How To Customize Your WooCommerce Thank You Pages To Get Repeat Orders

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When do you think you have your customers’ 100% attention? It’s when they’ve just completed the purchase i.e. on the Thank You or order confirmation page. They’re most attentive here. At this point: You can either lead them or leave them. Currently, you point them to dead end Thank You pages and end the relationship abruptly. By doing this, you leave money on the table. Read this post to find how to increase  repeat sales by optimizing Thank you pages.
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‘Thank You’ pages come way at the end of the funnel. They aren’t even at the top of your mind. Isn’t it?

You’re too busy ‘tweaking’ and fixing the other stuff like your homepage or product pages or your ad.

I hear you on that.

But when do you think you have your customers’ 100% attention?

It’s when they’ve completed their purchase, i.e., on the Thank You or order confirmation page.  They’re most attentive here. At this point:

You can either lead them or leave them.

Currently, you point them to dead end Thank You pages and end the relationship. By doing this, you miss the opportunity to make the next sale.

Not an opportunity you should miss, no matter the stage of your business.

In this post, I’ll show you how to customize WooCommerce Thank You pages and generate repeat orders.

I’ll be using the WooCommerce Thank You Page plugin, NextMove to show you how to deploy these techniques.

Before we start, I’d love for you to explore the live demo here so that when we dive deeper, you have a much better understanding.

Got your seat belts on? Let’s get started.

#1: Show a Personalized Thank You Message to Form an Instant Connection

Your customer has parted with his money. No matter what you think, there’s always a bit of pain associated with this process. Humans are wired to be loss averse.

Use your Thank You pages to pacify this pain and make your buyers feel good about their decision.

A simple hack to do that is to personalize your Thank You page.

First, take a look at your original Thank You page:


It confirms the order and jumps right into the other details. It’s less of a Thank You page, more of a receipt or a bill.

It’s like saying to your customers ‘Thanks, but we’re done with you. You can leave now. All the personality and conversations were for the other pages. There’s nothing here!’

Now take a look at this Thank You page:

WooCommerce Thank You Pages by NextMove

It’s full of personality and takes forward the relationship, that was started on the product page. It refers to the customer by their first name.

Also notice, the pointer on the map shows the shipping location. The customer can be sure that the website has got their details right.

The idea is not to ask for the next sale right away but to first acknowledge their action and take a moment to thank them well.

#2: Recommend Relevant Products Based on Their Purchase to Encourage Repeat Orders  

Personalized product recommendations give shoppers a reason to stay longer and explore further.

So display relevant items on the ‘Thank You’ pages to increase retention.

Take a quick look at how Amazon shows product recommendations on the Thank You page:

Amazon Thank You Page with Product Recommendations

Here are two different ways to show products recommendations:

Related Products

WooCommerce groups items that share the same tags or category as similar products.

You don’t have to select these products, WooCommerce does it for you. You can now display these products on your ‘Thank You’ pages using NextMove.


Cross-sell are complementary products that go well with the purchased item.

For example, if someone bought a beach bag, she may also like the beach sandals or sunblock.

Your job as a store owner is to make the most of this opportunity and show them what else you’ve got that may be relevant to them.

Relevance is the key here.

WooCommerce allows you to add Cross-sell to each product. You can go to individual product pages, click on linked products and add specific cross-sells.

Step#1: Add Cross-sells for each product

Select about three cross-sells for every product.

Step#2: Turn on the ‘Cross-Sell’ component in NextMove:

When you go to the backend of NextMove, you’ll be able to see the cross-sell component on the menu. Select it, and it will give you options to edit the component.

Showing Cross Sells on Thank You Pages

Add the heading, description and choose the layout type. NextMove will show the cross-sells on the thank you pages based on the items that were purchased.

Step#3: Here’s how the cross-sell component will appear on the ‘Thank You’ page:

WooCommerce Thank You Pages with Cross Sell options

Help people discover relevant products in your store. And now that they trust you, they’ll appreciate it.

This technique alone can increase your conversions sooner than you think.

#3: Reveal Deadline-Bound Coupon Code So They Can’t Resist Buying Again

Coupon Code is an excellent way to pull people back into the funnel. They evoke a desire in the customers to make their next purchase.

Etsy shows a coupon code ‘ThankYouSoMuch’ to encourage buyers to buy again:

 Couponb Code on Thank You Page

However, it is a generic coupon code. It doesn’t make you feel special. You can create a lasting impression by personalizing the coupon code that you offer.

It’ll also increase coupon uptakes. You can make their name, phone number, order number or email a code.

Here’s how you can set up a personalized and deadline-bound coupon code:

Step #1: Create a new coupon code, say ‘Save15.’

Go to the backend of WooCommerce and create a new coupon code.

Step #2: Set the usage restriction to up the average order value

You can place restrictions on the coupon usage.

For example, if you want the coupon code to be applicable only when order total is over $45, here’s how you can set this up:

Once you’ve completed this process, open the backend of NextMove.

Step #3: Select ‘Dynamic Coupon’ component in NextMove and choose ‘Save15’ from the drop down

WooCommerce Thank You Page with discount coupon

Next, write a persuasive message to encourage your customers to redeem the coupon. Write all other details about coupon expiry, percentage discount, etc. in the description section.

Step #4: Personalize the coupon code and set a deadline to it

When you scroll down further on the same page, you’ll notice the section to ‘personalize coupon’ – click yes.
Then write the name of the coupon code and set the expiry:

Notice we’ve used Dynamic merge tags to personalize the code. It will automatically pick up the customer name from the details they will enter while checking out.

Step #5: Save and hit preview

Here’s how the dynamic coupon will appear on your ‘Thank You’ page:

WooCommerce Thank You Page with Dynamic Coupon

It shares with them all the details related to coupon usage, i.e., minimum order value, percentage off, expiry date and the coupon code.

A personalized, deadline-bound coupon code can motivate users to take timely action.

If you want you may offer a discount when the user shares about you on social media. I’ve done a dedicated blog post + video on this, check it out.

#4:  Show Recently Viewed Items to Pull Buyers Back into The Funnel

Recently viewed items are your customers’ digital footprints.

There could be products they stumbled upon and liked but didn’t end up buying.

‘Thank You’ page is the right time to show them what they’re leaving behind. It will help rekindle their desire to buy.

And don’t forget:

“It’s five times more cost-effective to make existing customers buy again than acquire new customers.”

To activate the recently viewed items component, you simply have to click on the block and edit it.

Add heading, description and other details in the edit section:

It’ll automatically pull out the items viewed by your customers and show them on the ‘Thank You’ page. The heading & description of the section will be picked up from here.

Show recently viewed items on your ‘Thank You’ pages and tap into the power of subtle reminders.

#5: Direct them to Your Best-Sellers to Build on the Buying Momentum

A high-converting ‘Thank You’ page is not a dead end. It starts a conversation and leads people to more relevant pages.

Take a look how Amazon leads its buyers to the Sandal Shop within Amazon:

Amazon is showing this Thank You page to a buyer who’s bought a women’s fitness magazine.

So it’s are now directing them to the Sandal Shop because the buyer is a woman. She may also like browsing their sandal collection.

You too can create a dedicated Thank You page based on the category from which the purchase was made. Let me show you how:

Step #1: Select ‘Specific products’ component from the NextMove panel

It allows you to choose the exact product(s) you’d like to show on the ‘Thank You’ page. Type the initial letters of your product name, and it’ll be auto-completed.

Step #2: Select the category to restrict this Thank You page to the chosen category

In NextMove, the rule builder section allows you to create custom rules. Here’s how you’ll select the category from the drop-down menu:

Step #3: Update, Save, and Hit Preview

Here’s how this component will appear on the ‘Thank You’ pages:

WooCommerce Thank You Page showing Best Seller Item

#6: Prime Them for An Upcoming Promotion on Your WooCommerce Thank You Pages

Thank You page is a great opportunity to let your buyers know about a promotion. It could be an upcoming promotion that’s starting in a few days or one that’s already going on.

They’re captive on this page so position your offer while they are attentive.

Notice how GuitarFingers announces its massive holiday sale on the Thank You Page:

To set this up, follow these steps:

Step #1: Select ‘Image Text’ from the panel in NextMove

Once you enable this, you’ll see a bunch of controls on the right-hand side.

You can edit this component – write the description, upload image, adjust the alignment, etc.:

You can add all the details about the promotion and upload the related image.

Step #2: Turn on the Call to Action button to direct your buyers to the page with promotional offer

WooCommerce Discount on Thank You Page

Add the CTA button text and input the URL in the Link field to direct your customers to a specific category page.

Step #3: Update, Save, and Hit Preview

 Here’s how this component will show up on the Thank You page:

WooCommerce Thank You Page with Promotion

You can direct them to an ongoing promotion or prime them for an upcoming one. Let them know that you have a sale planned for the coming week and will be sending out an email in time.

This will ensure that when your email arrives in their inbox, you’ll have their attention.

#7:  Display a Feedback Form to Get a Priceless Peek into Shoppers’ Experience

Get your customers to fill out a survey form on the Thank You page. Their responses can provide you valuable insights into their shopping experience. These golden nuggets can help improve the user experience of your store and increase conversions.

Emailing them later and asking them to fill out a survey form is expecting way too much.

They’re attentive on the Thank You page, and the shopping experience is still fresh in their mind. Ask the right set of questions before it fades out, and they move to something else.

Take a look at how Master of Malt asks buyers a simple yet profound question ‘How did we do?’

It’s a great way to start a conversation and get them talking:

You could also use Thank You Page as an opportunity to learn more about their behavior & needs. Here’s how Harry asks an interesting question:

This simple question will help Harry’s gain a deeper understanding of their customers & their behavior.

You can set up a simple survey like this on your WooCommerce Thank you page.

Step #1: Create a new form in Gravity Forms (or any other form plugin that you have).

Name your form; I’ve named it as ‘Thank You for your order.’ Further, add the fields that you need for the survey:

Step #2: Open a new post and select ‘Add a new Form.’

You’ll now see the option to choose the form and insert it. Select the name of your home from this drop-down:

Survey in WooCommerce Thank You Page

After clicking on Insert Form, the shortcode will appear in the post like this:

Step #3: Copy the form shortcode and paste it in the ‘HTML’ component of NextMove:

Step #4: Write the headline, description for the form and add a border if you need

Step #5: Hit Save and Preview

Here’s how this component will appear on your Thank You pages:

WooCommerce Thank You page with Survey

The first question requires them to check a box.

The answer to this question will give you an understanding of how your buyers feel after buying from you. Priceless peek! The second question requires them to write a small paragraph.

You can use their answers as a guidepost to improve the user experience. Undoubtedly a good user experience translates into more sales.

You can add more questions if you like but the key to getting quality responses is keeping it short.

Here are some more useful resources to customize WooCommerce Thank You Page:

  1. Download  WooCommerce Thank You Page – NextMove Lite by XLPlugins
  2. Head out to this link to discover 7 more overlooked Thank You page hacks
  3. Read The ultimate checklist for increasing WooCommerce sales


There you go!

I shared with you seven power-packed techniques to explode your repeat orders.

But I must tell you this was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more you can do.

No, you don’t have to deploy all the techniques to see a jump in post-conversions but you should use a healthy mix.

Implement the techniques that you think will work best for your site visitors. You know them best. As a small store owner, make sure you unleash every single opportunity to make more sales.

Want to add something to the list?

Maybe something I glazed over? Do share with us in the comments below and tell us where you are in your eCommerce journey.

Don’t forget a well-optimized Thank You page can open gateway to more sales.

So isn’t it worth more than all the energy you’ll spend on it? I’ll be in the comments.

Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen Kaur is a conversion strategist at XL Plugins which builds WooCommerce plugins. She helps WooCommerce store owners sharpen their conversion chops and increase sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your store into a high-converting asset.

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  1. Hey, how to edit that thankyou page with elementor? I get the error “you must call the_content function in the current template in order for elementor to work” And if i use a shortcode to display in other page plugin content its dosent work, any solution? Main question is to change full desing of page

  2. Agree with you 100%. A heartfelt thank you note = a solid personal connection. And a good personal connection lays the foundation for a sale. So give Thank You Pages the importance they deserve, the sale will follow. It’s the mindset that matters. 🙂

  3. Those are some excellent tips. I really liked the last one. Gathering feedback is as important in ecommerce as in any other industry.

    Also, I sometimes think that just leaving a nice Thank you message can be a good gesture. Not trying to up sell your product or anything but just a nice small message appreciating their purchase from our store.

    I know this wont be the best solution for revenue maximization but I just think it would be nice.

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