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WP Engine Review – The WP Mayor Experience

Earlier in 2012, we decided to move WP Mayor to the WP Engine WordPress managed hosting platform. There were a couple of reasons for doing this, the main one being a desired increase in loading speed.

Now after a few months working with WP Engine, it’s a good time to share with you how our experience has been in this WP Engine hosting review.

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Job Engine Review – WordPress Job Board Theme

It’s always great to see new developments within the WordPress theme and plugin industry, and Engine Themes are one such newcomer to the market.

Engine Themes is a new WordPress theme company and their first product is the Job Engine theme. Read on to see what we think of it…

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Introducing EmbedPlus

EmbedPlus offers a WordPress plugin for YouTube that goes far beyond providing the ability to embed videos in your blog. Install the plugin and all the videos you embed on your blog will automatically offer enhanced DVD-like playback, web reactions, and more. Customize your embeds with the site’s wizard, and you’ll even be able to add your own third-party annotations and chapter markings.

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Easy Print Friendly Posts and Pages with PrintFriendly

An important thing to consider when blogging is that people will want to print interesting articles, maybe because they prefer reading them in printed format, or maybe they just want to keep a hard copy. Whatever the reason, we need to provide an easy way for our users to print the posts and pages on our WordPress site. Learn how…

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