5 Effective Management Plugins For Your WordPress Website

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If you want to run a business successfully, you need clear communications at all levels among your team members. Organized management and established communication are your best way to succeed. Well, it is a good thing that there are a variety of online tools people can use to simplify some workflows. Read on to find out which WordPress plugins will get you to the management succeed.
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If you want to run a business successfully, you need clear communication at all levels among your team members. Organized management and established communication are your best way to succeed. Well, it is a good thing that there are a variety of online tools people can use to simplify some workflows. These include WordPress plugins that perfectly integrate with all sites, allowing users to streamline management processes effectively.

Start with the fact that WordPress powers one-third of sites on the Internet. That shows how powerful WordPress is as a content management system. Here are the five most effective management plugins for your website. 

We will also discuss the various characteristics of each tool to help you find the best solution for different needs. Let’s get started!

Kanban Boards

Staying in touch with clients or managing many projects can be a serious challenge if you don’t know how to organize your brain and workspace. Fortunately, there are a lot of really useful task management boards like ProjectPanorama and Kanban Boards.

Let’s talk about a Kanban Boards plugin. It has very similar properties to the more famous Trello. This tool lets your make to-do lists or tasks and move them between various boards to track progress. You can also use it to control the status of customers, the process of sales, and much more. Just install the board on your WordPress site and use this free and simple plugin to manage all of your employees, projects, customers, suppliers, or vendors.

Google Calendar

Do you want to add a functional calendar to your WordPress? Then meet a Google Calendar plugin — a free one for those who like simple solutions. This intuitive tool works without hard coding, so you can quickly manage different events.

This application was developed with an impressive set of features. You can check this guide to learn how to integrate Google Calendar with your WordPress site using a plugin.  After downloading and installing this tool on your site, you could create your first event in just a few minutes. And the ability to control your calendar by using tags will allow the team to find relevant information without sifting through a week’s notes. This tool offers much more, so you should test it!


Have you ever wanted more than posts and pages on WordPress? A proper management plugin allows optimizing the workflow, so let’s make your work more productive. PublishPress is another powerful WordPress management plugin suitable for advanced users and for beginners.

It consists of tools that people need to successfully manage WordPress content. You can use an editorial calendar to plan content on the site or make some notifications and custom statuses for all content updates.

You can collaborate more effectively with this plugin, and it integrates perfectly into your WordPress. This makes PublishPress the best solution for any website with multiple users. 

Check out our review to learn more about why PublishPress can be the plugin you’ve been looking for.


If you offer some services and arrange meetings with clients, then you know how difficult it is to arrange a meeting at a time suitable for both of you. Instead of relying entirely on phone and email for appointments with clients, you can use a plugin to do this, or you can look over for additional plugins here.

Appointments+ plugin was developed by a pro so you can manage scheduling directly from your WordPress dashboard. This is a great advantage over many other services. Appointments+ offers a variety of shortcodes to make information visible on a website. Also, it is so easy to embed a calendar or a booking form for both service providers and customers to see all appointments.

G Suite

Incorporating Google services is indispensable because it can equip your site with added functionality. So let’s turn our attention to a G Suite plugin. It was created directly by the Google team and consists of useful web apps like electronic documents, email, spreadsheets, and more.

You can save on IT contractors, official licenses, and more that way. But more importantly, G Suite allows you to use a domain name with pro email addresses right inside Gmail. WordPress users highly benefit from the content management system’s partnership with Google.

One of the best things that you can do to complement these tools is to use Atarim. Atarim is an excellent web agency management platform that’s designed to help clients and web developers communicate in a more seamless fashion.

Clients can install the Atarim client-side plugin to unlock more functionality, allowing them to take screenshots of their site and leave comments to highlight any changes they want to be made. 

Atarim makes it easy for web agencies to manage projects through a centralized, simplistic dashboard. If you want to streamline agency operations and gain more transparency into general workflows, Atarim is an excellent choice.


It is hard to believe that there are over 56,000 plugins listed in the official Plugin Directory. Given the wealth of plugins available, you can choose whatever you want. WordPress is a versatile platform, and the huge variety of plugins WordPress supports means that you can customize it to your business needs (regardless of the business type).

Download and install the effective management tools mentioned in our article and make your business perform better than ever. We expect that these tools will be a useful addition to your familiar workflow.

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