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A group chat for WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress websites.  Add a live chat room plugin in 2 minutes. Let your community, team , event participates to chat, share files, images and make live calls in real time using PC, Mobile or Tablet. It features a variety of chat themes and allows users to create their own distinct and stylish CSS skin so that the chat feature seamlessly blends in with their WordPress website.
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If your site uses WordPress, BuddyPress or BBPress then you likely already understand the importance of reaching out and connecting with others on the web. But rather than having only a static connection with your fans and followers, you can now have a dynamic real-time relationship with friends, family, customers, clients, and other business contacts by adding a live chat plugin.

One of the leading live chat plugins for WordPress, which supports over thirty different languages, is RumbleTalk. But the breadth of supported languages is not the only reason to use it—read on below to find out how RumbleTalk can help take your site to the next level.

RumbleTalk group chat service for websites


What Is RumbleTalk?

RumbleTalk is a HTML5 chat room for websites, which can be used on a variety of devices including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mobile Web App. It features a variety of chat themes and allows users to create their own distinct and stylish CSS skin so that the chat feature seamlessly blends in with their WordPress website.

With RumbleTalk, Website owners can:

  • Install and configure the plugin in 2 minutes
  • Integrate your Users base to the chat with a click (users will be logged in to the chat automatically)
  • Change the Room style.

Through RumbleTalk, users can send:

  • Public and Private Text chat
  • Live video (one-to-one video calls)
  • Record Audio Messages (up to ten seconds of video can be sent)
  • Upload Images from PC/Mobile.
  • Files (including PDFs, presentations, and Excel files)
  • Share Youtube videos
  • Documents

Users can chat online with other users, with a community, or with a team by using the public chat room function or engaging in a private one-on-one chat.

Why Choose RumbleTalk Chat?

One of the key benefits of RumbleTalk is that it can be used as the ultimate group chat platform for online businesses. The app allows online publishers to easily interact with others and build a strong community by having the same conversation present on their website, on their Facebook page, and on their mobile site.

Another benefit is that anyone present in the chat can easily share parts of the conversation online. Your audience can re-post communications on Facebook or re-tweet information via the online chat room widget.

Chat room Example


RumbleTalk also makes it easy for moderators to custom ban users if need be, as well as words and sentences. Users can be disconnected or banned by their IP, and the platform allows you to define a list of words and phrases that are forbidden from your chat room.

Best of all, the RumbleTalk chat plugin on WP is easy for anyone to integrate into their existing website. Because it is also conducted on the cloud, it provides you with a reliable way to reach out to (or be reached by) all of your important contacts without taking up any of your own bandwidth.

members integration to your chatroom


How Can RumbleTalk Help?

RumbleTalk solves a variety of both common and unique problems which small to medium-sized businesses face:

  • Live Broadcast Events/Products: RumbleTalk can be added next to your live broadcast stream so that you are able to answer questions and respond to comments in real time.
  • Community Stock Traders: Public groups and live chats can be formed where resources such as graphs, documents, PDFs, and links to videos and other websites can be shared.
  • Radio Shows: Because RumbleTalk allows for both chat and live voice communications, radio show producers and hosts can offer a more engaging experience to their listeners.
  • Brand Reputation: RumbleTalk helps validate your website, giving your brand more authority and indicating to users that you are a leader in your industry.

Is RumbleTalk for You?

Website owners who are interested in adding a chat room will appreciate not only how easy it is to use RumbleTalk, but also its affordability. And because it can be easily integrated with social media, RumbleTalk helps small to medium-sized businesses attract and retain communities and teams.

To learn more about the plugin and see how it works, visit RumbleTalk website or download the latest plugin from

Cindy White

Content and Marketing at RumbleTalk.

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