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DearFlip Review: A Highly-Rated Flipbook WordPress Plugin

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After exploring the features and use cases of the DearFlip 3D Flipbook Plugin, it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to enhance the reading experience and engage their audience with interactive flipbooks.  With DearFlip, creative professionals, publishers, and educators can transform static PDFs into dynamic and visually appealing 3D flipbooks that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.

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I have been reading novels since 7th grade and that passion has led me to academia where again, as a researcher, I am immersed in a plethora of PDFs. Whether it’s for academic purposes, finding workout routines, new recipes, or staying updated on marketing trends and SEO strategies, PDFs have become an indispensable tool in my professional and personal life.

No matter how often I use them, static PDFs often fall short in terms of interactivity and engagement. It’s always difficult to read recipes or understand workout routines while trying to zoom out on text and images simultaneously.

Traditional PDFs not only impact the reader’s experience but also diminish the effectiveness of the content, especially in the cases of digital magazines, brochures, catalogs, and eBooks. This is where DearFlip comes in.

The DearFlip 3D Flipbook Plugin is one of the best flipbook plugins for WordPress that revolutionizes the way we consume content by transforming static PDF documents into dynamic, interactive 3D flipbooks. With its visually captivating and user-friendly design, DearFlip enhances the reading experience, making it ideal for digital magazines, catalogs, brochures, and eBooks.

In this DearFlip review, we will explore how DearFlip addresses the limitations of static PDFs and provides a solution that captivates and excites readers. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of DearFlip!

DearFlip Review: Core Features

1. Easy PDF to 3D Flipbook Conversion

DearFlip simplifies the process of converting PDF files into captivating flipbooks. Users can seamlessly transform their PDFs into dynamic flipbooks by providing a PDF link, eliminating the need to undergo the tedious task of converting PDFs into multiple images. This streamlined conversion process saves time and ensures a hassle-free experience for content creators.

2. Immersive Reading Experience

One of the core features of the DearFlip Flipbook WordPress Plugin is its ability to deliver a truly immersive and realistic 3D flipbook experience. Readers are treated to engaging flipping effects, authentic sounds, and an overall appearance that mirrors a physical book. This feature enhances user engagement, making the reading experience enjoyable and memorable.

3. Customizable Controls and Display

The plugin offers extensive control customization, allowing users to tailor the flipbook’s interface to their liking. From adding or removing controls to adjusting the paper stiffness for realistic page flips, DearFlip provides a high degree of customization. This flexibility ensures that the flipbook aligns seamlessly with the website’s design and delivers a user-friendly reading experience.

4. Interactive Zoom and Navigation

DearFlip enhances reader interaction by incorporating features like zoom scroll functionality. Readers can easily zoom in and out of the flipbook for a closer examination of the content. Additionally, the ability to set links to open in the current or a new tab provides control over the navigation experience, ensuring a smooth and user-centric interaction.

5. Analytics Insights with Google Integration

Google Analytics integration empowers content creators to gain valuable insights into user behavior. By tracking flipbook load and first-page flips, users can analyze engagement patterns and make informed decisions to optimize the overall user experience. This feature adds a data-driven element to the plugin, contributing to strategic content planning.

6. Efficient Loading and Display Options

DearFlip’s features extend to the efficient loading of large PDF files through the PDF partial loading size adjustment. This ensures a seamless and fast flipbook performance. Moreover, options such as embedded attachment PDF settings and book thumb ratio customization provide users with choices on how the flipbook and its components are displayed, enhancing overall visual appeal.

DearFlip Review: Use Cases of 3D Flipbooks

1. Showcasing Digital Catalogs and Lookbooks

DearFlip is an ideal solution for businesses in the fashion, retail, or product industries looking to showcase their catalogs and lookbooks in a visually appealing manner. Real estate agents can innovatively showcase property listings and travel agencies can create visually stunning flipbooks showcasing travel destinations, brochures, and travel packages. Art and event organizers can elevate their presentations by leveraging DearFlip, creating visually appealing 3D flipbooks for dynamic art exhibitions and standout digital event brochures.

By transforming static PDF catalogs into interactive 3D flipbooks, brands can engage their audience with a lifelike browsing experience, allowing users to flip through pages just like they would with a physical catalog.

2. Creating Interactive Portfolios

For creative professionals such as photographers, designers, and artists, DearFlip provides a dynamic platform to present their portfolios. Unlike static web pages and PDFs, professionals can convert their portfolio PDFs into interactive flipbooks on their websites, adding a touch of sophistication to their work. The realistic flipping effects and immersive experience will make it an excellent choice for creatively displaying visual content.

3. Publishing Digital Magazines and E-books

Media publishers and authors can leverage DearFlip to bring their digital magazines and e-books to life. The plugin’s 3D flipbook experience enhances the reading journey, making it more engaging and enjoyable for the audience. It’s especially useful for PDFs that have visual content such as fashion magazines, workout guides, recipe books, and much more.

4. Enhancing Educational Materials

Educational institutions, trainers, and e-learning platforms can benefit from DearFlip to transform educational materials into interactive flipbooks. Whether it’s textbooks, kids’ rhymes, course materials, or training manuals, the plugin adds a layer of interactivity, making learning more engaging for students. Features like zooming and navigation options contribute to a richer educational experience.

DearFlip Review: Creating 3D Flipbooks in WordPress

Here is how you can also take your PDFs and create a stunning 3D flipbook, spiral flipbook, or PDF viewer on your WordPress website.

Step 1: Install the plugin to your WordPress site

Begin by navigating to your WordPress dashboard. In the left-hand menu, select “Plugins” and then click on “Add New.”

If you want to use the DearFlip lite version, type “DearFlip” and press enter. Locate the DearFlip 3D Flipbook plugin, and click “Install Now.” You will get a link to download the DearFlip premium version and you can upload it to your WordPress site by clicking “Upload Plugin” and clicking “Install Now.”

Once installed, click “Activate.” The DearFlip plugin is now successfully integrated into your WordPress site.

Step 2: Add a new book

After activation, a new option labeled “DearFlip” will appear in your WordPress dashboard. Click on “DearFlip” and then select “Add New.”

Here, you’ll begin creating your 3D flipbook. Choose a pdf, enter a title for your book, and select a thumbnail image. You also get an option to create a flipbook from images instead of PDFs which can be useful if you are creating a PDF from images. If you don’t have a thumbnail image, the plugin will generate one for you.

I have chosen an arm workout PDF that I like to follow at the gym. You can choose any PDF that you want to publish on your website.

Step 3: Design the layout

Once you have uploaded the PDF, go to the General/Layout tab to design the layout by customizing colors and adjusting other visual elements.

The “Viewer Type” is where you can decide if this will be published as a vertical reader, flipbook, or slider. By default, all PDFs are displayed as flipbooks but you can change that here.

You can either leave default controls and layout settings or make changes according. I have changed the background color and also toggled on the option to download the PDF.

Step 4: Configure 3D settings

Next, you’ll find the “Flipbook” section. Here, you can fine-tune the 3D settings to enhance the realism of your flipbook. Adjust parameters such as the Experiment with these settings to achieve the desired 3D effect for your flipbook.

You can choose between 3D and 2D modes, enabling a realistic WebGL 3D experience or a conventional 2D display. The plugin’s global settings further enhance customization, offering control over page behavior, flip duration, direction, and additional 3D features like spiral color, cover settings, paper flexibility, and autoplay functionality for an interactive and dynamic flipbook presentation.

Tip: If you want to show your 3D flipbook with spirals, go to the “Has Spiral in 3D book” option and select “True” since it’s set to False by default. Don’t forget to choose the spiral color.

Step 5: Paste the shortcode

Once you are happy with the edits, publish your book. You will now be able to see the shortcode that can be pasted anywhere on your WordPress website to display the 3D flipbook.

You will see two shortcodes – ‘thumb’ and ‘button.’ Depending on where you intend to display the 3D flipbook, copy and paste the respective shortcode.

Final look

I have pasted the thumbnail shortcode on a new post and here is how it looks:

I also created a quick video showcasing how my 3D flipbook looks.

DearFlip Review: Pricing

DearFlip offers a flexible and transparent pricing structure to cater to the diverse needs of its users:

For those managing a single WordPress site, the Single Site plan at $49/year provides comprehensive access to the DearFlip plugin. If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, there is also a Lifetime version at $149 that lets you create an easy 3D Flipbook.

For businesses and individuals running a self-sufficient agency may opt for the 5 Sites plan, priced at $99/year. You also have the option to upgrade to the Lifetime version for $299, providing a cost-effective solution for those managing multiple WordPress sites.

There is a 30-Sites plan at $249/year for larger enterprises, providing scalability and flexibility for users with diverse portfolios. Enterprises also have an opportunity to secure a Lifetime version for $699.

DearFlip Review: Support and Documentation

Dearflip offers support through the WordPress forum for DearFlip Lite Version where the admin team of this plugin is active, and they respond to almost all the queries made by the users. Premium version users of this plugin can contact the support through their account.

As for the documentation, DearFlip has in-depth and helpful documentation for both WordPress and JavaScript plugins. The documentation serves as a valuable resource, guiding users in installing the plugin, creating various types of flipbooks, and optimizing their overall experience with the plugin. I found the documentation helpful while designing my first 3D flipbook. They included screenshots throughout, which was quite helpful in figuring out the layout and design of my flipbook.

DearFlip Review: User reviews

DearFlip has garnered widespread praise from its user community, and the reviews reflect the satisfaction and enthusiasm of those who have integrated this 3D Flipbook WordPress Plugin into their websites.

Over 100,000 WordPress users, 5,000+ Premium CodeCanyon users, and 20,000+ Chrome App users have shown praise for this plugin. It has 4.9/5 stars on WordPress.

DearFlip Review: Final Thoughts

I found DearFlip easy to set up, economical, and a great plugin for displaying PDFs in a fun and interactive way.

With its easy conversion process, immersive reading experience, customizable controls, interactive zoom and navigation, Google Analytics integration, efficient loading and display options, DearFlip offers a host of features that enhance user engagement and deliver a visually captivating reading experience.

Whether you’re a business, a creative professional, a publisher, or an educator, DearFlip has the potential to elevate your content and captivate your audience.

DearFlip WordPress Plugin
WP Mayor Verified 2024

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