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Divi 2.4 Offers a Host of New Features

Whether you're familiar with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes or not, this latest announcement will definitely grab your attention. It's the introduction of version 2.4 - the first step in the evolution of Divi.


Whether you’re familiar with the Divi theme from Elegant Themes or not, this latest announcement will definitely grab your attention. It’s the introduction of version 2.4 – the first step in the evolution of Divi.

Having a version number of 2.4 might suggest that this is just another update to version 2, but it’s much more than that. This update includes some excellent new features, some of which have been re-built from scratch as part of the evolution process of Divi and Elegant Themes.

So what’s new in Divi 2.4?

There are plenty of changes to the way the Divi theme works as well as what it offers. Here’s a look through some of the new features, as well as enhancements to those already available.

A Revamped Customizer


The theme customizer already offers some great features that make editing the basics of your WordPress site so easy, but the developers have taken it a few steps further.

They’ve included a host of new settings that you can play around with to achieve the exact look that you’re looking for. Be it a general theme setting, a change to the footer, or how the site displays on tablets and smartphones, this can now all be taken care of through the customizer.

Your General Theme Settings for instance will now enable you to modify the theme’s gutter widths, the site’s content width, the sidebar width, section and row padding, as well as the body and header text styles; all through a very simple interface.

The other features include multiple column layouts, header, text and link styles for the Footer, a number of new Global Button Styles such as button icon placement and hover styles, as well as new Tablet and Phone Styles for changes to section and row height, body and header text sizes, as well as header background and text colours.

A New Builder Interface


The Divi Builder is already a very powerful tool with lots of options to create the look that you need, and it’s now gotten a full re-design.

The interface has changed to make it clearer, easier to use and more efficient than it ever was.

The Divi Library


The Divi Library is one of the most exciting features to be introduced in Divi 2.4. It’s an extension of the already available Saved Layouts functionality that will speed up the process of building websites even more.

What it does is store any saved layouts, sections, rows and modules created in the library. You’ll even be able to edit them from within that same library.

All library elements can be filtered by name, type and/or category, and you’ll also be able to access any library element from within the page builder. If needed, you can also import and export library elements for use on other installs.

New Global Page Elements


When editing sections, rows and modules you can now make any of these Divi Library elements global. So you’ll be able to save one instance of a section, row or module and then add it into as many layouts as you need.

Updating one of them will then update them all, saving you plenty of valuable time. In fact, you can even make the updates either from  within a page or from within the Divi Library; it works the same either way.

The Divi Post Builder


The Divi Post Builder is a feature that enables you to use the Divi Builder on posts. That’s right, you’re now able to show or hide page titles, meta, featured images as well as page builder content.

There is even a new Post Title Module that places the page title, meta and featured images within a page builder layout, while also offering the choice between full width or sidebar layouts.

A Fluid Grid


As you’d expect with all new themes, responsiveness and fluidity is key. That’s why Divi 2.4 is focused on providing a 100% fluid grid. This new level of responsiveness allows for changes to settings such as custom content width, custom content space, custom sidebar width as well as the use of the builder in posts.

New Header & Navigation Options


Changing the way your Header and navigation options look is an option that every WordPress user would like to have when using a new theme, so Divi 2.4 has included it too.

The new fullscreen header module fills the height and width of the browser window no matter what, while still offering 24 unique layouts. The layout elements include, but aren’t limited to, the logo, titles, subtitle, header image, background image or video, parallax background image, and up to two call-to-action buttons. The new modules even include full width image and code modules, regular code modules, as well as full width and regular post and page title modules.

The Navigation Options are quite impressive too. Among them you can find the ability to hide/show the logo on scroll, the ability to show the header after scroll, a centred inline logo, navigation link options, a dropdown menu background and text colour options, amongst others.

Other Changes

More and more new features have been added to Divi 2.4 to make it the best update in Divi history. Apart from all the great changes mentioned above it also includes custom spacing controls for a number of elements including section padding, row padding, module margins and padding, and others.

There are also new row options which allow you to adjust the structure of existing rows, to make rows full width and to equalize column heights, just to name a few. Lastly, you’re provided with hundreds of new advanced module settings with unique options per individual module, together with custom CSS options that can be entered right inside the module in question.

Start Exploring Divi 2.4 Today


So now that we’ve peaked your interest about Divi 2.4, head over to their blog and check out the release post. They’ve even got 10 Free Accounts & Account Upgrades on offer to celebrate this launch!

We’re quite impressed with all these new features on offer from Divi and they’re sure to be a hit with all current Divi users as well as potential new customers.

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Mark Zahra
Mark Zahra
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