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Here we have a new collection with 25 freebies just for you. They conform a fantastic set of tools that will help you with your next WordPress blog entry or web development endeavor. You will find elements going from massive icon sets to useful jQuery plugins, UI kits, interesting articles on blogging and design and much more, so make sure you take anything you need or like.
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Hello, friends! Here we have a new collection with 25 freebies just for you. They conform a fantastic set of tools that will help you with your next WordPress blog entry or web development endeavor. You will find elements going from massive icon sets to useful jQuery plugins, UI kits, interesting articles on blogging and design and much more, so make sure you take anything you need or like. That being said, let’s have a look at ‘em!

Drupalize.Me Icon Package

An amazing set of Drupal-inspired icons that you can use in your next project. It is possible for you to give them your own touch thanks to the addition of the original Illustrator files.


220 Vector Icons Freebie Pack

Just in case the last pack is not enough, here we have another massive icon package with over 200 items in AI, EPS and PNG formats. Quite a delight for designers, all in vector form.


60 Vicons in PSD and AI Format

A final pack with more than 60 vector icons in small sizes, but pretty easy to scale at will. They come in their original PSD and AI formats.


Flapper jQuery Plugin

A neat jQuery plugin that will allow you to show characters with a split-flap effect, just like the one seen in retro watches and airport signs. It has different animations and colors for you to choose from.



This tool will let you count the characters, spaces, words and paragraphs within a text box instantly as the user types in it. Useful if you want to implement input limits or want precision and control for your visitors’ typing.


FB Login jQuery Plugin

Facebook login integration can be a true pain for some developers, save yourself a headache with this jQuery plugin that takes a 4-step process down to only one.


jQuery ScrollAdvance

A clever weapon to make your website’s background animate thanks to a set of modifiable boxes that indicate the desired position of the background image.


Odyssey Content Team Manager

Running a smart business management strategy for your site can be just as important as having good content or design. This WordPress plugin can help you make a much better job at keeping your numbers (and budget) up.


Lock It Up WordPress Plugin

True bloggers know how frustrating it can be to start from the dashboard one you come back from a break and have been working on an entry. Lock it up lets them just pause the dashboard and continue where they left off by just entering their password.


Broken Link Checker

Broken links make your website look unpolished and unprofessional, this practical plugin will detect any broken links and missing images in your site and tell you where they are.


AngularJS Responsive Dashboard Design

Looking for a nice dashboard that’s not based on jQuery? Here we have a neatly designed dashboard that’s also able to adapt to multiple devices.


Free Mobile UI Kit

Your next mobile application could benefit from this complete set of UI elements going from calendars to maps and much more.


iOS Music App UI Kit

An iOS7 inspired kit that displays a music application with the original PSD included so you can modify it at will.


Sally Blocks

Create responsive websites basing yourself on this neat wireframing kit. Ideal for quick construction of landing pages and other simple projects.


Flat Red UI Kit

A neat set of UI elements for multiple situations that you can apply without issues in your next web development/application. Free PSD by Yane Naumoski.


Duhoot Portal PSD Landing Template

A neat PSD template to create landing pages for your products or services. The design is modern and colorful, featuring interesting blur effects and icons for all types of items.


Atech PSD Theme

A tech-oriented PSD theme that you can actually use for many purposes. The styling is great, with sober colors and modern styling, perfect for a more serious approach.


Appmo Landing Page Template

A one-page template for a landing page, perfect for promoting your next web application online. It features neat curves in the design and various color choices, editable through the layered PSDs.


Phlekzi : A Cool Font Concept

A quirky font that makes good use of double lines and voids within the characters in order to create a futuristic look that can be quite useful to create striking titles and headers.


Kilogram: Sharp Geometric Font

A joyful typeface that applies geometric shapes and sharp changes of position and orientation, resulting in a font full of surprises and dynamism that’s quite pleasant to watch.


L’Egoist Corbeau Free Font

A beautiful typeface based on old, vintage French style (notice the heavy French symbolism in the download page). A subtle but eye catching tool for big text scenarios.


A Huge Collection with Over 7000 Freebies!

ByPeople is a humongous collection of well over 7000 freebies for web developers and graphic designers. It is your next favorite site to get all the resources you need for your next project, in one single place.


Five Posts to Write Right Now

Lacking a bit on the inspiration department? This article by Ben Huberman will give you a few suggestions on what to write for your next few blog entries.


Vanessa Grigoriadis On Writing Fast, Putting Stories Away and Documentary-Style Writing

This great round of questions and answers can give you nice tips from a professional on how to make your writing better, more versatile and not wasting so much time getting them done. Totally recommended.


How to Improve Your Reading Retention on Any Device

Do you know those times when no matter how slow or fast you read, you don’t seem to comprehend anything? I’m sure that’s happened to you over all this time with WordPress. Check out this article to improve your retention, particularly on digital reading.


Why Bootstrap Is a Bad Fit for WordPress Themes

Bootstrap is used all around the world to make WordPress themes. However, this might not be such a good idea according to this post that offers opinions against such practice. Take a look and make your own opinion.


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