Create a Fundraising Site with WooCommerce and WP Crowdfunding Plugin

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Are you planning to launch a super-functional crowdfunding site like Kickstarter but not sure how to do it? It may require a long procedure if you don’t follow the right way. The easiest way to build a fundraising site is using WP Crowdfunding WordPress plugin.
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crowdfundingAre you planning to launch a super-functional crowdfunding site like Kickstarter but not sure how to do it? It may require a long procedure if you don’t follow the right way. The easiest way to build a fundraising site is using WP Crowdfunding WordPress plugin.

WP Crowdfunding is a feature-rich and easy-to-use plugin that enables you to launch a versatile fundraising site based on WordPress. The WooCommerce based plugin offers all necessary functionalities that you might expect from a backer site. Most importantly, WP Crowdfunding plugin can be used for free which is quite enough for a basic fundraising website. There is also a premium version for advanced and large-scale users.

What’s Inside WP Crowdfunding?

The plugin sports a range of useful features necessary to start a fundraising site easily. You will find it very convenient in every step while using a site powered by WP Crowdfunding.

Manages Everything

WP Crowdfunding takes care of everything from registering a user to adding a project, pledging funds, viewing reports, managing money and other relevant stuff.


The plugin has a dedicated shortcode to create a user-registration page exclusively for crowdfunding purposes.

Frontend Operations

WP Crowdfunding is fully functional from the frontend for the end users. That means the person who is raising funds via a fundraising project and those who are pledging money on ideas, both parties can do everything on the frontend. The WP Crowdfunding plugin offers a frontend dashboard to the project owners and backers.


Users can update their profile information right on the dashboard. Here the users can see own project list, check backed projects, explore received pledges, visit bookmark list (favourite projects) and change account password. Full control of an account is in one place.

Project Submission Features

There are plenty of options to use while adding/submitting a new project. The campaign owner can determine a start/end date for the project, set featured images/videos, assign maximum/minimum pledge amounts and so on.


The project owner can also define a recommended pledge amount and declare a goal/end method reaching which the project will be completed. An admin can make all newly submitted projects subject to review prior to being published on the site.


Giving rewards to some early backers is a well-known practice in the world of fundraising. The rewards encourage people to back a project with the fulfillment of some conditions like pledging within a certain date range, backing with a predefined amount and so on.


The backers who enter into the reward campaign, get some exclusive benefits like gifts, additional product offerings etc. With WP Crowdfunding, a project owner can add rewards very easily. The plugin’s free version lets you set only a single reward for any specific fundraising project, while the paid version empowers to offer unlimited rewards.

Payment System

WP Crowdfunding works with WooCommerce to handle payment related stuff. So you can use every WooCommerce-supported payment method/gateway like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, Amazon Payments, Simplify Commerce, 2Checkout, and dozens more. All of these benefits are available in the free version of WP Crowdfunding plugin. Moreover, you can also use local payment methods that support WooCommerce integration with this plugin.


Generally, standard payment modes transfer money to a single destination account at a time. If you want to send money from any single transaction to more than one destinations, ‘Adaptive’ payment functionality is the one you require.  You can use PayPal Adaptive and Stripe Connect payment systems with the premium version of this plugin to achieve this facility.

Template Overriding

WP CRowdfunding plugin comes with some rich features for admins and developers who want to get more functional experience with the plugin. On the top of that, It supports template overriding that enables to customize the look & feel of the elements generated by WP Crowdfunding.


For an example, the plugin-generated user registration form, dashboard, user profile page and similar other stuff can be customized to look different than the default styles. All such customizations remain intact even after updating the plugin. Overriding is a useful feature for those who want to get a more native and bold appearance everywhere online. Additionally, you get an exclusive theme with the premium version to build a crowdfunding site in a short time.

Spam Protection and Email Notification

WP Crowdfunding has a spam protection feature powered by Google reCAPTCHA service. Once enabled, this functionality requires a user to solve a captcha before opening a new account or submitting a project.


The Email Notification option can send email alerts to a project owner on receiving pledges to his/her project(s). The both spam protection and email notification functions are available on this plugin’s premium versions only.

WP Crowdfunding is a fast-growing plugin that has received great responses from the plugin repository users. The piece is very useful, speedy and user-friendly. You can download WP Crowdfunding for free on this WP plugin repository page.


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12 Responses

  1. Thanks a lot for posting on creating a fundraising site. What if I don’t want to allow any more to post campaign? Each of our importan product pages will contains crowdfunding features.

  2. Dear admin,
    We don’t want to allow others to post-campaign. Each of our product pages will contain crowdfunding features. Is it possible with this plugin?

  3. This is really helpful. I’m actually working on a similar project and thought to build it using Elementor. My understanding with WooCommerce was that it’s just for eCommerce. Now I think WooCommerce makes more sense. Really helpful article!

  4. Thanks for the informative post on creating a fundraising site.
    What if I don’t want to allow others to post campaign? Each of our product page will contains crowdfunding features.

    1. @Act,

      Go to the “Products” > All Products > Edit the products/campaign > Uncheck “Show Contributor Table”

      Check this plugin live demo.

      Check this screenshot:

      If you need our assistance, please post your issue on the support forum:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Fahim Murshed
      Themeum Support Engineer

  5. All looks very nice, in high contrast to your own website which looks extremely scammish!

    However, I am interested in giving you a try. But can you tell me if it is possible to charge a fee for profiles to add a new campaign?

  6. I have used IgnitionDeck in the past but this plugin looks even better and has free version.

    I will definitely give it a try.

  7. That sounds really amazing…Really thanks for the information…searching for this plugin for quite a some time…think search is over…

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