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Elementor Cloud Website Review – Is It Worth It?

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Elementor Cloud offers all the basics one might need for a simple website, so whether you’re an agency or just building your own site, it’s a great place to start. It’s convenient and powerful enough to build basic sites that don’t need too many resources. If and when you scale your site, you’ll probably want to start looking at migrating to a dedicated WordPress host, but until that time comes, Elementor Cloud is a very cost-effective and time-saving option that offers just enough functionality and simplicity to hit the ground running.

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Elementor has launched its own managed hosting service: Elementor Cloud Website. We’ve taken a look at everything it offers and how it works so here’s our full Elementor Cloud Website review.

To start off, by providing all website-building tools in one package, Elementor has opened up a new way for web creators to build WordPress websites with ease and at a very affordable price.

Let’s start off our Elementor Cloud Website review by looking at what it actually is.

What Is an Elementor Cloud Website?

Elementor Cloud Website with hosting built-in.

Elementor Cloud Website is a hosting service that lets you host, create and manage your WordPress website in one place, all powered by the Elementor site builder.

It is a feature-packed end-to-end solution that includes premium hosting, a custom domain connection, WordPress as the CMS, and Elementor Pro with all its website-building tools.

Generally, creating a website involves registering a domain name, finding a hosting provider, & setting it up using a CMS or other medium. 

Thanks to this new service, you get everything in one place without any technical know-how being required.

Elementor Cloud Website Review: The Key Features

With the launch of this cloud solution, Elementor went from handling only frontend design to taking care of hosting and the setup process so that you focus on the design.

Here’s a quick look at the feature list for every Elementor Cloud Website:

  1. Site management dashboard
  2. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform
  3. Secured with SSL
  4. CDN by Cloudflare
  5. Custom domain connection
  6. Site lock feature
  7. Daily backups
  8. 100GB bandwidth
  9. 100K monthly unique visits
  10. 20GB of storage
  11. Premium support

Does It Work Work With Other WordPress Plugins?

Elementor Cloud Website is compatible with all major WordPress plugins, but it has a few exceptions.

You can’t install other WordPress page builders and they have a short list of all other incompatible plugins in their documentation.

Despite not supporting some migration plugins it does include a simple one-click import-export feature that helps you migrate your website from one platform to another.

Looking elsewhere, if you’re searching for a social media feed plugin fully compatible with this solution, Spotlight integrates Instagram directly with Elementor. For example, it’s a great tool to build your link in bio page directly on your website.

Elementor Cloud Website Pricing

Every Elementor Cloud Website comes with a single fixed price of $99/year and supports one website. No hidden fees are included, we made sure of that.

Elementor Cloud Website's pricing plan.

You’ll get all the features mentioned earlier in this price, including 20 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth, premium support, and all Elementor Pro features.

The price is very affordable, especially since Elementor Pro is included in the plan (usually $49).

Furthermore, every account includes a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use the service risk-free.

How to Create Your Elementor Cloud Website (Tested)

This is the step-by-step process we followed to build our own new WordPress website using a brand new Elementor Cloud Hosting account. It will be exactly the same for you.

Step 1: Purchase Your Elementor Cloud Website

To get started, purchase an Elementor Cloud Website.

Upon completing your purchase, you will be redirected to your order completion page. Here, click on the Start creating your website button.

Purchase confirmation page.

Step 2: Create Your Website

Once you’ve clicked on the button, it starts a wizard that you can easily follow and fill in the gaps.

Add Your Website Name

Enter your unique website name. In our case, we’re calling it Flovio.

Adding your Elementor Cloud Website's name.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, hit the Next button.

Set Up Your Elementor Cloud Website Domain

Next, you need to add your website’s domain name.

To set up a custom name domain, you need to modify the DNS records of your domain, but that can be done later.

Add your Elementor Cloud Website domain name.

Click Next to continue.

Choose Your Website Category

Now choose your site’s category from the provided selection. You can skip this step if you’d like.

Choose the type of website you're creating.

For our Flovio website, we’ll go with Portfolio.

Step 3:  Select From the Readymade Website Kit

At this stage, you’ll be shown professionally designed Elementor Website Kits based on your chosen website category. In our case, we’re seeing amazing portfolio website designs to choose from.

Choose a Website Kit.

You can explore the available template kits and preview how a single template will appear on mobile and tablet devices. Once you select your template, click the Apply Kit button.

The "Portfolio" website style kit.

After choosing your website kit, Elementor Cloud will take a couple of minutes to set up your site. Just sit back and let it work its magic.

Activating the Elementor Pro plugin.

Once the setup is complete, you will be redirected to your account’s Elementor Cloud Dashboard.

Your Elementor Cloud Dashboard

Your Elementor Cloud Website dashboard.

The first thing you’ll be shown in the dashboard is the number of websites you’re currently working on. 

If you have websites hosted by other WordPress hosting providers that use Elementor Pro, you will see them under the Hosted by third party tab up top

To see and access your Elementor Cloud Websites, click on the Hosted by Elementor tab.

Manage Your Elementor Cloud Website

If you hover over your new website, you’ll see three options:

  1. Open WordPress dashboard
  2. Edit with Elementor
  3. Manage the website
Website management from your Elementor dashboard.

Let’s start with the bottom option.

Manage the website

Click on the Manage the website tab which will take you to the new screen seen below. Here you’ll get access to a number of options to manage your website.

Elementor Cloud Website management options.
  • Your site name and URL
  • Your SSL certificate in the Manage Domains area.
  • Your custom domain option that we mentioned earlier.

Site Lock

In your Site Lock options, you’ll see a Pin code to share with your team to give access to your website while it’s under construction.

The Site Lock feature is enabled by default, so make sure it’s turned off before going live.


Scrolling down to the Under the hood section will get you to your backup options. 

To create a backup manually, click on the Create new backup link.

Elementor Cloud Website backup options.

You can also check your website’s automated backups from the table in this section, which is great for when something eventually goes wrong and you need to roll back.

Now let’s check the Open WordPress dashboard and Edit with Elementor options.

Edit with Elementor

Clicking this option will take you to the homepage of your website and the page will open in the Elementor editor.

Elementor Pro's page editor.

Here you can see the Elementor widgets panel and other options so you completely customize every aspect of your website’s design and layout.

This powerful builder is incredibly flexible and many other tools integrate directly with it. For example, you can create sales funnels with WooFunnels, build a complete course website with LearnDash, and much more.

Open WordPress Dashboard

As the name says, this option will open your WordPress admin dashboard. The dashboard is pretty similar to any other WordPress website so there’s nothing new to learn here.

WordPress admin dashboard welcome screen.

Elementor did add some new tools to make the dashboard more convenient for those of you who are still new to the world of WordPress and Elementor.

You’ll also notice a new feature called Activity Log which shows the complete list of actions happening on your website. This is a great security feature to have.

Elementor Cloud Website's activity log database.

Another feature you’ll notice is Live Chat Support. If you face a problem during your site-building process, you can simply click on that icon and have a live chat with Elementor’s support experts right there and then.

Live chat support.

And that’s it! These are the steps you need to follow to get started with your first Elementor Cloud Website.

Elementor Cloud: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Elementor Cloud for?

Elementor Cloud appears to be the ideal option for small agencies and people building smaller websites. If you don’t need too many resources but still want flexible design options, it’s a perfect solution.

Is there a free version of Elementor Cloud?

No, Elementor Cloud is a paid solution since you’re also receiving access to a full website solution, including hosting which you’d typically have to pay separately for.

Can I set up multiple websites with one Elementor Cloud subscription?

No, every Elementor Cloud subscription is valid for one website, so you’ll need multiple subscriptions if you manage more than one website. I expect the Elementor team to start offering bulk options at some point though.

How can I make my Elementor Cloud website faster?

There’s always the option of introducing a caching plugin such as WP Rocket which integrates directly with Elementor so you can get performance and speed boosts instantly.

Our Final Thoughts on Elementor Cloud

In this article, we’ve explored all the features and looked at the complete functionality of the all-in-one Elementor Cloud Website.

Overall, this service appears to be the ideal option for small agencies and people building smaller websites that don’t need too many resources but still want flexible design options.

As there is a limitation on bandwidth and storage capacity, maintaining larger-scale websites on Elementor Cloud will be quite difficult, though we have to wait and see how they approach this use case in the coming months.

One of the major benefits of opting for an Elementor Cloud Website is its automated 24-hour backup feature. Other companies or hosting providers charge extra to create daily backups of a site, but with Elementor Cloud, you get everything included at a very reasonable price.

Speaking of security and user-friendliness, your website gets access to Google Cloud’s security features, while the no-code builder makes everything super simple for novice users.

I hope this review has helped you make a decision on Elementor’s Cloud Website offering, so if you’re ready to give it a go, get started here.


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  1. Very slow hosting due to caching limitations.
    Basic WP caching is disabled and you can only cache with 3rd party plugins. Which limits you.

  2. My simple one page site goes down once per week. VERY VERY BUGGY! It’s a shame, because it would otherwise be a great solution.

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