates perfectly with Elementor and all Crocoblock products.

For the paid options, there are essentially two paths:

  • Individual plans for specific plugins you need, ranging from $19 to $43 yearly for use on one site or $29 to $88 for unlimited sites; 
  • An All-Inclusive Subscription covering all plugins, templates, and additional perks at $199 per year for one site or $399 for unlimited sites, with a Lifetime plan option available at $750 to $999. 
Crocoblock's pricing plans

I can see a scenario when buying separate plugins is a better option – for example, when you want to try building a particular site, test out how these new tools work, or get familiar with the Crocoblock way of working. 

However, opting for the All-Inclusive package as an established freelance web developer or a design agency is a much better deal.

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so your investment is safe in case you find that it’s not a good fit for you or your agency.

Support and Documentation

Crocoblock provides support to owners of valid license holders via chats, tickets, or Zoom calls. The latter is not something you see often with WordPress products, so it’s a value add, especially for agencies who are on tighter deadlines.

Their knowledge base features thousands of documents organized by product and type (overviews, tutorials, tips & tricks, and troubleshooting). I know for a fact that this base is expanding every day as developers add new features and customers make inquiries to the support team.

Crocoblock's knowledge base.

In addition to the impressive knowledge base, Crocoblock users (or anyone interested in Crocoblock products) can pose questions in a Facebook community with over 20k members.

The Crocoblock YouTube channel also features numerous video tutorials and reviews of various plugin features.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

One key element of Crocoblock’s strategy is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

The team seems to actively seek and respond to customer questions in a timely and effective way, even taking on customer feedback and converting it into real-world product updates.

Crocoblock's Trustpilot rating.

I’m confident in saying this given their 1000+ Trustpilot reviews with an average rating of 4.9/5.

Many praise their customer support, especially when it comes to overcoming the initial learning curve that comes with a brand-new suite of tools.

A Trustpilot review of Crocoblock, praising their customer support.

And I swear that’s a different Mark in the review above, it’s not me.

Final Thoughts on Crocoblock’s Value

Crocoblock offers a diverse range of big and small tools that can be used as effective patches to cover WordPress’s gaps. Each plugin in the JetPlugins suite accomplishes different goals, and I’m sure many web developers may use just one or two of them in conjunction with non-Crocoblock tools.

The primary audience that will value Crocoblock tools the most is likely to be made up of web design and development agencies who work on more complex projects. This opinion is based mostly on an assessment of Crocoblock’s advantages and disadvantages

  • Crocoblock tools are optimized for working with dynamic content, allowing real-time updates, responsiveness, and the ability for end users to interact with the websites on the front end.
  • JetPlugins can be used to create any imaginable layout and style using one of the two popular WordPress builders – Elementor and Gutenberg – and soon Bricks Builder.
  • Crocoblock further offers dozens of ready-made website demos to build functional, niche-oriented websites more quickly.
  • Crocoblock prioritizes website performance, allowing the deactivation of unused features for enhanced efficiency.
  • Additionally, JetEngine’s CCT feature can significantly improve the functioning of large websites with excessive post catalogs.
  • Overall, Crocoblock boasts hundreds, if not thousands, of features that may take a little more time to learn than you’d wish. However, experienced users will enjoy working with this comprehensive platform, appreciating it more with each subsequent project. 

If you plan to create many websites using WordPress, do yourself a favor and check out Crocoblock. Talk with their representatives, read user reviews, and join their Facebook community to get a real feel for what this suite of tools is offering.

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Mark Zahra

Mark is the CEO behind the WP Mayor project. He has been using WordPress since 2012, joining the WP Mayor team in 2014. Since then, he has helped to review, test, and write about hundreds of WordPress products and services; educating the community of millions of WordPress users around the globe.

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