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Easy WP Theme Customizations Using CSS Hero

Every WordPress theme has its own styling through CSS, and no matter what theme you find and use, there are always going to be changes you’d like to make to make your site more unique.

Making such changes would usually entail some work with code, but with the advances we’re

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All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin Review

WordPress is very secure in itself, but as you probably all know, there are always improvements you can make to make your sites even more secure.

There is always a need for protection from potential hackers, viruses, and various other threats. One of the ways to eliminate these security threats

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Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: Separating Bots from Humans

Spam, one of the biggest issues with any WordPress site. So much so that Automattic even include the Akismet plugin with every WordPress file. But is Akismet really the best option? Yes it’s the most downloaded WordPress plugin. Yes it’s effective in stopping spam. But is there something better? Something

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