Free WordPress Themes for Portfolios

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Original post date: October 25th, 2011

WordPress easily allows a gallery or a portfolio to be placed online. There are tons of options available for Portfolio Themes. The themes below are free, have good documentation available online and make use of the latest features available in WordPress.


Minimatica Theme
Minimatica Theme

This is one of my favorites. The theme has a very clean, slick, professional feel to to it. And, it is relatively easy to set up and use. A beautiful image gallery slider spans the home page, with each image expanding/collapsing upon rollover. The slider also includes a text overlay, introducing the viewer to that post/image.

The theme has two view modes: a gallery view and the more traditional blog view. The image above is the gallery view.

The theme also handles audio and video.

More info  |  View demo

F8 Static

F8 Static

This is a clean, straight forward theme. It includes an option for a slideshow on the home page, with or without text overlays. The slideshow content can be specified by category. Images are easily placed into galleries. This theme is also known is F8 Lite.

More info  |  View demo

Fotofolio Landscape

Fotofolio Landscape
Fotofolio Landscape

This is a newer release of the Fotofolio theme. Of all the themes reviewed, this is the most powerful when it comes to options for setting it up. (It’s also the newest theme reviewed.) It adds two items to your Dashboard menu: Fotofolio Landscape and Wordpops (the maker of this theme).The Wordpops options shows other themes made by them.

Within the Fotofolio Landscape options, there is a myriad of settings ranging from text options to layout options to header/footer options. It comes with one scheme (what you see above) but more schemes can be purchased for $2.99. Not only does it handle portfolios nicely, the theme is built to handle blogs, testimonials, and slideshows – various types of page layouts.

More info  |  View demo



This theme has a professional, high-quality feel to it. The home page quickly showcases any type of Creative Work. You can designate the slider contents on the home page by category or by tag. The most recent posts are shown below the slider area.

More info  |  View demo

What other portfolio themes have you tried?

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Carma Leichty
Carma Leichty
Carma Leichty is a trainer in WordPress and web design. A converted Dreamweaver user, she is crazy about WordPress. She's done websites for the past upteen years and most enjoys helping others promote their Creative Work.

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