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Element Pack Pro: The Ultimate Toolkit for WordPress Design

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Element Pack Pro is a stand-out plugin that packs a lot of value and versatile functionality into a single product, with a broad range of high-impact widgets, templates, and advanced features. It’s a solid choice for novices and pro web designers alike, and is suitable for all kinds of use cases, from freelancers to large agencies. What sets Element Pack Pro apart is a commitment to continuous improvement and user-friendly design with a code-free approach. This makes Element Pack Pro an appealing option for anyone looking for a powerful, yet accessible Elementor extension suite.

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In the world of WordPress website design, there are countless enhancement options out there—so many that it can feel almost impossible to choose. If you’re using Elementor page builder, there’s a lot of value in a plugin like Element Pack Pro.

Offering an expansive suite of tools that cater to both novice and professional designers, Element Pack Pro empowers users to elevate their web design with ease, without any need for coding. Its comprehensive features include 2,600+ ready blocks, header-footers, pages, templates, 285+ widgets, and much more, making it a standout choice for anyone looking to boost their website’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this product review, I’ll explore in depth how Element Pack Pro revolutionizes web design for WordPress users, enhances design flexibility, and enriches the user experience.

Remarkable Features of Element Pack Pro

1. Backdrop Filter: Enhance your site’s aesthetic appeal with Element Pack Pro’s backdrop filter, enabling you to create a sophisticated blur overlay effect on any content, section, or widget. This feature adds depth and modernity to your web design, reflecting the evolution of web development tools.

2. iFrame Embedding: Seamlessly incorporate external content into your site, enriching your content offerings. There is no limit on what you can show using an iFrame and there are multiple device skins available.

Element Pack Pro iFrame settings and options.

3. Live Copy Paste: Use the powerful Live Copy Paste feature provided by Element Pack Pro to import live page designs to your website. This feature enables you to directly copy live pages section-by-section, and then paste the whole design (including modifications & media files) to your editor page on the same site or even one on a different domain.

It supports cross-domain copy-paste by default so you can take the copied design anywhere you want. You can even use this feature on your own site to let your visitors copy the designs on your site to their own.

Element Pack Pro's copy/paste feature.

4. Floating Effects: Use floating effects to add motion to your landing page elements and get more creative results. This could help boost your user’s page experience and engagement.

5. Visibility Controls: This advanced feature from Element Pack Pro intuitively tailors content display based on the user’s system and browser, ensuring only the relevant content is shown. It further enhances user experience by allowing role-based content visibility, providing customized views for different user roles.

The Visibility Controls feature provides more than 35 condition-based content visibility options so you can precisely choose your target audience. Plus, you can stack conditions, making this feature even more powerful.

6. Ripple Effect: Element Pack Pro lets you add water ripple effects to your site images. This interactive feature puts the effect on the mouse cursor and each time your visitors move the cursor over the image, a water ripple track appears and follows the cursor for a fun and creative touch.

7. Mega Menu: The mega menu from Element Pack Pro is another worthwhile widget. It offers a very straightforward way to design and publish your mega menus on your target landing pages, or across the whole site.

Element Pack Pro's mega menu in action on the ClickUp website.

8. Dynamic Grid & Carousel: This is another creative feature that lets you turn any design into dynamic post grids and carousels. It helps you create elements such as a customized post layout. You can easily create the layout using Elementor’s Post elements and then incorporate the design with Element Pack’s dynamic grid or carousel to display your posts using the custom design. 

Element Pack Pro's dynamic grid and carousel features.

Other features include confetti effects, remote arrows, cursor effects, tile scroll, widget tooltip, transform effects, horizontal scroller, and other unique features, together with a huge template library of over 2,600 ready-made blocks, pages, and templates to help you get up and running quickly.

Ready Templates Give You an Instant Design Solution

Element Pack Pro comes equipped with a variety of ready-made templates:

  • Ready Pages: Drop in starter designs for quick and effective landing page creation
  • Ready Blocks: A range of layouts and design elements for headers, footers, and widgets
  • Ready Header & Footer: Pre-designed headers and footers to suit various website niches and design preferences

With the large variety of ready-made templates, you’re likely to find every design element you might need. There’s also an Editor Template Library that enables the template library within the page editor, allowing you to easily instantly import designs.

How to Install and Activate Element Pack Pro in WordPress

Note: You’ll need to have Elementor page builder installed on your WordPress site in order for Element Pack Pro to work.

When you purchase Element Pack Pro, you’ll get instant access to the following downloads:

  • Element Pack Pro: The full add on package for Elementor page builder
  • Rooten Theme: A fast-loading theme by BdThemes designed specifically for Elementor
  • FAQ (Post Support Type): A plugin that creates an FAQ section custom post type
  • Portfolio: A plugin that creates a portfolio custom post type
  • Testimonials: A plugin that creates a testimonial custom post type

Once you purchase an Element Pack Pro license from the BDThemes website, you’ll need to download the plugin .zip files and install them on your WordPress site.

To install:

  1. Unzip the Element_Pack_Pro_Package_Extract_First.zip file
  2. In the Plugin folder, find the bdthemes-element-pack.zip file
  3. Navigate to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and select Add New
  4. Upload the bdthemes-element-pack.zip file
  5. Once the upload is complete, click Activate to enable Element Pack Pro on your site
  6. Complete the same steps with any other plugins you wish to install, such as FAQ, Portfolio, Testimonials (located in the Extras folder of the Element Pack Pro package you downloaded)

Once you’ve installed and activated the Element Pack Pro plugin on your WordPress site, you’ll see the Element Pack Pro menu show up in your left hand dashboard menu. This is where you’ll manage all the new elements you want to display on your site.

Don’t forget to activate your Element Pack Pro license

Once Element Pack Pro is installed and activated in WordPress, you’ll see a notification telling you to activate the license that you’ve purchased.

To do this, navigate to Element Pack > License to enter your license key, then click Activate.

Getting Started with Element Pack Pro

Now, let’s dive into how to transform your WordPress website with Element Pack Pro, turning it into a dynamic and visually captivating online presence — all seamlessly integrated within your WordPress dashboard.

The Element Pack Menu: Where to Find Everything

  1. Dashboard: Here you’ll find some important information about the plugin, including an overview of your widgets used, system requirements, frequently asked questions, links to support and feedback, tutorials, and more.
  2. Core Widgets: This tab contains all of the independent widgets that come with Element Pack Pro, which you can easily display on your site by toggling the on / off switch
  3. 3rd Party Widgets: Here you can control which third party widgets you want to install and display (corresponding plugins required)
  4. Elementor Extend: This tab contains various extensions you can add to Elementor, including the backdrop filter, parallax/scrolling effects and more
  5. API Settings: Manage your API keys and access for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as third party services like MailChimp and reCAPTCHA
  6. Other Settings: Here you can enable a variety of additional settings, including copying demo content directly from the Element Pack Pro demo site, using essential shortcodes, Asset Manager (script minimizer), and creating organized and oversized menus
  7. License: As shown above, here’s where you manage your Element Pack Pro license key

How to Start Enhancing Your Website with Element Pack Pro

Select Your Widgets and Templates

To begin enhancing your site, start by selecting from over 285+ innovative Elementor widgets and 2,600+ ready-made templates. Simply go to Element Pack Pro > Core Widgets, and click the toggle switch to turn your desired widgets on or off.

To use the ready-made templates for pages, headers, footers, and blocks, simply go to the template library and import the template you wish to use.

Customize Your Design Elements

Once you’ve selected a widget or template, you’ll have the freedom to customize its design. This includes setting up features like the Floating Effects, Backdrop Filter, or the Dynamic Grid to match your website’s style and theme.

Apply Advanced Features

Element Pack Pro offers advanced features like Live Copy Paste and the Widget Tooltip. Utilize these to replicate designs across domains or add informative, customized tooltips to your website elements.

Adjust Visibility and User Interaction

With the Visibility Controls feature, you can tailor which content is visible to different user roles or browsers, ensuring a personalized experience for your audience.

Enhance With Additional Effects

Incorporate engaging elements such as Confetti Effects, Particles Effects, and the Floating Effects to add a unique and interactive dimension to your site.

Element Pack Pro Pricing: Options for All

Note: The following screenshot was taken during Black Friday pricing. This section refers to the normal pricing.

Element Pack Pro caters to a wide range of users with its flexible pricing options:

  1. Personal Package: Priced at $49 yearly or $99 for a lifetime, this package is perfect for individual site owners, including 285+ widgets and comprehensive design tools.
  2. Business Package: At $99 yearly or $249 lifetime, this package supports up to 5 websites, ideal for small businesses or freelancers.
  3. Developer (or Agency) Package: For $199 yearly or $699 lifetime, this package is designed for unlimited websites, offering extensive tools and widgets for agencies and large enterprises.

Combo Pricing Options

For larger scale projects, Element Pack Pro offers the Penta and Trio Addon Combos, providing extensive licensing and inclusive support for a variety of website needs.

All purchases come with a 14-day money-back guarantee as well, so there’s no risk if you aren’t happy with the plugin.

Customer Reviews

Element Pack Pro is generally well-received, with consistently high ratings for things like ease of use, quality support, and ease of setup.

Element Pack Pro's user reviews on G2.

Positive Aspects:

  • High-Quality Widgets: Users appreciate the wide range of responsive and fast-loading widgets that facilitate professional and attractive web page design.
  • User-Friendly: The plugin’s ease of use and drag-and-drop functionality are highly praised, making web design accessible even for beginners.
  • Template Library: The extensive library of premade templates, including pages, sections, and blocks, is noted for speeding up the design process.
  • Performance: Element Pack Pro is recognized for being lightweight and not causing significant server CPU usage. Rather, it offers ways to boost site speed with a smart Asset Manager (script minimization) feature.
  • Customer Support: The 24/7 live support is commended for being responsive and helpful.

Negative Aspects:

  • Unused CSS: Some users note that activating all widgets results in excess unused CSS, which could impact the site performance and loading times, or cause issues with other Elementor addons.
  • Price and Updates: Some users find the plugin somewhat expensive, and the frequency of updates can be challenging to keep up with.

Users consistently cite Element Pack Pro’s comprehensive features, ease of use, and efficiency in enhancing website design. It’s particularly noted for saving time for professional developers with advanced elements and responsive designs.

Why Choose Element Pack Pro?

I found Element Pack Pro to be brimming with cutting-edge design tools and widgets to please both designers and end users. Plus, a user-friendly dashboard makes the whole process of putting together a robust and modern site with WordPress and Elementor a breeze.

It’s an extremely versatile tool that supports any theme compatible with Elementor, and is designed with ‘green codes’ to avoid conflicts with other Elementor addons, making sure that existing layouts remain unchanged.

Plus, with continuous feature updates and 24/7 support, Element Pack Pro is a future-proof investment for any WordPress site. The plugin also offers a comprehensive knowledge base with a variety of how-to guides so that users can easily find solutions to any issues they may have.

Conclusion: Is Element Pack Pro the Right Choice for Your Website?

Element Pack Pro offers a wide array of sleek, high-impact, and useful features and integrations that address a wide variety of web design needs. I was impressed by the sheer variety of widgets, templates, and advanced design features, and I thought the integration within the WordPress and Elementor environments was seamless and well-designed.

All of this makes Element Pack Pro a desirable tool for users at all levels of web design proficiency. Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or a representative of a large agency, Element Pack Pro can give you a robust and versatile solution for creating visually stunning and highly functional websites.

Additionally, the plugin’s commitment to continual feature expansion and its focus on user-friendly, code-free design capabilities make it a particularly attractive option for the future.

For those in search of a comprehensive WordPress design solution that packs a lot of value into a single plugin and combines ease of use, flexibility, and advanced design aesthetics, Element Pack Pro is a solid choice.

You can download Element Pack Lite for free if you want to take it for a spin before committing to a paid plan.

Element Pack Pro

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