Estand Theme Review: A Flexible WordPress Home Maintenance Theme

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Are you building a WordPress website in the home maintenance space? In our Estand review, we’ll take a look at a theme from DeoThemes that makes an excellent option for home maintenance niches such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning.
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Are you building a WordPress website in the home maintenance space?

In our Estand review, we’ll take a look at a theme from DeoThemes that makes an excellent option for home maintenance niches such as roofing, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning.

Estand is a flexible theme that’s built with Elementor for easy visual, drag-and-drop customization. It doesn’t just use Elementor for its content, either – you can also use Elementor to customize your site’s header, footer, and hero slider.

For other customizations, you can use the real-time, visual WordPress theme customizer.

All in all, it’s super flexible and makes a stellar option if you’re building a WordPress site within these niches.

In this review, I’ll start by showing you some examples of the pre-built demo sites so that you know what the Estand theme looks like. Then, I’ll share the feature list in more detail and give you a hands-on look at exactly how this theme works.

Examples of the Estand Theme

Currently, Estand comes with four importable demo sites for the following niches:

  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician
  • Cleaning

Each demo site comes with a full set of content for all of your core pages (you can actually choose from multiple page designs). All of the demo content that you see is built with Elementor for easy customization.

Here are what the landing pages look like for the different demos:


Estand plumbing


Estand roofing


Estand electric


Estand cleaning

All in all, the pre-built demo sites have a nice modern, professional look, which makes a good starting point for your site. You also don’t have to limit yourself to the “niche” for each demo – you could easily adapt them to other home maintenance niches as needed.

Estand Theme Features

As I mentioned in the intro, all of Estand’s demo content is built with Elementor. That includes the header and footer. This makes for easy, drag-and-drop customization using Elementor’s visual interface.

To make it easier to work with Elementor, Estand comes with 20+ custom-built Elementor widgets that you can use. For example, you’ll get custom Elementor widgets to display your:

  • Hero slider
  • Blog posts
  • Projects
  • Services
  • Before/after photos to showcase work
  • Contact forms

Estand also comes with a built-in feature to help you customize your header and footer with Elementor. Yes – you can use the same drag-and-drop interface to design your header and footer.

All of these are usually things you would need to purchase Elementor Pro for. But, because Estand includes its own extensions for Elementor, you don’t need to spend any extra money on Elementor Pro.

In addition to Elementor, you also get plenty of options in the real-time WordPress theme customizer to control sitewide global style and layout settings. For example, you can control all of the colors on your site from the customizer.

Estand is also compatible with the Cost Calculator plugin (separate purchase) so that you can create real-time quote forms for potential clients.

Finally, you’ll also get custom post types to help you manage your projects and service offerings. These connect to the custom Elementor widgets that I mentioned above so that you can easily list your services and projects anywhere on your site.

Hands-On With the Estand Theme

Now, let’s go hands-on and I’ll show you how the Estand theme works on a real WordPress site.

Basic Setup

Once you install Estand and activate it with your license key, Estand displays a welcome video to help you quickly get up and running, which is a nice bit of onboarding.

Your first step is to install the recommended companion plugins:

Required plugins

You’ll absolutely want to install the required plugins – but you can pick and choose whether or not to use the recommended options. 

Make sure to install the One Click Demo Import plugin if you want to use the pre-built demo content, though.

Importing Demo Content

Once you’ve installed the recommended/required plugins, you can go to Appearance → Import Demo Data to import one of the four pre-built demo sites:

Import demo sites

I’ll choose the cleaning demo for this review.

You’ll need to wait for a few moments while your site runs the import process. Then, your site should look exactly like the demo site.

Using Elementor to Customize Content

First off, all of the regular posts and pages that come with the demo site are built with Elementor, so you can customize them just like you would any other Elementor design. If you’re not sure what Elementor is, check out our intro to Elementor post or our Elementor comparison.

But beyond that, Estand also comes with its own theme templates feature that lets you design your header(s) and footer(s) using Elementor. This is very similar to the Theme Builder feature in Elementor Pro, but it comes bundled with Estand – there’s no added cost.

If you go to Estand → Templates, you can see all of the templates that came with your demo site and/or create your own templates:

Elementor templates

When you edit a template with Elementor, you’ll get dedicated widgets to help you work with that template. For example, Estand adds its own Nav Menu widget that lets you add your navigation menu to Elementor. This is the menu that you set in Appearance → Menus:


The end result is that you get visual, drag-and-drop design control over every part of your site.

Exploring the Custom Elementor Widgets

I already showed you one custom Elementor widget above – the Nav Menu. But as I mentioned, Estand includes 20+ custom Elementor widgets in total.

You can view all of these widgets in the DeoThemes Widgets section of the regular Elementor interface:

Custom widgets

Overall, I was pretty impressed by the quality of the widgets, and you get plenty of advanced widgets.

To help you display content, you get dedicated widgets to list out:

  • Projects
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Blog posts

I’ll show you how to add projects and services in a second.

You also get some other useful widgets. For example, the Before and After widget is an eye-catching way to showcase your work and the Pricing Tables widget helps you offer clear pricing.

Adding Projects and Services

To add projects and services, you’ll get new custom post types in the WordPress backend.

For example, to add a new service offering, you can go to Services → Add New. Then, you can use the regular WordPress editor or Elementor to add service details:


Again, you can display some or all of these services on the front-end of your site by using the custom Elementor widget.

You can also use the same approach for projects.

Exploring WordPress Customizer Settings

Even though you’ll use Elementor for most of your designs, it’s still useful to be able to control global styles for your theme from one spot to ensure a cohesive look. These are styles such as colors, typography, etc.

To set these up, you can use the regular WordPress theme customizer.

In the customizer, you’ll also get tons of other options to control various parts of your site. For example, your blog or 404 page:


Relying on the customizer is nice because it means that you’ll see any changes you make in real-time on the live preview.

Because of how integrated Elementor is, I wasn’t expecting Estand to offer so many options in the customizer. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the settings here. For example, you even get some settings to control the layout of your search results page.

Exploring Page-Level Settings

To give you even more control, Estand includes page-level controls that let you customize individual pages’ layouts and styles.

When you create a new post, page, service, etc., you’ll get a meta box where you can control that piece of content’s:

  • Page layout
  • Page subtitle
  • Header template
  • Footer template

The last two settings are especially powerful because it means that you can use different Elementor header/footer templates for different parts of your site:

Estand theme page-level settings

Estand Theme Pricing

There are two ways that you can get access to the Estand theme.

First, you can purchase it individually for $59. This lets you use the theme on unlimited websites and comes with one year of support and updates.

If you want to continue receiving support and updates after the first year, you can get a 30% renewal discount.

Second, you can get it as part of the DeoThemes Agency package, which includes access to all of DeoThemes’ offerings with use on unlimited websites. Currently, DeoThemes offers eight different themes, but the Agency package also gives you access to all future themes.

For the Agency package, you can either pay:

  • $99 for one year of support and updates (with a 30% renewal discount)
  • $249 for lifetime support and updates

Final Thoughts on the Estand Theme

I think Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders, so I love how tightly Estand has integrated itself with Elementor.

Because everything – from the header down to the footer – is built with Elementor, you can customize your entire theme using Elementor’s visual, drag-and-drop interface.

You also get access to 20+ custom Elementor widgets, which helps you display content related to your niche. For example, the before/after widget lets you show off your work. You’ll also get built-in tools to display projects, services, testimonials, and more.

Additionally, the four importable demo sites have a modern design that looks great, which makes it easy to quickly get up and running with your site.

All in all, if you’re looking for a WordPress theme in the home maintenance niche, definitely give Estand a look.

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