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LPagery is a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to create and update landing pages in bulk. It uses a template page with placeholders filled by importing a CSV, XLSX file, or Google Sheets. The Pro version offers advanced features like image processing, dynamic content using Spintax, and Google Sheet sync. With different pricing plans, LPagery is a time-saving solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Let’s say you own a store with locations in multiple cities, and you want to feature each location with unique details on your WordPress site. Creating a separate page for each city will be a tedious exercise. What you need for your WordPress site is a bulk page creator.

In this article, I will introduce you to a fantastic plugin called LPagery that takes the drudgery out of creating and updating dynamic landing pages in bulk.

Create Bulk Pages Quickly with LPagery

LPagery helps you create hundreds or thousands of bulk pages on your WordPress site with minimal setup. You and your marketing team can save tons of time by adding new pages in just minutes.

LPagery Logo

LPagery works by using a template page you create that includes placeholders representing columns in your source data — a CSV file, XLSX file, or a Google Sheet. When you import or sync, the file LPagery automatically creates as many pages as rows and fills in the associated placeholders. LPagery also supports creating posts and custom post types (CPPT). Like magic, your content is created. Do you want to change the layout of all created pages/posts or need to change the content on the pages? With our update feature, this is easily possible!

How to Use LPagery

LPagery is super simple to use. I’ll go over basic usage and talk about some advanced features. LPagery works with all popular page builders and themes; I’ll demonstrate the plugin using Elementor in this article.


First, you’ll need to grab the LPagery plugin on their website.

Once you have the plugin, install and activate it on your WordPress site as usual. You’ll be prompted for your license key, and the plugin automatically scrolls down the page to help you do that.

With the plugin activated, you’ll see an item for LPagery in your WordPress Admin bar. You can begin creating bulk landing pages quickly, right from the dashboard.

But first, you need to set up a CSV file for import.

Step 1: Set Up a CSV File

The first thing you need to do is create a CSV file or spreadsheet to hold your data. This can be a simple file with just a few columns. You can use a CSV file, XLSX file, or even import data from Google Sheets.

screenshot of spreadsheet with three columns and five rows

For instance, imagine you have a chain of toy stores across the United States. Some stores are full-sized with lots to offer; others are mini kiosk-style stores with toys. You might set up three columns:

city: the store’s location

store-type: Full size or mini store?

featuring: what does the store feature?

Then you would fill in as many rows as needed for all your locations. These column headings will function as tags as we create template pages in WordPress.

Step 2: Create a Template Page

Now that you have a spreadsheet file, you can set up a template page. This template page is one of the things that makes the process much more efficient. Every bulk page will follow this template, so you don’t have to tax your brain — or your team — designing layouts for hundreds of pages.

In WordPress, create a new page as you normally would. We can use one of our column headings for the title, such as city. This will help you quickly find the right pages after the bulk creation process. We can create a page titled {city} Store in our example.

screenshot of WordPress page editor with title {city} Store

Save the page.

Step 3: Design the Template Page

At this point, you can design your page layout using whatever method you like. LPagery works with any theme or page builder. For this example, I used Elementor.

Part of the brilliance of LPagery is that you can add tags to a page header from your column headers. When you import your CSV file, LPagery will use that data to create all the unique pages.

screenshot of Elementor editor with title {store-type} store with {featuring}

So if we add {store-type} with {featuring} as a title on our page, it will be translated automatically, as we’ll see very soon.

You can create as simple or as complex a layout as you like in Elementor. All the pages LPagery creates for you will follow your template. Save your page and return to the LPagery menu in your admin dashboard.

Step 4: Create Landing Pages

Now that the template is created, it’s time to import the data and create the actual pages. In the LPagery menu, select your Template Page. You can also select a Parent Page if you like to organize your site that way. Additionally, you can set a custom URI slug and select Categories and Tags.

It’s time to select your CSV file or Google Sheet, or you can even use the Radius feature that automatically chooses cities based on the parameters you set. When you click Next, a modal will pop up, showing you a list of pages that will be created.

screenshot of LPagery modal pop up

If everything looks good, click Create Pages. You’ll be directed to check out your new pages, and the link takes you to your Pages list menu.

screenshot of WordPress dashboard showing list of new pages created using LPagery

Hover over any page and click view to see how it turned out.

screenshot of page in WordPress with title "New York Store" and heading "Full Size store with Toys & Candy"

From here, you can edit your pages and add more details for each location. This is especially handy if you have an entire team working on these pages. You’ll know that everyone is working from the same template, so your layout, style, and branding are already baked in.

That’s how easy it is to create bulk pages using LPagery. 

Additional Features

I’ve mentioned the ability to import Google Sheets, but let’s look at some more features included with the Pro version.

Image Processing

If you’re excited at the prospect of having bulk pages created for you, then you’ll flip over the image processing feature. Not only can you have a unique image on each page, but LPagery also fills in keywords in alt tags and provides metadata. It’s as easy as uploading your images to your media library and entering data in your CSV file.

Dynamic Content Using Spintax

You may have noticed that the title content was the same on the example pages I created. But what if you could arrange to have unique titles for your various pages? For example, say you wanted an adjective to describe your store, like “best.” Rather than have every page use “best,” you can use Spintax to have your pages display a range of adjectives, like “finest,” “greatest,” or “funkiest.”

screenshot of web page showing "best store in Denver with Toys."
screenshot of web page showing "funkiest store in Portland with Toys."

Features exclusive to the Pro version include:

  • Support for Custom Post Types
  • Google Sheet Sync
  • Custom URI Editor
  • Assign Category and Parent to pages
  • Radius Feature
  • Priority Email Support


You can choose a monthly or go with an annual subscription, which is a 20% savings over monthly. 

screenshot of LPagery pricing table


For $8 per month, you get a license for one website, unlimited pages, the Radius feature (unlimited), and CSV upload.


With an Extended subscription at $16 per month, you get everything in Standard plus:

  • Bulk Update Created Pages
  • Custom URI Editor
  • Google Sheet Sync
  • Assign Category and Parent to Pages
  • Select Page Status
  • Dynamic Content (Spintax)
  • Custom Post Types
  • Priority Email Support


Best for agencies and large businesses, Ultimate is $40 per month, which includes all of the above, and you get a license for unlimited websites.


If you’re looking for a WordPress bulk page creator, LPagery will deliver much more than you expected.

DJ Billings

D.J. is an experienced WordPress designer, developer, and consultant who has been part of the WP Mayor team as a Writer and Product Review Expert since early 2022. They love all things open source, creating illustrations, and running long distances.

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