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Whether you're selling a WordPress plugin with various license options, web hosting with multiple pricing plans, or any other product or service that has more than one pricing plan, you've probably needed or created some form of pricing table.
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Whether you’re selling a WordPress plugin with various license options, web hosting with multiple pricing plans, or any other product or service that has more than one pricing plan, you’ve probably needed or created some form of pricing table.

These come in various layouts and styles, and are most of the time very similar to each other. This can make one of the final parts of a purchase look and feel bland, possibly reducing the chance of closing a sale.

Therefore it’s important to create some good looking and attention grabbing pricing tables that not only get the message across, but also grab the user’s eye as soon as they appear on screen.

There are a number of plugins to do this for WordPress sites, but one of the best ones at the moment seems to be ARPrice from Repute InfoSystems.

ARPrice’s Features

ARPrice is a responsive plugin that offers a number of features, some which make it unique among other pricing table plugins. Firstly, you have a choice of over 170 options to choose from. A very large variety of templates, styles and designs that can make your pricing tables stand out are available from the off, and you can check out a sample of them here.

It also offers a fully featured admin panel from where you can drag and drop the columns around and resize them as needed. Each column also has three main areas of focus that you can edit to your needs, even giving you the possibility to include images, videos, audio, Google maps and more.


Apart from that, ARPrice also provides you with a number of different ribbon types and colours that are completely based on CSS, allowing you to modify them as needed as well as a tooltip feature. However their most interesting feature is one that no other pricing table plugin currently offers – animated pricing tables.

Some of the other features on offer include Font Awesome and Custom Icon support, over 400 custom Google fonts, the ability to import and export templates, as well as external script integration with WooCommerce, PayPal, Visual Composer, and more. You’ve also got video support for Youtube, Vimeo, Screenr, Dailymotion and Metacafe, audio support for Soundcloud, Beatport and Mixcloud, and more.

Creating Your First Pricing Table

For the purpose of this review I’ll be using the demo provided by the developers to test out ARPrice’s functionality and ease of use.

Right after entering the demo (or installing the plugin on any other WordPress site), you can head on to the ARPrice admin from where you can select the pricing table template of your choice (and it’s a big choice).


Each one has it’s own ID to be used in the shortcode, as well as the options to select it, clone it or delete it. It also shows you whether they’re regular or animated templates by displaying a banner on each one when hovering over them.

Once you’ve made your choice, simply select it and your pricing table is created for you. Now it’s up to you to make it your own.

Personalising the Table

Once you’re in and ready to start personalising the pricing tables, you can get to grips with all the possible settings and options. By clicking on each column’s header, content, description and button, you can modify every part, but before that, clicking on the entire column will give you the options to duplicate it, remove it, change its width and height, hide it or add a custom ribbon to it.

As you can see in the screenshots below, you can add all the details necessary for your customers to select the appropriate pricing choice, and all you have to do is click and type, with the possibility of changing the font family, size, colour and style, or even adding images and videos.

The price settings allow you to set different settings for the price itself and for the price interval So you can set the dollar value to a particular size, colour and font, then make the “per month” text look completely different, and it’s all as simple as clicking on the appropriate settings box.

Each descriptive line also gives you the option to duplicate it, ideal for keeping the styling constant throughout the pricing table. You can add and remove rows as is necessary, and add a tooltip where you feel it’s necessary.

The button offers some size options, the possibility to include an image, and the space to enter the button link and button script, such as a PayPal code.

Table Settings & Options

Apart from the options to edit the looks of the individual columns, ARPrice also has a number of general settings that you can set from the menu up top.

First up is the Column Options from where you can set their spacing, width and responsiveness. Next to that os the Effects settings. You can set an active column effect so that, for example, a shadow appears behind the column a user is hovering over, as well as some other effects changes that can make your table stand out.

The Tooltips settings is where you can set everything needed for the tooltips; background colour, text colour, styles, positions and fonts. Lastly, you have a Custom CSS tab for any custom changes that you’d like to make if you’re familiar with CSS yourself.

Other Settings & Options

Last but not least are some other valuable and important features provided by ARPrice. First up is the Preview option. By clicking on the preview button you can check out your pricing table with its current settings and styling on three different displays; a computer monitor, a tablet, or a mobile device.

The next three screenshots above relate to the rest of the menu options in the WordPress dashboard. Analytics is great to keep track of visits by browsers and by countries, as well as individual visit listings to help you monitor how effective your pricing table has been.

Import/Export, as the title suggests, is from where you can import and export any templates of your choice, while Settings is where you can set global settings for custom CSS and the responsive settings for the maximum sizes of the various device views.


ARPrice is available for purchase from CodeCanyon at a price of just $19 for a Regular License.

This is very similar to other pricing table plugins around, however the features and sheer number of templates on offer definitely make it seem like one of the most worth while plugins to opt for.

Conclusions & Recommendations

Having tried out the demo a few times I can say that ARPrice is a very intuitive plugin that any level of WordPress user can make use of. In fact, once you’ve got the details of your pricing plans written down you can have the most basic yet attractive pricing table set up in no time.

The choice of templates is extensive and allows you to create any look that you can imagine, and the animated templates are certainly a plus for anyone looking to have something different and unique for their site.

The drag-and-drop interface, the easily accessible settings, the customisation options and the integration possibilities amongst others certainly make this a serious contender for your choice of pricing comparison table plugins for any WordPress site.

Have you used ARPrice or tried out the demo? What were your thoughts on how it compares to other similar plugins? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. I tried other pricing related plugins before and agree ARPrice is wonderful one to try.

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